Monday, 7 March 2016

The Man who Makes Women Cry

It was a headline in today's Sunday Times Review and it was referring to Donald Trump, I won't go into the ins and outs although I do have my own views on Mr Trump who I happen to think is a rude bully. Oops, said I wouldn't go there.

Anyway the focus of my post, which is short, is a man who will not make women cry, well one women in particular actually; me. You see, and this is no secret, I have this desire to be made to cry during a spanking. I've cried, yes, but not from a spanking, only from words attached to a spanking and they have been hurtful. I can cry for England at sad films or books and sometimes music can have an effect on me but a spanking per se just does not. I asked P about it, did he think he could spank me to tears, would he have a go. Please.

"I can't do that," he said. "I could spank you till you wouldn't be able to sit down for a month of Sundays and still you wouldn't cry. And the harder I spanked, or threatened to spank, the more you would resist and the likelihood of tears diminish."

He thought about it for a minute.

"I've seen you cry when we've had words, even, in my opinion, not all that serious words, and I've always regretted it. I understand what you're saying but I'm afraid don't see any way I could deliver. You can't contrive that sort of thing anyway, it happens or it doesn't."

So that's it then, no crying for me, not unless I can manufacture circumstances which bring on strong words, which cut deep, deeper than a spanking can, and get a spanking to go with them...but I don't want to do that in case I cause lasting damage, even if I explained it all away afterwards. Then again, and here's a thought, I suppose if I did do something wilful to get me spanked, with accompanying serious harsh words...whether or not it made me cry...I could confess to it afterwards, I mean that I had deliberately riled my husband into such a frame of mind purely to feed my little peccadillo. Then he would, with a bit of luck, be really angry with me and give me another spanking to put me straight and I would richly deserve it and all the words that went with it, for being a selfish conniving girl. And he could mean every word of his admonishment, the more the better, and I could end up in tears with a sore bottom and completely deserve it.

I'll think about it, I have these spells when I want what is hard to get. If I manage it, you'll be first to know. After my husband, that is.

Have a good week.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I feel the same as you, it's frustrating. I don't know how everyone seems to manage floods of remorseful tears whilst I am giggling my head off!
love Jan,xx

lindy thomas said...

Ronnie I'm the same as Jan and the more Bear spanks the more I giggle. Makes me wonder what's wrong with me.

Could you just think of some terrible words without P actually saying them to bring you to tears?
Good luck!
Hugs Lindy

PK Corey said...

I've never cried from a spanking - words or not. Sometimes I giggle, sometimes I'm even sad, but never tears. I don't think it will happen now.

abby said...

I have only cried once while being spanked...and it was not the hardest spanking I have ever received. But it was an extremely emotional time for me......
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I agree with your husband that the severity of a spanking does not cause tears.

A feeling of guilt seems to be the surest way to tears. Tears that may start before the spanking.

I beg you not to do something of consequence to cause harsh words and a severe spanking. This could do damage to your relationship in ways you can not foresee.

You have most of what you want/need. Consider yourself lucky.

Ella said...

Hello Ronnie,
This was a very thoughtful post. I felt the same way as you for a very long time. Recently there was a real life issue that I tried to control, and wisely Sam refused to let that happen. I not only withdrew my trust, but I went silent.

There was no anger from Sam, but I was crying before the spanking ever started and all the way through. It was a very cathartic experience, but I do not think it could be recreated or planned.

I am writing about it in a post currently and hope to have it up soon.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Ronnie, I've read so many posts and articles about DD and punishment that said a person must be spanked to tears in order to produce results. But many of us, like you, simply don't cry during a spanking. I often wonder what sort of damage these "authorities" would be inflicting upon bottoms in order to produce those tears.


Leigh Smith said...

The hurtful words could do more damage than a spanking would cure. Would it really be worth the chance? I cry at commercials but can't imagine being spanked to tears. But then, Ray is a softie and I would have caved long before getting to that point.

Dragon's Rose said...

The tears for me come in the quiet after the fact. When my backside is still burning and it really sinks in. I don't think I can be spanked hard enough to cry.

Meredith Malloy said...

Like many readers here, I do not cry because of a spanking, but I have cried before and after from the emotions surrounding the spanking..... the reason we are there in the first place. Spanking is such an intimate thing between two people who love one another that tears are right there because of the emotions involved, not becasue of the sting on my bottom.

Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -
Just to reiterate what everyone seems to be saying, tears can not(or should not be)be forced during a spanking. It is more emotional than physical in my opinion.
Being on the delivering end of a spanking, I can honestly say that I can bring a women to tears quicker with words than any spanking. I don't believe tears are always "required" in a spanking; if that is always the spanker's goal I worry their intent might lean towards the abusive.


Erica said...

I would strongly suggest harsh words not be brought into it. Those cause the wrong kind of tears -- tears of pain and hurt, rather than those of release.

Has P ever tried getting into your head space by telling you he is disappointed with you? Rather than name-calling or berating, it is a very simple way to bring forth remorse by making the bottom feel like she has let her partner down somehow. For many, tears will come with that feeling. And then the top can grant her forgiveness and they come full circle.

Minelle Labraun said...

I don't often cry from pain. It is usually emotions that cause me tears.
If it happens to you I'm sure it will be because you are emotionally charged or feeling bad.

Red said...

Hi ronnie: Tears are no big thing, and I hope you are never spanked to tears. I agree with others that tears is a fantasy, unless other emotional things are happening. To deliberately provoke that amount of bad feelings that nasty things are said, is seriously wrong, and can have more bad lasting effects than any spanking in your marriage.
I have tears in many cases, but never from spankings. Our spankings are not that emotional, and never will be. They work, but at the end of the day,it is just a method of play, with added benefits of feeling closer, more loved, alerting me of something I am doing which is annoying or upsetting, and the following make-up sex is amazing.
I hope P rads this post, so he knows what you are thinking, and you both talk about it some more.
stay having fun with spanking
bottoms up

Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...I curse rather than cry from physical pain. I can count on one hand the number of times I cried during a spanking and it was always because of the emotional pain I felt from the words that were accompanying the spanking. IMHO, if you don't usually cry when you are physically hurt, chances are you won't cry during a spanking.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, May I suggest you do not push this, if tears are real they will come to try to manufacture them will not satisfy. You and P sound like you have a good thing don't risk causing harm that will cause tears.

ronnie said...

Jan - Just don't know. Hope you are taking it easy. Thanks.

Lindy - There's nothing wrong just the way your wired:) Not sure on the words. Thanks.

PK - Don't think it will every happen here either. Thanks.

Abby - I'm not sure emotional would do it for me. Thanks.

OBB - I am lucky and no I wont do anything that would jeopordise. Thank you.

Ella - I don't think anything could be repeated like that for you. Look forward to reading your post. Thanks.

Hermione - Makes me wonder as well. As P says the more he spanks or the harder the more I would resist and he would be right. Thanks.

SG - I know. I couldn't as I wouldn't want to cause any damage so I wont. thanks.

DR - I don't think I could cry after a spanking either. Thanks.

Meredith - I can understand the emotions surroundidng the spanking but tears don't come for me. Thanks.

Enzo - I agree, Enzo, having a spanker with a 'goal' of tears would be a horrible thought. Tears are a natural thing, mine cannot be forced and my partner fortunately would not try to, the conniving to try and get them comes from me:) Thank you.

Erica - Disappointment yes maybe, needs to be genuine to work for me so I would have to tread a fine line, which is the dilemma...I'd want it serious enough to cause genuine words and consequences but not serious enough to last after the spanking's done. 'Cake and eat it' comes to mind:) Thanks.

Minelle - I should just put it away and keep it as a fantasy and it it every happens it happens. Thanks.

Red - I know what you are saying Red and I agree. I would never do anything that would cause hurt to P. Thank you.

Cat - I don't cry from physical pain so you are probably right the chances would be slim. Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous - It's something that just rears it's head from time to time for me but no, I wouldn't do anything that would cause lating harm. Thank you.


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :)

I am with everyone else here. You know, you have such a wonderful thing going there, from the sounds of it all. I wouldn't try to push P into giving you a rough spanking because of something that you might do. I think that that would be a little dishonest as your behavior would be more of an act. Then he might really be upset and then you have a little problem on your hands- and a very sore bottom, I am guessing!

I do cry with spanking sometimes. And Rob can take me to that place when I need a release. It doesn't take an awful lot of work for him. I do think that, you know, all that emotion is already there and just waiting to be tipped out in those instances. It is helpful to me then...

Like others have said, it is about feeling bad about a behaviour, that can bring on the tears during a discipline type spanking for me. I don't always cry with those either. I do get the message. It depends on my mood, what the issue is at hand, and what is going on in general. So...

Just my experiences- one person on the planet, but hope that is helpful in some way. Keep on keeping on, lovely Lady!!! :) Your spanky life sounds so fun and wonderful too. Just right for you. I am grateful that you share! I love how you write about it all too! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie - Helps a lot. I wouldn't do anything that would harm. This crying thing raises its head every now and then:) I know I'm a lucky girl. Thanks Katie.