Monday, 2 May 2016

Dysons don't break

Well they do as far as I'm concerned. I'm not complaining, I've had it for years but it's started getting noisy, really noisy and in my opinion no longer sucks the dirt up like it used to. So, as my husband tells me, all things have a reasonable life expectancy at which point they have paid their way and anything beyond that is a bonus. Well I'm sure I was in bonus territory so when it starts going wobbly you replace it and start again. So I ordered one from JL and it arrived on Friday. I didn't open it, it sat in its packaging in the hall.

When P came home Friday evening he saw it and asked me who it was for, he thought I might have accepted a delivery for one of our neighbours, we do that between us so it's not unusual. I told him it was mine I just hadn't had time to open it. Oh dear, I thought, I should have made time and just put it away and it would never have been noticed. Instead I got questioned on what was wrong with mine, Dysons didn't break, every part was replaceable, it had to be something simple, I should have told him etc etc. Anyway he told me not to open the new one until he'd had a look at mine, he'd sort it out no problem, he'd do it in the morning. I told him the new one was mine now and my old one was in the garage and could be dumped at the skip next time he was going that way. He wasn't amused and repeated his instruction not to open it, it could go back to JL after he'd fixed ours, yes 'ours' he was calling my noisy ancient Dyson now, making it more personal. I told him I'd be using it in the morning. He told me I damned well better not or I'd get have a sore backside.

Saturday morning his habit is to go into the office for a few hours, I usually lay in until I hear the front door open and shut. I was dozing waiting for that signal but it didn't happen. What did happen was I suddenly heard my old Dyson roar into life, like a helicopter engine, it sounded loud even from the bedroom. I smiled to myself, I bet it shocked him when it fired up, I don't think he's ever used it and probably never even heard it for that matter so he wouldn't really know what to expect but common sense would tell him it wasn't right. Well I heard it re-start several times after that, with gaps in between, and I heard the sound change position so he was obviously shoving it around. I got up and had my shower, his car was still on the drive when I came out so I knew he must still be down there trying to fathom out what was causing the problem. When I went downstairs, he had his toolbox out but there weren't any tools in use, he had the attachment flex lying on the floor, he looked up and told me the suction was very good, he'd checked it over. I just said "Switch it on, P, does it sound right?" He said he hadn't got down to that yet but he didn't switch it on. I thought so what has he been doing for forty minutes.

I made myself breakfast and a mug of coffee for the technician. I wasn't smug but I knew he couldn't fix it. I suggested "Why don't we open the new one, fire it up and compare the difference and if it's no better I'll re-package it and take it back to JL, they're very good they'll take it back no problem." 

"I was just about to do that," he lied.

So I did it while I was eating some toast, he sat and drank his coffee. The new machine was like a Rolls Royce purring alongside an old diesel taxi. P was defeated and, fair play to him, he admitted it and said keep it out, might as well use it later if I needed to, he'd put the old one in the boot and the packaging from the new one and take it with him to the office, there's an industrial waste skip there, he'd throw it in.

So that was that, a fuss about nothing. If I'd had my wits about me I could have turned it into a spanking.....I think I must be getting old:)

Bank Holiday here in the UK and were out for the day. 

Have a good week.



Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...if you really want to turn it into a spanking, you could point out to P how he wasted his morning because he was too stubborn to listen to your superior knowledge. Think that would get you a red tush? ;) Have a wonderful day out.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, Good for you, I love a new toy to play with ;) .We had lovely weather for the bank holiday, went to a classic car rally and a country fayre with the kids. Today it is back to grey and miserable. Hope you had a lovely bank holiday
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, well, I guess Dyson's do break lol. Horray on getting a new one. Not like you to miss an opportunity to engineer a spanking lol. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend.


The Glenmore said...

Hi Ronnie , If I acted like P did , at our house I Would be the one getting my backside paddled ...rule # 1 Your wife is always right!

PK said...

Now Ronnie, don't tell me you're slipping. This was a great reason for a spanking and you let it slip away - you should be spanked for that! Glad you got a new Dyson - they really are great!

Ella said...

Your post reminded me of our refrigerator fight. We have the same horrible fridge since 1983! I hate the damn thing, and I pray nightly for it to just die like your Dyson.

I thought I might change his mind if I just didn't clean it. Pretty soon it was so sticky that I had to back down on that one. Sam is very good at fixing things. I am just afraid when it finally starts to die, Sam will order some part and I will be stuck with it until I die.

If you had just pushed with an, "I told you so," you would have had your spanking in the bag.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

We have a Dyson too, and it got clogged up within a month of buying it. Very hard to clean them out inside as you can't open them up properly to do a good job. I had to call their hotline and have someone explain how to do it. I'm impressed that you liked yours well enough to buy a second one.


Leigh Smith said...

I'm laughing. Men, always thinking they can fix anything.

DelFonte said...

in answer to the title of your post, yes they do! Twice! I have a Vax these days. Dyson's aren't cheap, so I can see why P wanted to give it one last go. perhaps there is something else in the house that needs replacing ;)

Rosie Jones said...

You missed an opportunity there Ronnie, definitely slipping! I have a fridge older than Ella's that I had to beg and plead for as it was so expensive. Sadly, it's time to let it go now, no spare parts available.
Rosie xx

Baxter said...

I am surprised that you did not go over the line, open the new one, just so you could get a sore bottom. HAHAHA.
We have a Dyson, the model best for dog hair, as we have a Samoyed and it is challenged with the amount of hair. It did get very clogged once and I had it in pieces to get all the clog out. It also doesn't like the scrap yarn that falls off my wife's looms. But it has lasted and worked a lot better than the Oreck we had. Never buy an Oreck if you can buy a Dyson. The Oreck choked on the dog hair and went downhill.

ronnie said...

Cat - I think that would definitely get me spanked, love it. Thanks:)

Jan - Sounds like you had a wonderful bank holiday. Heavy rain Monday, yuck but they say it's getting warmer. Thanks.

Roz - Definitely slipping. Need to watch that:) Thanks.

The Glenmore - I am but I don't always tell him that. Thank you.

PK - I don't know what happened. Not like me to miss an opportunity like that. Thanks.

Ella - Must be a good fridge to last that long. Hopefully when it does start to die he wont be able to get any parts for it because it's too old. Keep fingers crossed for you. Thanks.

Hermione - I really do like the Dyson. The one I replaced has lasted a long time with no problems. This one I just bought was at a very good price. Thanks.

SG - I know what you mean. Thanks.

DF - I'm surprised you had two that broke. Heard the Vax is a good machine. Need a new iron:) Thanks.

Rosie - I did indeed. I hope you find a fridge you like as much as the one you have. Thanks.

Baxter - Not sure if we have Samoyed and Orek vacs in the UK. The Dyson I just bought really does pick up dirt and dust from carpets. Thank you,


Red said...

It is hard to admit that you cannot fix something, but it happens. Missing a spanking opportunity does seem unlikely on your part, but you can keep that bit of sass for when you really feel you need a spanking, when you can mention how right you were and how wrong P was
bottoms up

ronnie said...

RED - LOL. Already have. Thanks.