Monday, 14 March 2016

Your Questions Answered

Is the thought of spanking another women, in any aspect, be it real-life or strictly in fantasy, appealing to you?
No, spanking another women has never appealed to me real life or fantasy. I've been offered being spanked by another woman, and wasn't offended by it, say no more.

What about on the flip side, is being spanked by a woman, again in real-life or strictly in fantasy, appealing?
P's talked about introducing a women to assist in the spanking. It does turn me on when he talks about it so yes appealing.

Downunder Don
Do you ever talk with P about what he gets out of spanking?
es we have in the past not lately though.  P's not always in the mood to spank but he does it for me because he knows I love to be spanked.

Other times he does it for himself. He likes to spank and he certainly likes to see my bottom a lovely shade of red.

Are you writing another book? Have you enjoyed the whole author experience?
I've agreed with LSF Publications to do another two volumes.  I don't really class myself as an author. I haven't sat there writing the whole thing as the excerpts from my diary have already been written, some from blog and others from ages ago but never shared. They've needed tidying up but LSF help a lot with that.  Maybe I'll write a book from start to finish, I've got enough ammunition, a merry tale of corruption, business, debauchery, establishment malpractice, then I'd have to work hard but it would be fun too.

Seeing you seem to love being caned why don't you like the paddle.
Not sure what it is about the paddle. It's the wood ones I don't like. The one Bogey sent is a real devil. Now the Leatherthorn paddle is a different matter, I'll have that applied to me any day. And I don't love being caned!......I'm drawn to it:)

Do you and P both have a spanking fantasy? If so what are they and do you think you would be game enough to go through with it?
I'd loved to be spanked after a riding session, I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with me firmly in the stable, bending me over a hay bale or something and giving me a good cropping. I'd definitely go through with it. Just need all the props. Oh and to learn to ride:)
I think P likes the idea of having someone else spank me probably a woman but a man maybe. He sometimes teases that he will arrange it. Once in China he really had me believing he had a woman (a Chinese hooker) lined up to spank me...I posted about it. I have wondered (never fantasised) whether I would go through with it. In the cold light of day, I think doubtful but in certain circumstances when P teases me about it, I have to admit it excites. Never say never.

How much difference has writing a spanking blog made to your life?
Mmm. I wouldn't say it's made a material difference, we'd still be doing what we're doing, but it's been an added pleasure to meet new friends online and in the flesh and I'm more confident now about TTWD and my sexuality. I'm not spanked less or more because of the blog (though I did get a few hard spankings when I first started it as I was getting more tied up with the blog than I should have been). I've been writing about my spankings and other things for years, way before my blog started but it's been a joy to be able to share some of them and as I said to meet so many wonderful people in the community. I'm definitely glad Bonnie spotted my bog all those years ago.

Do you think you and P will ever cross the pond?
Can't see P rushing to, it's never really been big on his list, one of the reasons he doesn't like long flights by choice although he does them for business.  Me, hopefully one day.

How is the book doing and when can we expect the next?
Volume II is with the publishers so hopefully April.

Rosie Jones
The thought of being caned makes me shudder, though obviously it depends how it's wielded. What is it about it that appeals to you?
I shudder too, it's part of the appeal. The 'doing' can be wicked, almost unbearable or it can send me to another place. It's a state of mind, I like both outcomes although not necessarily at the time.  

Do you and P ever discuss spankings, TTWD or the lifestyle, or is it just as is?
Not all the time but yes we still discuss it, more him than me funnily enough, he likes to rationalise, have reasons whereas I act on instinct.

How many people do you think know about your an P's spanking relationship? Ever told anybody openly, or any friends with whom you can discuss these things as if it were, let's say, gardening?
There was a girl friend who I mentioned it to but that was quite a while ago, she liked it but she was a bit older than me and more 'liberal' at that time.  There isn't one of my vanilla friends I would want to share it with now, too risky. I almost revealed it to P's brother's wife once but she's an 'ex' now so glad I didn't. 

if time and money were not an issue, where would you travel? Midwest US maybe? ;)
That's a hard one. As there are so many places on my list I want to visit I couldn't pick one. Canada, India, Alaska, Japan and yes US. I'd visit them all if we could just shut shop and go without a care:)

Enzo, Downunder Don, Jan, Lindy, Simon, SG, Rosie, Minelle, MrJ, Cat thanks for the questions.

Still taking questions.

Have a good week.




an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I enjoyed reading your answers. I think you are lucky that P. will talk about it, it generally seems most women are the talkers and the men not so much. Glad there is a new book in the offing
love Jan,xx

lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie, Thanks for all your answers, very interesting. Loved your fantasy but not so much Ps. Now start taking riding lessons so you can fulfil it. LOL!
Can't wait for your new book to be released.
Hugs Lindy

Anonymous said...

Reading the questions and answers was fantastic. You and P have such a wonderful relationship. Other than the blogs I follow no one knows R spanks me and R wants it that way. I'd love to be able to have a blog and share more with others. But I'm very happy with what I have.
Thanks Ronnie.

Hermione said...

I'm looking forward to the next book!


Rosie Jones said...

Interesting questions, enjoyed reading the answers.
Rosie xx

Meredith Malloy said...

Interesting answers

MrJ said...

Thanks, Ronnie,. I can see your point on the ex / must have been great to share it with another gal.

Minelle Labraun said...

Thanks Ronnie. I agree with Jan that it's great that P talks about spanking! My guy gets a bit embarrassed! Lol! Unless the spanking is his idea!
Can't wait for your next book!

Leigh Smith said...

Loved reading the answers.

Cat said...

Loved your answers, Ronnie...thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

Questions: Did you consider or fantasize about being spanked when you were in your teens, or is it something that only came into your mind later on?

ronnie said...

Jan - Thanks. Yes I am lucky that he talks about spanking.

Lindy - When P talks about his it does excite me:) Thanks.

Archedone - Thank you. I would enjoy reading about the spankings R gives you.

Hermione - Thank you and thanks again for the promoting of my fist volume.

Rosie. Thanks. I hope you are enjoying blogging. I am adding your blog to my next In with the New spot.

Meredith - Thanks. I enjoyed answering them.

MrJ - It was a good while back. Sometimes I'd just like to come out and tell people but then think nope, too risky. Thank you.

Minelle - I can understand how men can't talk about thinks and spanking is a biggie one. Thanks.

SG - Thanks. Good questions asked.

Cat - My pleasure. Thanks again for your question.

Michael - No not in teens. I was a late starter:)


Ella said...

Hello Ronnie,
Great answers. Did enjoy this peek into your fantasies as well. Am currently rereading your book aloud to Sam. He is enjoying it, too.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

Ella - You are lovely. I'm happy that Sam is enjoying it. Thank you.


Red said...

Wonderful to read, and very interesting that P teases and excites you by suggesting having a woman or a man spank you!
The line is forming after me on the right!
bottoms up

ronnie said...

LOL. Thanks Red.


Terpsichore said...

loved reading your answers and learning more about you. :-) Hugs