Friday, 6 May 2016

The Hand

....The touch of someone else’s hand on your bottom. Good old Over-The-Knee spanking, I mean. There’s plenty of implements one can use, but for that real human touch, I like to feel that hand. Besides, there’s so much more tactile feedback by the top when they have to really make contact. It’s sensual. It adds to the naughtiness of it all and that just makes it even more erotic.

The sound and feel are altered by the merest change of the hand shape. As I’ve said before, the human body, from the brain to all its bits, is one of the best toys around. Give your partner a good spanking today! (Or get one) and do both yourselves a favour.

A reader sent me the above so I'm sharing exactly as it came to me. She can't remember where she found this piece so please let me know if it's yours and or the pictures.

The hand is a favourite of mine when I'm OTK,  it's a powerful and versatile implement with additional instant feedback for the spanker in as much that their own hand feels the impact too. But if over-used, like most things, could become monotonous I suppose, well I think so, but I don't actually get the chance to find out because P rations it:)  What about you?

Have a fun weekend.


Michael M said...

The hand on the bottom is very personal and reminds me of the spanks I received as a child, so when my wife spanks me with her hand, which is not often, I am straight into naughty boy mode.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, hand is best, mind you rations are thin around here too!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

My wife won't use her hand as she doesn't want to hurt herself but that's just fine by me. I'm still ovér her lap as I find that position the most intimate but I like my wooden toys - a little 18 inch ever ready cane from Caneiac, my short handled bath brush and then to finish it off the smack stick senior. Brutal, yes but I love it. The connection from being over her lap and having her do what is a really intimate and pwrsonal thing for me is one of the best experiences ever.


The Glenmore said...

Best thing about the hand is that it's 'handy' and always have inspired me yet again Ronnie!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I really miss using my hand. I have arthritis, so after just a few moderate smacks I start to feel discomfort. I know if I continue I will be sore for days.I do pause to rub a lot and we both like that.

Ella said...

Mmmm... The hand is my favorite. Skin on skin is the ultimate connection. Always saved for "Just Because" spankings.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

I also like the hand, but that rarely happens around here, except over clothing. It's quite an intimate sensation when it's on a bare bum.


Terpsichore said...

I love my husband's hand most of all...have not felt it enough of late...hopefully soon before I forget what it feels like... Hugs :-)

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I love the hand. Much more intimate. Love the pics :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Leigh Smith said...

I think over the knee, bare hand to bare bottom is the most sensual of all - there's not much else that even comes close.

Have a great weekend.

Rosie Jones said...

What Leigh said!
Rosie xx

Blondie said...

I love when Ty uses his hand. It makes it much more personal. He definitely doesn't do it enough

Meredith Malloy said...

Jack's hand on my bare bottom, over his knee and I am in heaven. Bring on an implement and things take a big turn.

ronnie said...

Michael - Then that's perfect for you. Thanks.

Jan - I'd choose hand over anything. Thanks.

Yorkie - Yes it must be difficult for a lady to spank hard with the hand. That exactly right the connection and the intimacy. Thank you.

Glenore - Makes me happy that I have. Tell me more:) Thank you.

OBB - I love my bottom rub when OTK. Mmmmm. Thank you.

Ella - I love that "Just Because" makes me go all funny:) Thanks.

Hermione - It is intimate. I love that P spanks with hand over knickers and then takes them down and continues on bare bottom but as I said he rations it. Thanks.

Terps - I hope you get an OTK hand spanking very soon. Thanks.

Roz - Yes an intimate act. Happy you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks.

SG - Couldnd't have put it better myself:) Thanks.

Rosie - Perfect description. Thanks.

Blondie - Seems our men don't use the hand enough for us. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday. Thanks.

Meredith - Heaven indeed and I know what you mean when an implement takes over. Thanks.


Dragon's Rose said...

Nothing is better than the hand used OTK. It amplifies the connection between us. For now I'll have to deal with icyhot. Even that is better when applied by his hand.

MrJ said...

There is something very intimate to the hand, both at the giving and the receiving end. But I am sure some gals crave the cane implements (don't they, Ronnie?) and other wooden or leather - and most ladies need it, every now and then.

DelFonte said...

Hand's the best and it's the most controlled. I wonder too if the spanker feels the connection better too, even if it might sting a bit!

ronnie said...

DR - Bet that burns. Rather you than me. Thanks.

MrJ - Yes I do crave the cane now:) Thank you.

DF - Yes the spanker in as much that their own hand feels the impact. Well I think so. Thanks.


lindy thomas said...

The hands my prefer way for an OTK spanking and there been coming thick and fast lately. It seems more connected.
Have a good weekend.
Hugs Lindy

1ManView said...

Around here, spanking is just an instrument of foreplay. I didn't even notice it for years until I started reading people blogs who use spanking as discipline and erotic doings. That's when I started to paying attention to my spouse reactions when I gave her a playful swat on her backside as she walked by me, or act out as if I was going to give her a hard spanking for getting smart with me. She would fight me and we would end up in compromising sexual positions... She gives out this soft erotic tone at times when my hand hits her backside when her mind is really concentrating on something. She doesn't even notice she does it, and I haven't ever told her about it. I guess you can say it's my little erotic secret... :)

peace and love

Florida Dom said...

My good girl loves the feel of my hand.


ronnie said...

Lindy - Yes the hand given when OTK makes you feel more connected. Thanks.

1MV - And one you should keep to yourself. Love it. Thank you.

FD - Her favourite implement:) Thanks.


Baxter said...

My wife uses her hand once in a while, but she says spanking me hurts her hand. So she uses an implement and will go a long time with a paddle or crop.

ronnie said...

Baxter - Yes I can understand that spanking would her your wife's hand. Paddle or crops good. Thanks.


Red said...

The hand is very sensual, and still has impact. Cindy uses her hand to caress before spanking, or to pause and feel the heat, before continuing the spanking. She once hurt her finger while trying to spank differently with her handing a skimming upwards motion, so it is almost always a implement. It swell up, we thought it might be badly sprained or a fracture, so went to see a doctor. how did it happen... dancing together in the kitchen and swinging around her hand and specifically the finger hit the corner of the wall...
smiles\bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - Yes hand can be very sensual caressing and doesn't always have to spank with it. Liked your description to doctor:) Thanks.