Saturday, 16 April 2016

Us Authors:)

So I've been making my way through Maestra, I'm way behind, only about half way through, not because it doesn't get my does. But I've had to do extra work over the past couple of weeks plus we've had some family matters to attend to. Then I had to make some last minute amendments to my own book (yes, sorry, there's another one) so there are my excuses. As for the book so far, well I've seen other people's reviews and I agree with some and not others; it's well written, a bit rich on fashion and place name dropping but that's the nature of the world the heroine inhabits, a fair amount of sex not particularly gratuitous in my opinion, a spanking (of an obscenely overweight and obscenely rich gentleman) and an accidental killing, which the girls cover up. It's racy and I like it and don't mind the bits that are overdone.

Now, I have to modestly mention another book which has caught my attention recently. It doesn't use long words or fashion icons, it doesn't get anywhere glamorous unless you class Majorca and South Africa as glamorous, and it doesn't kill anyone. But there are lots of spankings and plenty of sex. It's Volume 2 of my diary extracts, plainly written welts warts and all...oh and it's true, but I'm not allowed to say that.

Thanks to everyone who bought and reviewed Volume 1.



an English Rose said...

Oh congrats Ronnie, looking forward to it!
love Jan, xx

Hermione said...

Another volume - wow! How exciting! no wonder you have been so busy.


Ella said...

Wonderful news, Ronnie. I enjoyed the first book so much. Will get on Amazon tonight for the sequel.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Leigh Smith said...

Internet is spotty due to the storm so this might not get through. Good luck with the new one, I'll be visiting LSF today.

Rosie Jones said...

I enjoyed volume 1 Ronnie, will download volume 2 soon. Might buy Maestra, Asda has it at half price.
Rosie xx

Cat said...

Volume 2, Ronnie? Congratulations! Another book to add to my TBR pile. Don't know if I'm ever going to work my way through the pile. LOL

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Congratulations Ronnie, another book, fantastic news!:)


ronnie said...

Jan - Appreciate it. Thanks.

Hermione - Takes up time. Thanks.

Ella - Really kind of you. Thanks.

SG - Thanks. Yes got through.

Rosie - Thank you. I am quite enjoying Maestra.

Cat - Thanks I know what you mean.

Roz - Thanks.


Enzo said...

Congrats on practically back to back books! Wow!
All the best,

ronnie said...

Ezno - Thank you very much.


MrJ said...

Hey...! Congrats, ronnie!

ronnie said...

Thanks MrJ.