Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Spanking Granny and Questions

A reader sent me this link to an article in the Daily Star and I loved it and I saw the book she's holding and I recognised the cover! 

We found it in a villa we rented about 5 years ago, I'm sure that was the book. You know how, before everybody carried whole libraries around in their e-readers, when people used to take quick read sleazy paperbacks away for a one off holiday read and then leave it in the accommodation they were using amongst loads of other books left the same way...well that's what it must have been. 

I think I only read a few of the stories because we didn't find it till late in the week. Anyway full marks to the grandmother...great grandmother actually...I can hardly believe she sits there in her sheltered accommodation and churns out spanking stories! I only hope I could be doing that when I'm her age:)


March is traditionally questions and answers month around blogland.

I say to myself every year that I wont participate as you must all know everything about me by now from my posts and the memes I've participated in so when a reader asked if I am going participate this year because she had a question, although I wasn't going to, I've already changed my mind.

So do you have a question for me or P? I haven't asked him yet if he'll answer but if he says no I'll just take him over my knee, spank him and tell him YES he will. Bet you'd all like to hear about that one but there's no way that will happen:)

Seriously if you have a question for me or P just ask and we'll answer.


Let me know if picture is yours.


an English Rose said...

hi Ronnie, bless her, think I have read that book in the past, in my pre-kindle days! My question
Are you writing another book? Have you enjoyed the whole author experience?
love Jan, xx

lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie,

My question to you is.... Seeing you seem to love being caned why don't you like the paddle. I would have thought both to be pretty ouchy. Not talking from experience as we don't have a cane.

Do you and P both have a spanking fantasy? If so what are they and do you think you would be game enough to go through with it.

Thank you for participating.
Hugs Lindy

Simon said...

With regard to the spanking granny the interesting thing is, why should the fact that someone in their 70s is still having erotic thoughts be judged newsworthy? These days people live longer and are healthier (on the whole) until a much older age. When I was young people seemed to become old ladies and gents as soon as they hit 60 but these days people that age (which isn't far off for me) seem to act and be considerably younger. And this youthful attitude should carry over into their sex lives both real and fantasy.

My question for you is. How much difference has writing a spanking blog made to your life?

Hermione said...

How wonderful that the woman is sharing her stories with the other residents. That's the part I think is interesting, not her age. There are plenty of us "seniors" around who love to write and blog. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to share my love of spanking with those around me.


Leigh Smith said...

Do you think you and P will ever cross the pond?
How is the book doing and when can we expect the next?

Laughed at this article. Is that what I can look forward to in four years. lol

Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -

My question:
Is the thought of spanking another women, in any aspect, be it real-life or strictly in fantasy, appealing to you?

What about on the flip side, is being spanked by a woman, again in real-life or strictly in fantasy, appealing?


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, I believe all naughty females should be spanked on their knickers down bare bottom. Including GRANNIES. Yes, in my humble opinion that includes GRANNIES. And if a GRANDPA, FATHER, or a GRANDSON spanked their naughty GRANNIES. All the better. Yes, a naughty female is never TO OLD to be spanked on their bare derriere.

Rosie Jones said...

Good on the great granny. Bet the residents have some uproarious times - wonder if they have a book club.

The thought of being caned makes me shudder, though obviously it depends how it's wielded. What is it about it that appeals to you?

Rosie xx

Minelle Labraun said...

Hi Ronnie, I've seen that book around! I'm so glad we have authors and others around us who validate sensuality, sexuality, erotica and kink for as long as we live!
Here's a question for you.... Don't feel you have to answer if it's something you already shared.
Do you and P ever discuss spankings, TTWD or the lifestyle, or is it just as is?
My guy doesn't like talking about it at all! He will read stuff I share and comment positively but that's it.

MrJ said...

Hi Ronnie, my question is: how many people do you think know about your an P's spanking relationship? Ever told anybody openly, or any friends with whom you can discuss these things as if it were, let's day, gardening?

ronnie said...

Jan - Thanks for question. I'll answer in another post probably next week.

Lindy - Will answer in another post. Thanks.

Simon - I totally agree. Thanks for question.

Hermione - She obviously doesn't care and shares them with her friends. Thanks.

SG - Thanks for your questions.

Enzo - Interesting questions. Will answer next week.

SOTB - I couldn't agree more. Thank you.

RosieJ - Obviously doesn't mind who knows that she writes. Thanks for the question.

Minelle - Of course I'll answer. Thanks.

MrJ - Thanks. Will answer next week.


Cat said...

Loved the idea of the granny writing naughty stories, Ronnie. I know I have seen that book somewhere. My question to you...if time and money were not an issue, where would you travel? Midwest US maybe? ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat thanks for your question. Will answer in another post.