Friday, 24 June 2016

In with the New - Summer Edition

A great selection of blogs for you. Make sure you stop by and give them a warm welcome.

Guide Me, My Love
Ramblings from a married submissive.

A Submissive's Journey to Submission
Her life has lead her to submit to the one that owns her mind and heart. 

Mr Wolf
Fenris Lycaous believes in courage, truth, honour, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, self reliance, and industriousness. 

A Housewife's Stories of Domestic Discipline
Katie started her blog because of the huge impact that domestic discipline has had in their relationship. She wants to tell others about it, share stories and close moments they've had, and learn from others. 

Videos and pictures of well delivered spankings.

The SwatBox 
Spanking- and discipline-related pictures and videos. Only favourites with the most authentic feel.

Need to be Spanked
A HUGE wave of spanked ass.

Mi Mundo Spanko 
Este blog es dedicado al BDSM especificamente del "spanking" Las historias retorcidas de una escritora oculta entre las sombras. 

Spanked Bottoms 
Corporal punishment through spanking. 

Submissive College Girl
A college student who enjoys submitting and getting herself into loads of trouble.

Jenny's Punishments 
Painful education firmly administered.

Spanking pictures and videos. 

Spanked to Tears Wife
Girls spanked.

Best Spanking Pictures
F/M M/F spanking pictures. 

Soft Spanking
Softer spankings yield beautiful red bottoms and lovely blushes of pink. With some nerdiness thrown in for fun.

Nothing says I love you like a good, old-fashioned, bare bottom, over the knee spanking with a wooden hairbrush or a solid wooden spoon. 

Spotted any new spanking orientated blogs? Shout up if you have and send me the link.


Thanks to Bonnie for bringing us some of these new blogs.


dolly bag said...

Long time lurker, just wondered if there was any reason why Bonnie has gone private, because one minute she was there and then she was gone, I used her site a lot to get to other blogs I follow.

lindy thomas said...

Thanks for all the new sites Ronnie. Will have to take a look at them all.
Hugs Lindy

Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie, welcome to blogland everyone :)


Hermione said...

What a lovely collection of new blogs. That fills up my weekend very nicely!


Red said...

So many new sites. Thanks for sharing
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Dolly Bag - Hello to you. Not sure re Bonnie. Hopefully you will be able to pick up the blogs you follow from other blogs. Thanks.

Lindy - You are welcome. Thanks.

Roz - Thanks for stopping by.

Hermione - Already searching for more. Thanks.

Red - My pleasure. Let me know if you spot any new Tumblrs. Thanks.


Michael M said...

Thanks and I like the Hotseat.

ronnie said...

Michael - My pleasure.