Friday, 20 May 2016

I've got a Competitor

It's another woman. Not trying to steal my husband, I hasten to point out, but trying to steal my business or at least part of it. The bitch. I mean if it was some minx trying to get P's attention it would be so much easier, I'd find her, rip her eyes out and that would be an end to it. But this is some eBay would-be entrepreneur hiding behind some fake name no doubt stealing my customers!  

Now I could be a real bitch myself and ask loads of people to please buy a minimum order from her (if she really is a 'her', I mean you never really know on eBay) and then post rotten comments about her goods and service but that's not something I'd want to get involved in really. I told P about it a few weeks ago and he said the first thing to do was buy some of her stuff and find out if it's any good, then decide how to react either by strengthening my product descriptions if there's a clear quality gap or lowering my prices to match hers if that's what has to be done. He thought it was funny but it's not funny to me!

Anyway I did buy from her and her service was fast but the items she sent me were rubbish compared to mine. They were made in China, the stitching was pulling out and they were using lower quality materials. Mine are made in Spain with good materials, and they don't fall apart even after a lot of use. But on eBay people buy on price and her prices are lower than mine, she includes carriage too. The bitch! It's really getting to me.

P has helped. He tugged one of her items in his hands and it literally came apart, it was ridiculous. He helped me beef up my descriptions, he said I was under selling myself and the quality, reliability and trust aspect with thousands of positive customer feedbacks. I asked him if perhaps I could add 'WHEN YOU'VE BEEN STIFFED BY SOMEONE SELLING AN INFERIOR PRODUCT AND NEED A PROPER ONE, COME TO ME AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE' but he told me that wasn't a good idea. I'd been joking actually, or trying to even though I don't regard it as funny.

Anyway I've whinged on and off about my competitor and it's been getting on my husband's nerves and on Wednesday he told me so and he said he had the answer. My ears pricked up but his answer wasn't how to stop the competitor, it was how to stop me whingeing. He told me I needed a bloody good spanking, he wanted a whinge-free evening, only positive sensible actions would improve the situation not whingeing.

So he took me upstairs and gave me something to whinge about. I got my backside tanned, completely out of the blue, and it was delicious and each time I squealed and protested he told me to stop whingeing and spanked harder which made me squeal more. He wouldn't stop until I'd promised not to mention it again or at least not with a childish pathetic whine in my voice, or I'd be across his knee again. I got up red faced and said I was sorry and thanked him for helping me...with his advice not the spanking:)

Have a fun weekend.



Rosie Jones said...

That's a difficult situation to be in, Ronnie, very frustrating.
Good thing you have P to help you.

Rosie xx

an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, what a pain this is. I don't blame you for whingeing. I suppose on the positive side you got a spanking out of it! Let's hope that she fails due to her poor quality and soon
love Jan, xx

lindy thomas said...

Oh dear not a good situation with your competitor on ebay. At least you got a delicious spanking out of this and P gave you some advice to improve your sales. Good luck!
Hugs Lindy

PK said...

Sounds like this awful bit*h is responsible for one good thing. But I think you should return the favor if you ever get your hands on her - and make sure she DOESN'T enjoy it!

abby said...

Sounds like she will not be getting any repeat customers. You had a good reason to whine. Nice of P to take you mind off of it for a while...
hugs abby

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, what an annoying and difficult situation. I don't blame you for whinging either. Glad P was able to help in more ways than one.


Ella said...

I think we should organize a virtual "Bitch Slap" and show her who she's messing with. How frustrating!

Although I am with P on the whining. When I taught there was a big sign up next to my desk to discourage whiners. Sometimes I would just point to it, if someone forgot.

Either way, the spanking sounds delicious.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Ronnie, it's too bad someone is trying to undercut your business. But I suspect people will only buy from her once, if the goods are as shoddy as you say.


Leigh Smith said...

Sorry for the competition but glad you received a spanking as a result. Quality tells so customers that may try the competition, will be back.

Have a good weekend.

Red said...

The only benefit of the competitor is that you received a spanking! Good advice to not keep whinging, as it does not solve the problem. Is it possible to place prominently a link to the reviews you have received from customers? Good luck
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Rosie - He helped a lot. Thanks.

Jan - It is a pain Jan but hey these things come to try us. Thanks.

Lindy - He does give good advice especially when I'm over his knee. Thanks.

PK - Yep I can thank her for one thing at least. Thanks.

Abby - He got his whinge-free evening. Thanks.

Roz - A spanking usually sorts me out:) Thanks.

Ella - LOL. Bitch slap I love it. I would have liked you as my teacher. Thanks.

Hermione - I think her sales are slowing down. Thanks.

SG - It's so annoying as I was the only one on eBay for a long time selling this particular item. Thanks.

Red - The spanking did the trick:) Yes have links to reviews. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

The only way I went was to sell quality in my industrial supply business. I point out that when you buy from me I guarantee quality or I will make it right. Remember once you have bought 2 of their junk you will have paid the equivalent of one of mine which you are still using. I also think for every 12 sales P should give you a "Keep in focus Spanking" as I do my husband as a reward.

Lilli Clairmont said...

How frustrating! It sounds like she's the one who could use a good tanning!

MrJ said...

Too bad, Ronnie. Although I would not be surprised if she'll appear not a real competitor after all.
That this brought you a spanking is probably the only good thing here. For the rest, it's pain in the ass. ;-)

Cat said...

So sorry about the inferior competitor, Ronnie but people will only purchase from her once. Most people want a good price but they want good quality also. So when they get what they consider a bargain but they product doesn't hold up, they will leave a bad review and not purchase from her again. I really don't see anything wrong with adding something to your description stating that you are offering a quality product well made in Spain. Karma will bite her/him in the butt. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Rachel - Thanks. I may add your - when you buy from me I guarantee quality or I will make it right. I like that. 12 sales every spanking mmmm will consider that as well:)

Lilli - And I'd be happy to provide it. Thanks.

MrJ - Pain in the ass exactly - in more ways than one:)

Cat - Thanks. I've added P suggestion and a little more with Spain mentioned.


Fondles said...

Im sorry im late to this - sux about the undercutting - could P not write a review on ebay saying what poor quality the item was? I usually read buyers' reviews when purchasing online. And soon enough if her stuff is that shoddy i think she'll go out of business!

Be patient and yes, i like the idea of a focus spanking :)

Good luck!