Monday, 13 June 2016

Sent to bed with a sore bottom

Does anybody else ever think they'd like to be spanked right before bed time and then sent to bed or am I the only one with such aspirations? I don't think I could be the only one, the thought seems too delicious to be wasted on just me. Well Saturday night I got exactly that. It wasn't stage managed, no manipulation, just plain and simple. And it was shocking and absolutely lovely and I even woke up Sunday morning with it on my mind, the only disappointment being P's side of the bed was empty as he'd gone to the paper shop and I would dearly have loved to snuggle under the duvet and suck him off.

We'd had guests for dinner and I'd been smart-mouthing apparently (I'd call it entertainingly witty). Prior them arriving and P spending time in the kitchen, we'd enjoyed a little impromptu amorous hanky panky after doing a bit of work in the garden which had involved bending and stretching with me in an old pair of shorts which, my husband had pointed out, were looking a bit tight. He said I should wear them more often, I said I would but only for him, not to go out in as they were old fashioned. Needless to say I bent and stretched twice as much after he'd mentioned them and we both felt like it when we went inside. There was no fucking but we both came, P via one of those ruined orgasm thingies which I learned about months ago and me via his tongue. I'm not very good at gauging ruined orgasms but occasionally, when the circumstances are right, I cause one to happen. P had told me when I first learned about them and did one on him that it was alright occasionally as long as it was part of a package and he got the real thing later:)

Anyway I don't want to bore you with our sexual peccadilloes, the bottom line was that I was sated and he was not, his cock was still bulging outrageously after he'd emptied and remained that way while he was working in the kitchen. Whenever I went in he said something suggestive or touched me, all very good-naturedly, and I parried him off with tut-tuts, naughty boy etc. Then he told me I wasn't much fun after I'd orgasmed, I became Miss Boring instead of Miss Horny, he said. I told him it was his fault he shouldn't have spilled his little load too soon, like an impatient teenager, and he shouldn't be so efficient with his tongue. All this was friendly banter and I promised him I wouldn't be boring for the rest of the day and I made a point of being lively.

After our friends had gone we sat down for a final glass of wine, it was late, I was still being 'witty' and made a couple of comments about the lovely food we'd had and how well he cooked with a hard-on and he should do it more often, I was just teasing, making it known that I hadn't forgotten he'd been left wanting, as it were. Then I smiled, got up and said it was bedtime for me and I hoped I hadn't been a boring girl and bent down to kiss him on the forehead. That was when he took me by the arm and marched me upstairs and spanked me on our bed. Short but hard, with my skirt up and my knickers down. Then told me to go to bed and not to be so smart mouthed in future. He didn't give me chance to say anything, just ordered me and went back downstairs.

He's never done that before, we're usually both too tired to play late at night except when we're on holiday. I must admit it thrilled me and I did my bits and bobs and got into bed feeling yummy and intending to stay awake till he came up to bed so that I could cuddle up and rub by throbbing bottom against him and whimper that I was sorry. But I fell asleep and next thing I knew was waking up in the morning with a strong urge to finish what I'd started the day before. I could get a liking for bedtime spankings, but only if they 'happen', not by arrangement.

Please join me and take a moment to send loving thoughts to all the people effected by the tragedy in Orlando. My heart goes out to them.

Have a good week.



abby said...

A nice warm bottom before bedtime is wonderful...positively more delicious when you can rub it against Him in bed..
My heart breaks for the victims and their families in Orlando.
hugs abby

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, firstly, joining you in sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all those effected by the tragedy in Orlando.

I smiled reading this. You sure know how to wind P up don't you lol. What a wonderful result though :) A great majority of my spankings are bedtime spankings...followed by other fun :)


lindy thomas said...

Ronnie bedtime spankings are the best especially when they lead to more. I always have the best sleep after a late night spanking.
Joining you in sending prayers and thoughts to the people of Orlando.
Hugs Lindy

Ella said...

Mmmmm.... I think we are sadly lacking in the bedtime spanking category. Will have to give this some thought. How to accomplish this without asking. Don't know exactly but I have thrown down the gauntlet.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Oh, you naughty girl. I hope P eventually got what he needed.

Yet another terrible tragedy. Will the lunatics never stop?


elle :) said...

I'm with you! I like that late night, leading to more & going to bed with that feeling. :)

Leigh Smith said...

Sounds perfect - you two are so well suited. As I've said before, I'm a little jealous.

Terrible tragedy and it happens more and more often - it's frightening.

Florida Dom said...

You never bore us with your sexual stuff and it was nice you were sent to bed with a sore bottom. And that was a nice thing to say about the tragedy in Orlando.


Michael M said...

Naughty girls get spanked I guess.

Time to get tough with the likes of the Orlando killer. No more pussy footing around.

ronnie said...

Abby - Thanks. That's what I was hoping for but alas sleep came before he did:)

Roz - Thanks. You are a lucky girl then.

Lindy - Thank. I need a repeat.

Ella - Keep my fingers crossed for you. Thanks.

Hermione - He was well looked after. I don't know what it will take to stop these murderers.

Elle - Hello. Good to see you. It's quite delicious. Thanks.

SG - We have been together for a long time. You just don't know when they will strike so yes frightening'Thanks.

FD - Thanks. We have to stand together.

Michael - This naughty girl likes to be spanked. We do need to do something now. Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

Sounds perfect my dear! Hope you get to address P and the next part later today!
I am so sad about the crazy violence that happens to innocent people!

1ManView said...

I feel bad for P for not being there to wake up to a killer sub under the duvet. It can be such a breathtaking event to wake up too. :) Love this post....

Thank you for mentioning Orland. It's not a state, country nor Nation problem. It's a world problem that needs to be resolved...

peace and love

ronnie said...

Minelle - Thanks. Can't keep having this keep happening. Gun control maybe?

1MV - Thank you. We made up for it later:) Yes 1MV it is a world problem that needs to be addressed. T


Terpsichore said...

A hot behind before bed sounds delightful.

Sending loving thoughts to all the people in Orlando - what a horrible tragedy.

Hugs to you

Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) You, my friend, are NEVER boring! I always love to read about your antics, and what you and P are up to! You often have me in laughing stitches too!

Oh those before bed spankings are pretty nice! I've known those on occasion. Hot bottom, settling down to sleep on cool sheets! YUMMM! LOL! LOVED this post!

My heart is broken for the people in Orlando who were injured or lost their lives, and for their family members. I can't even imagine... So sad! :( Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie - Makes me happy that I can make you laugh. Something needs to be done. Thanks Katie.