Monday, 27 June 2016

What a shocker

So the UK is out of the EU and in not-so-splendid isolation. Wrong in my view, I believe we should have stayed in but with better leaders to fight for making it a better place. Well maybe that will happen as a result of our leaving and hopefully we will maintain a strong relationship with an EU under reform because some other member states have reservations about the way Brusssels operates. Angela Merkel knows it, she's a good leader and must know there is a serious risk of a break-up if she does not make changes.

Anyway enough of the politics, the good news is that I got spanked over it. Not because it happened and not because of my view on it, because P is of the same opinion and I express my own views anyway, but because I sounded off a bit about it on Friday and again on Saturday. And I did it in a higgledy piggledy manner according to my husband, shooting in all directions which made it difficult to respond to so he kept mostly quiet with just a nod of the head and a
Hmm yes or an absolutely here and there. I asked him why he didn't have much to say on it and he said there was no need I was doing all the saying. I said he should have paid more attention, he should have listened to me on Thursday when I told him we should buy some currency, not because I anticipated what would happen overnight but just because it was better value than it had been for ages and we do use it.

On Saturday he asked me (
asked) if I had half an hour to spare and if so could I come with him to the office. I told him yes and followed him upstairs. Spankings don't start like this, I thought he might have something to show me. He asked me to take off my jeans while he closed the window and reached up onto the top shelf of the bookcase where he keeps implements. I asked him what was going on, what was this all about. He asked me if I trusted him, I said yes, he said well do as I ask please. He was still searching with his fingers, then he found what he wanted and turned round to face me with a Coco de Mer wooden ruler in his hand. My jeans were off by that time. My eyes widened.
"I'd like you to across my knee now and I'm going to spank you, and while I'm doing it I'm going to tell you why and you'll most likely agree with everything I say because it's true. It will hurt but you will remember it."

"What the fuck is this all about I haven't done anything?"

"Oh but you have. I'll ask you again, do you trust me.. and if you do will you get across my lap. If not you can put your jeans back on."

I got across my husband's lap, well what else would you do when you've been with someone for thirty odd years and they put it that way? P gave me a dozen whacks with the ruler, they were sharp, then he stopped and started telling me how impressed he'd been with the points I'd been making since the referendum outcome...another dozen whacks...and how passionately I'd made them...another dozen. And he knew exactly what I meant and why I was saying them and he agreed with me. A couple of dozen whacks followed.

"But if you'd just slow down and make your points one at a time, I'd answer and discuss. And if you put them in a logical order it would help."

Several whacks of the ruler this time, harder. I started to speak.

"No need to say anything, in fact it's better if you don't," said P as he spanked away with the ruler. I shut up. "You've been doing more than enough talking lately. I like you to voice your opinions, they are good and I agree with them and even when I don't I still like you to voice them. But please if you want me to join in make them calmly and leave some breathing space instead of ranting."

I liked what I was hearing. My husband was both approving and disapproving, but above all he liked me voicing my opinions and he wanted to engage. I felt yummy as he spanked my backside to sting level 7, I really wanted to speak back but restrained myself. The spanking continued alongside the lecture, I thought with a smile how ridiculous to be spanked for doing something your spanker agrees with, then I thought maybe it wasn't so stupid, it was at least keeping me quiet and had my full attention. Finally, P told me one thing he really didn't appreciate was the smartass way I'd said about the currency, I'd been right as it happened but it was just fluke nothing more. The spanking increased to sting level 8 or 9, more or less as far as that ruler could go. Serious heat was radiating through my nether region. I was also starting to get 'feelings.'

When it stopped I lay there. I told him I was sorry if I'd sounded smug about the currency. His hand rested on my backside. I said he was right about my ranting a bit but I did genuinely feel strongly about it. He said he knew, and his hand started caressing my burning cheeks as he reaffirmed he liked hearing my views and I should express them more. I said thanks and asked him if I could express a view right there while I was over his lap. He said of course go ahead.

"I think you should fuck me immediately, any way you like, now and hard. Over to you." Well, he had said I should make clear points and give him chance to engage.

He lifted me up off his lap and took me into the bedroom.

Have a good week.



1ManView said...

Sometimes you write like my spouse talk. Just as she get to the chase, her voice becomes silent... hehe he ...

Have a great week Ronnie...

Beijos ... :)

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I was surprised at the vote, definitely a worry. At least it got you a spanking I guess lol. I love that P wants to hear your views :)


lindy thomas said...

Ronnie, its good P wants to hear your views and you got a spanking. It is a worry with the EU for everyone. Hope things go alright.
Hugs Lindy

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, usually I think it is worth it to get a spanking but oh dear, we should have stayed in. What a mess!
love Jan, xx

mrandmrsb said...

We never got to hear about Brexit's views on spanking?

Aldi are selling riding breeches this week!

PK Corey said...

Excellent spanking, excellent reason and excellent ending! Your P does have it all together!

Hermione said...

That was quite an odd reason for a spanking, but very creative of P.


Eva said...

Approving AND disapproving.... that's intriguing. I like that idea....

Our Bottoms Burn said...

higgledy piggledy. In every post you use unique words, words not heard over here.

Your post has inspired me to paddle Bacall for the same sort of reason. I don't jam my sentences together. I pause between them. She usually jumps in as soon as I pause, before I am finished. And it's getting worse.

Rosie Jones said...

Politics got you a spanking, that's an unusual one!
Rosie xx

Red said...

So many reasons to be spanked, and this one was delightful to read,with a happy ending for both of you.
Personally, I would have supported Brexit!
bottoms up

Dragon's Rose said...

I don't live in England so my opinion on Brexit doesn't count. But if it makes you feel any better this election has gotten me spanked. We live in a society where the protesters don't even know what they are protesting. Uninformed voters frustrate me to no end. And that gets me spanked. I can sympathize.

Minelle Labraun said...

Very creative man! Hmmmm.... He's keeping you on your toes. This time politics.... Next time......? :)

ronnie said...

1MV - She sounds like a very sensible lady:) Thanks,
Roz - I love that he does as well. Yes a bit big worry. Thanks.

Lindy - It's a big worry. £ down, markets in turmoil so goodness knows where we go from here. Thanks.

Jan - A total mess Jan. With the pound so low not good for travels. Thanks.

MrandMrsB - I could do with a new pair:) Thanks.

PK - Any reason is a good one for me. Well most of the time. Thanks.

Hermione - He had to get my attention without me butting in. Thanks.

Eva - Thanks. So do I:) Good to see you. Are you blogging again?

OBB - I hope it works. I've a habit of butting in before P's finished talking and get spanked for it. Thanks.

Rose - It is unusual but I'm not complaining. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. People now wondering what they've done by voting leave and wishing they hadn't.

DRose. Thanks. Its a good job I don't live in US then:) A lot here voted to leave as a protest vote against Government not for the actual referendum. They have a lot to answer for.

Minelle - Not so much for politics. He wanted to get my full attention while he told to stop me butting in. Thanks.


Leigh Smith said...

Love that you and P agree on all fronts (and backs too). As I've said many a time - lucky girl.

DelFonte said...

agree on EU, better influencing from inside even with its faults. I fear what kind of future my kids will grow up.
At least you got spanked :)

ronnie said...

SG - We do agree on a lot of things. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Thanks.

DF - Yes it's the young I feel more. Hope you are recovering well.


Baxter said...

ignorance abounds these days. We have this bombastic buffoon Trump over here and IMHO, those that like him and have voted for him in the primaries are basically ignorant. Over there you had all the LEAVES and now as I read the BBC, there are those that seem to have come to their senses wondering what the hell they. The ignorant tend to do things like that, act first and think about what they did later.

Sounded like a very enjoyable spanking

Anonymous said...

My goodness. That was so hot Ronnie. If only my wife was so proactive when it comes to ky spankings. God bless her she's good at it though.

Happy spankings.


ronnie said...

Baxter - Yep spot on there Baxter. A lot of protest votes again Government and now we have internal elections for a new Prime Minister and an opposition leader. A real mess. Thanks.

Thanks Yorkie.