Monday, 16 May 2016

Good for the Aussies - songsters and spankos

They came second in the Eurovision, not sure how come they got into the 'Euro' competition anyway but it's all good fun so here's to the Aussies.

They're also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sexpo this weekend, according to an article in the Daily Mail which google sent me. It's apparently the world's longest running sexuality and lifestyle exhibition, One of the exhibitors, see photo below, is conducting a rope bondage showcase, she earns up to AUS$ 400/hr whipping, tying and spanking people, from a wide age range 20-60, mostly university educated and with high IQ's so the article says. So it's double cheers to the Aussies.

Always thought spankos have high IQ's, not sure about the fashion sense though:)

Have a good week.



lindy thomas said...

Thanks Ronnie, us Aussies have a good fashion sense, when we feel like it. LOL!
Hugs from down under

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I wondered how they got into the Eurovision too! I wouldn't mind a trip to that exhibition,
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, congratulations to our Aussie neighbours on coming second. I heard they had appeared before (not sure how) and were invited back as they were so popular. Wow, hadn't heard about the expo. That would definitely be interesting!


PK said...

How interesting! I know lots of spankos and as a group they are as smart as anyone I know.

Ella said...

I agree with PK about the relative intelligence of spankos. I agree with you, though, about the fashion statement in the photo. Yuck! However, I love the idea of $400 an hour.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

I've always been curious about those expos. I wouldn't mind dropping in on one some day, but I wonder if you have to dress like the lady in the photo to be admitted.


Leigh Smith said...

Of course, we're smart, Aussie's or not. We figured out how much fun can be had while getting your butt reddened.

Lilli Clairmont said...

What on earth is she wearing? I imagine such outfits are really just for photo ops. Congrats to the Aussies! And I agree, I've met a lot of intelligent spankos. Now that expo, that could be quite interesting. ;)

Rosie Jones said...

I don't like the look of some of the paraphernalia behind her!

Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Lindy - I think you and Bear should visit the next one and give us a report:) Thanks.

Jan - Would be an interesting experience. Thanks.

Roz - Everyeone loves the Aussies. Thanks.

PK - You are dead right there. Thanks.

Ella - 400 and hour I'd do it:) Thanks.

Hermione - I'm not sure how she could spank anyone with those nails. Thanks.

SG - Yes your right and definitely fun having your butt reddened. Thanks.

Lilli - I can't image her wearing that lot when she spanks but who knows. Thanks.

Rosie - The mind boggles to what she would do with them. Thanks.


Red said...

Would be interesting to attend, but could be quite non-sexy depending on the locale.
PS: maybe you should start a second career :)
bottoms up

Downunder Don said...

Of course everyone loves the ozzies...we are all so adorable and cuddly...well at least the Koala is. The sexbo's are huge here, even bigger than the comics cons.

ronnie said...

Red - For 400 an hour I might:) Thank you.

DD - we definitely love you. Never knew how huge it was until I read about it. Thanks.