Monday, 18 April 2016

Temper Tantrums

I'm too old for temper tantrums. That's what my brain tells me anyway and I honestly am not aware of them even if they really happen, which my husband tells me is the case. I mean don't sense stressful feelings creeping up on me or anything like that because if I did I'd stop them, obviously, before they became a tantrum. A real tantrum not a manufactured one

Anyway I threw a tantrum, apparently, yesterday morning and I got what any tantrummy girl should get and I got it hard and fast with my knickers down, no messing no discussing and no answer-back. And five minutes later I sat in the car, still red faced, on the way into town and mumbled an apology for my outburst and I think my face got even redder when my husband made me say it again but look at him when I said it, not out of the side window.

It was a build up of things that caused the tantrum, I'm quite busy at the moment, lots to do and I'm out of the country for a few days this week and I've got to get myself organised and I'm out to dinner Tuesday night and Miss Slutpants (it's a long story) will be amongst the guests and I have to look good, I mean appropriately dressed, for the confrontation occasion and it all builds up, you know. And then I checked the weather forecast for Tuesday in Alicante and it's pretty warm and I decided I want to wear sandals but some stylish raised strappy ones, none of the ones I've got. P told me I had several pairs which looked great and were good for walking in. I told him I'd be taking some of those too but I needed some for restaurant wear. He wasn't amused, men don't understand. He told me I often wear sandals in restaurants and then it came out.. the Miss Slutpants thing. I wasn't going to wear ordinary bloody sandals with her in the party. We had a few words, he told me to wear a shoe not a sandal, I'd got enough to choose from, I said I knew best what to wear not him, I wasn't going to look dowdy next to that little slut (she's not), my voice was raised so I was told later. So P took me into our little office and spanked me and read the riot act to me while he was doing it.

I was still in my dressing gown, which was hoisted up to my waist and my knickers pulled down to my thighs. He spanked me really hard for several minutes and I resisted like hell and told him to fuck off and I wasn't going to Alicante, he could cancel, or go on his bloody own and sit next to Miss bloody Slutpants. He didn't get angry, he spanked me till I thought I was going to start crying because of what he was saying about growing up and it being my supplier in Alicante not his, and it would be a nice few days and I better get myself together and stop all this nonsense. And then he stopped, he could hear me sniffling, not crying! He told me to get up and get dressed we were going into town in five minutes. I said I couldn't possibly do that but he told me to do it or I'd be over his knee again.

Well I did do it and that's how I came to be sitting red faced in the car. P wouldn't let me discuss what had just happened and he wouldn't tell me why he was taking me into town, instead he changed the subject completely to our son's new house, well in the process, and only when we parked in town did he tell me he was coming to choose some sandals with me. I got a really nice pair from House of Fraser and then we had a sandwich lunch in one of the coffee shops. Only then would he discuss what had transpired earlier, he could see from my face that all the stress was gone.

"You'll look good against Miss Slutpants, as you call her, whatever you wear," he said, "but if the new sandals makes you feel happier then I guess it matters." I glowed and resolved to make no more fuss. I hoped we'd find time for some make up later in the day. We did.

Not a lot of Internet time today and early flight tomorrow. Have scheduled posts.

Thanks to those who have already bought my Volume II.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

Hope you get some extra holiday swats in Alicante to keep you in check.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, aw bless, a spanking and new sandals, what more could a girl want? Hope you have a nice time in Alicante
love Jan, xx

1ManView said...

Hmm... let's see. A spanking, new sandals, and makeup sex... Sounds like you should have more temper tantrums...

Wishing you a wonderful week
Peace and love

MrJ said...

I agree with earlier commenters. Your're a smart - well, you know.

Dragon's Rose said...

I hate to admit that most of my punishment spanks have been for toddler tantrums. Yep, acting like a child. Glad you are feeling better!

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, P really knew how to calm you and relieve the stress didn't he. I love how this ended. A spanking and new sandals, sounds good to me :) Hope all goes well in Alicante and that you have some time for fun along with the business.


PK said...

Nick and I never fight, I never have temper tantrums - I envy you so much!! I hope your trip is wonderful and if you happen to accidentally trip Ms. Slutpants as she walks by... well these things happen.

Ella said...

Love when you write about Ms. Slutpants. I think that should be your next book, Ronnie.

I'm with Jan, comment-wise. Sunday spanking and new shoes. Life is sweet.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Preparing for a trip can be very stressful. Bon voyage!


Rosie Jones said...

A spanking, new sandals and make up sex - the memory should be enough to make you smile when you see Ms Slutpants.
Have a great trip.
Rosie xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I have got a book for you. You may recall the one a day sex positions books of the 70's. Each position had one page, a drawing and a few words to get you started. So you could do a book, 100 ways to get spanked by Ronnie. I know you know more than 100 ways, but those could be a the next edition.

smuccatelli said...

"You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need" -- Mick Jagger

And sometimes, apparently, you get both... ;-)

Leigh Smith said...

Ronnie, you are a gem and P is so lucky to have you and vice versa. How could you not love a man who knows just how to 'fix' things and make you feel so good in the process.

Have fun on your trip and enjoy those sandals and making you know who green with envy.

ronnie said...

Michael - Me too. Thank you.

Jan - Sightseeing, fresh fish and some warm sunshine will go down a treat. Thanks.

1ManView - I don't know I'm having one sometimes:) Thank you.

MrJ - Thank you. Not all the time though.

Dragon Rose - Should know better at my age. Thanks.

Roz - I hope the fun things are a little spanking:) Thanks.

PK - I'll make sure P isn't t looking:) Thanks.

Ella - And the making up after. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks. More stress when you got for a short trip than a longer one.

Rosie - I'll be on my best behaviour that evening:) Thanks.

OBB - 100 ways to get a spanking love it. Thank you,.

Smuccatelli - And that makes me a lucky girl. Thanks.

SG - I'd better make sure I wear them now or I'll definitely be over his lap again, Thanks.


Cat said...

He sure knows how to get you calmed down quickly doesn't he, Ronnie. I agree...when you have someone like Ms Slutpants around, you have to feel your best...happy you got the sandals. Have a safe trip and wonderful time in Alicante.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Enzo said...

The cause of most spankings in my experience are often adult temper tantrums. This sounded like a well deserved spanking.

As far as going along with PK's idea - well that alone is treading towards another spanking.


Clara said...

Oh dear, I don't think any of us chooses to have a tantrum. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety spill out in all kinds of actions and words. And we know we can't let it happen in public situations so that person we love and care about the most gets it all. Fortunately and unfortunately the ones who spank make sure we understand that we need to get it together!


PS so glad you showed up slutpants!!!

ronnie said...

Cat - He sure does. Thanks. Had a lovely time.

Enzo - I have to agree with you there - this was a deserved spanking. Thank you.

Clara - As P says I have these temper tantrums but I don't know I'm having one:) Thanks.