Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Not One but Two

Memes from Ella (late with this one) and SG.

Ella's meme...

You have to leave your house because of a disaster.  All the people and pets you love are safe.  If you could choose just one item to carry out, what would it be?
My handbag with my hair dryer, iPad and phone in. Does that count as one?

Tell us about a book or series of books you loved as a child.
Enid Blyton. The Famous Five, The Secret Seven. Read them over and over again.

Name one item of clothing that you love for your spouse to wear.
Suite and tie. Swooooooon. I love being spanked when he's wearing his suit.

Is there a lullaby your mom or dad sang to you that you also sang to your child
No lullaby that I can remember but always had a bedtime story.

Tell about the fanciest restaurant at which you have ever dined.
We've been pretty lucky to eat at some fantastic fancy places but to be honest we can take or leave them. One I do remember was a Russian restaurant in Finland and first time I tried brown bear. Didn't like it.

Tell us about any phobias you have. What else are you scared of?
Mice.  I hate them so much that I have to cover my eyes when I see one on the TV.  Silly isn't it.

Is there something old from a family member that you treasure? 

Grandfather's medals. Photos of my grandparents and my great grandparents. Also a special one of my father when he was young wearing his Welsh Guards uniform.

If there is reading material in your bathroom, what magazines or books could be found?
Nope nothing at all.

Tell us about your dearest childhood friend.
Not one but two. We used to go around everywhere together. Stayed at each others houses over the weekend. We all grew up and moved away. Sadly don't know what happened to them. 

Is there a household task that belongs to your husband?
Not really though he does put the bins out for me.

Have you ever smoked pot?  How old were you the first time?  Do you still enjoy?
Yes I have. I was around 20. The first time I tried it was in a nightclub and Elton John (before he was famous) was there. Smoked it a couple of times after that but didn't really like it.

If it is cold, what do you wear to bed?
A pair of fluffy socks as I hate my feet being cold.  

How old were you when you lost your virginity?  Share any story with which you are comfortable. 

20 and wasn't very memorable. 

Think of something you did as a kid about which you were glad your parents never found out.  If you were a perfect child, you may just respond with "Perfect", but the rest of us will hate you for it.
Scrumping where we climbed over peoples fences and pinched their apples or pears. Knocking on peoples doors and running off.  Once we drank some of my friend's dad's expensive wines. My friend was sick after but I was OK. Her dad was so mad but luckily he just told me off but never mentioned it to my parents. I really liked him for that. Maybe if I'd been ill like my friend he probably would have.

Boob Question -
Think Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.
Do you think your boobs are:
a.)  Too big
b.)  Too small
c.)  Just right

I think they are a little small but P likes them so I'm happy.

SG's meme...

Are you on Facebook? 
I think I did sign up but I've no idea if I'm still registered and if I am I wouldn't use it.

Name one of your  favorite bugaboo.
Currently (and I know it's serious) it's about the Brexit from the Europe Union. 

How many FB friends do you have? 
None as I don't do FB.

Assuming you have an email account, how often do you check?
I had six email account but recently closed two so now have 4 and check them all daily. 

Do you have more than one email account? 
Yep. See above.

Do you twitter, or is it tweet?
No don't really get it and can't see the point of it. 

Do you have a mobile phone?

Is it a smartphone or one of the old-fashioned kind?
Smartphone but don't use half the stuff on it.

How often do you check for messages, text or otherwise?
Only when I get a notification. 

Do you get accused of being on the phone or computer too much? 
No. I am on the computer more than phone but I have to use my computer for business. 

Would you rather read on an e-reader or an actual book? 
I like reading on my e-reader and Ipad but if I want to read an Autobiography I buy the actual book as most of them have interesting pictures that go with it.

The title of the last book you read in any genre?
Re-read The Count of Monte Cristo.

Thanks Ella and SunnyGirl.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, nice answers. I loved the facebook thing. I set it up and then chickened out! The Brown Bear sounds tough!
love Jan,xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You carry a hair dryer in your purse! Never heard of such. Is this something you Brits do because it rains a lot?

abby said...

I am with you on the Iphone thing.....laughed at covering your eyes when mice are on the television..that is real reading these..
hugs abby

Hermione said...

I remember the Famous Five and Secret Seven too!

Two memes in one post - what a bonus!


Leigh Smith said...

Loved reading your answers - laughed about the mice thing.

DelFonte said...

Scrumping! I might have done that too :)
I almost put Brexit... sick of it on the news already, it's like the Scottish referendum all over again, keeps the news channels busy. Politics in general does it for me these days.

Rosie Jones said...

Enjoyed reading your answers Ronnie. Famous Five and Secret Seven were my favourites too. Cat will be happy to know you weren't a perfect child!
Rosie xx

Downunder Don said...

Hi Ronnie, Question: do you ever talk with P about what he gets out of spanking

Minelle Labraun said...

Love that you used swoooon!
I now want to read The Count of Monte Cristo!

lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie, Loved your answers to both memes. I'm with you a man in a suit and!
Scrumping sounds interesting.

Are you doing the question and answers for March as I have a question for you Ronnie?

Hugs Lindy

ronnie said...
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Ella said...

These were fun to read, Ronnie! Glad you liked the meme. I am so with you on having husband in a suit for a spanking. Sam surprised me a few Sundays ago. He had on a suit and braces even though we were not going anywhere. Well, not anywhere but back to bed.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

LOL. Love it and how sexy for Sam to do that. Yummy. I like the questions you ask in your memes. Thanks Ella.


ronnie said...

Jan - The bear was tough and dry. P said it was over cooked and that's probably what made it dry. Thanks.

OBB - No no. I couldn't make my mind up with either the hairdryer, iPad or phone so I thought could put them all in my handbag:) Thanks.

Abby - I really do hate them. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks. I really did love those books.

SG - I enjoy a good meme. P thinks I'm daft over it but I can't help it. Thanks.

DF - I know exactly what you mean. Thanks.

Rosie - Definitely not a perfect child:) Thanks.

Downunder Don - Thank you for your question. Would you mind if I save this one and add it when I do my Q&A. I will put up a post next week and answer as and when.

Minelle - I suppose I should read news book as I have so many on TBRL than go back to some of the oldies or classics. Thanks.

Lindy - Suits are so sexy. I wasn't going to participate this year beacuse I'm sure everyone knows everything about me but you've persuaded me:) I'll put up a post next weekand look forward to your question. Thanks.


Cat said...

Loved your answers, Ronnie...I can understand your ipad and phone in your purse but do have to wonder about your hair dryer as those are fairly easily replaced...unless yours is special somehow. Thanks for sharing. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat. Thanks. No not special. Have to use a hair dryer to dry my hair couldn't just wash and leave go. It would be a mess.


Terpsichore said...

fun to read your answers...sorry I am so late to the party...just catching up little by little... Hugs

ronnie said...

Terps - Never too late. Thanks.