Monday, 1 August 2016

Chain reaction

I've never been stuck in a property chain. I have friends who've had delays but not too bad ones and they've just put it down to bad luck and made the best of it.

But our son and partner are in one right now, with three transactions involved and it's becoming a nightmare for them and, presumably, for the other unfortunates all waiting to move out of, and into, their various homes. There are online solicitors (who could be working from anywhere), online estate agents, real bricks-and-mortar versions of both, mortgage advisors and banks involved and nobody seems to want to take responsibility for the delays, all blaming each other and passing the buck. Phone calls don't get returned, promises are broken, the latest reason given for delay is one of the banks isn't happy about one of the online lawyer's indemnity insurance which has got to be faxed (faxed for godssake!) to their head office but which the online lawyers haven't done because it's a 200-page document which they can't find. You couldn't make it up.

Our son is remarkably calm about it, his partner a bit less so, they've both made several tentative arrangements to have time off work only to have to cancel again so thank goodness their employers are understanding. The stress is rubbing off on me, I know it is on her parents too because I spoke with her mom and she's livid with the incompetence especially as the mortgage advisor was a recommendation of hers, a guy she's known for years but apparently impotent to unravel the mess.

We bumped into them in town on the weekend, sat and had coffee and a chat and the tension was palpable particularly from her as she works in the NHS which carries stresses of its own, she was a bit clippy in her conversation and not really with it. When we parted company I said to P he ought to phone our son and make sure he was okay, because knowing him he doesn't let emotion show too much but bottles a lot up, and then tell him to make sure his partner's okay because he might not see the pressure in her but we definitely could. He said he would and actually he did Sunday night. He told me he'd advise our son to give her a damned good spanking, for her own good, to relieve some pressure, he said that was something she wouldn't have learned in the health service but it would probably do her a world of good. I smiled and said I don't think she's of that persuasion, she'd probably file an assault complaint but my husband said well she has to learn sometime.

Needless to say he didn't give that advice, just a man to man chat which our son appreciated. But I wish the incompetents (the 'professionals') who are ruining their lives at the moment would get their bloody fingers out. If it goes on much longer I'll be needing a damned good spanking to relieve my own stress. And I definitely won't be filing a complaint:)

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

It is no wonder mortgage lending is at its lowest level for ages. Nothing can get done because all parties are frozen in a paperwork storm. They have all forgotten who is the customer.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, poor kids, just when they are so excited to buy their own home too. My husband always reckons our dil needs a good spanking but he always bottles out of telling son! I wonder why, lol
Hope things get sorted soon but these people always seem to string it along, just because they can
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, your poor son and partner, that is awful and as Jan said, it should be an exciting time for them. I wonder if P had given that advice to your son what the reaction would have been lol. Hope everyone pulls finger and things get sorted soon.


lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie what a terrible time for all involved. Hope its all sorted soon. Wonder if its a husband thing as mine also thinks our dil needs a good spanking. LOL!
Hugs Lindy

Ella said...

I have decided that any transaction that involves lawyers will take 3 times as long as one expects. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

Hugs Across the Pond,

abby said...

Sorry for the kids...this should be more of a happy, looking forward to a new move time. Hope it all works out soon...and guess they could learn something from the 'older' folks about stress relief.
hugs abby

PK said...

How frustrating! I think all the lawyers and bankers could use a severe caning!

Hermione said...

It sounds like a nightmare. I recommend stress spankings all round!


Leigh Smith said...

Frustrating - when you have no control of the situation that involves you. It's lucky they still have a place to live until the situation resolves it
itself. Keeping my fingers crossed for all involved.

Rosie Jones said...

You all have my sympathy. One of my daughters and her partner are in the throes of house buying too. It's going at a snail's pace, so frustrating. Meanwhile, they're still paying a shed load of rent.
Here's hoping things will speed up for your family and mine.
Rosie xx

Minelle Labraun said...

Sounds like a nasty nightmare. My niece's boyfriend is trying to buy a house. It's ridiculous! I am told it is a sellers market and a very frustrating time for buyers. I wish that things would quicken up for your son and his partner.

I guess you and your husband could hint at a stress relief spanking scenario! You never know it may be well received.

Terpsichore said...

hop it gets resolved soon

Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -

Best of luck to your son and his partner. I know you said you don't believe "she's of that persuasion"; but the question is regardless do you think she deserves a good spanking?


ronnie said...

Michael - No customer service at all. I'm afraid son's partner lost her cool with the Estate Agent and put the phone down on them. Thanks.

Jan - Thanks. Yep you have no control that's the worst thing.

Roz - I think son would have been shocked:) Thanks.

Lindy - LOL. I think it must be. Thanks.

Ella - Yep dead right here. Thanks.

Abby - Poor girl is really quite stressed with work as well so I hope they get some good news soon. Thanks.

PK - Keeping fingers crossed they hear something this week. Thanks.

Hermione - I second that. Thanks.

SG - I really want to get onto the solicitors but P says no I have to leave it to son. Thanks.

Rosie - Same here. They are still having to pay rent. Hope your daughter's house buying goes well and no real hold ups. Thanks.

Minelle - Damn frustrating. There would be no way we could mention a spanking to them. Thanks.

Terps - No news today. Thanks.

Enzo - Oh yes she does. Thanks.


MrJ said...

When kids are having rough time, and there is little you van do - that is one of the least bearable situations for a parent, even of thw kid has grown up. Good luck!

ronnie said...

MrJ - Thank you. Yes doesn't matter how old they are.


Red said...

Hopefully all will be straightened out soon, to everyone's satisfaction. Fun thought to tell your son, but we would never tell our children either. If it continues, ask for a spanking to relieve your stress. (I do when needed!)
bottoms up

molaperk said...
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ronnie said...

Red - It just been a real pain and slow process for them. One minute contracts are going to be exchanged and the next no. Great minds, I already have:) Thanks.