Friday, 4 March 2016


As opposed to Maestro. It's the name of a new book, written by Oxford graduate Lisa Hilton, and apparently it's being dubbed 'the thinking woman's Fifty Shades of Grey'.  

Ms Hilton's book will launch next Thursday, 10th March, and it already has film rights sold. The Daily Mail has the story and some background on the author, whose views on relationships and erotica might be a bit shocking to the 'mumsy' audience which flocked to EL's 'classic' :) 

Lisa, quite a looker as you can see, had to do some 'research' for her novel attending an upmarket sex party in Paris, (I bet that was fun) Well I hope there will be plenty of raunch in it (not sure if any spanking) because it'll be on my Kindle next Thursday and I bet it will hold my attention better than EL managed to.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

I am sure it will fly off the shelf. Women have developed a taste for reading sexy novels in public and talking about them with friends, which is not going away any time soon. Your Diary will soon go to film no doubt.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

@Michael M, that would be a film worth seeing. Might need several actors/actresses to portray Ronnie and P over the decades.

Rosie Jones said...

So it's a crime thriller with lots of sex? Sounds like a winner.

Rosie xx

Hermione said...

It sounds like an interesting read. I might try it too.


Minelle Labraun said...

I sure hope it has spanking in it! ;)

Leigh Smith said...

Sounds like another to be added to my TBR list.

Red said...

i will wait for your review. I started fifty shades, but stopped almost immediately due to the dumbness level of the writing.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Michael - I wish. Thank you.

OBB - You are sweet. Now who would I choose to play me and P:) Thanks.

Rosie - Yes that what I think it is. Thanks.

Hermione - Read some reviews first. Thanks.

Minelle - Plenty of sex but sadly I don't think any spanking. Thanks.

SG - Ever growing TBR list:) Thanks.

Red - It could be a let down. Thank you.


Katie said...

Sounds like an interesting read, Ronnie! :) Thank you for sharing! You never know, there may be some spanky business in there. I will add it to my tbr list. I'm reading again (and LOVED your book!!!!)- I better get busy! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

lindy thomas said...

Sounds interesting Ronnie. Might have to add it to my list also, although I have heaps waiting to be read as it is.
Hugs Lindy

ronnie said...

Katie - Maybe wait until you read some review of it. Thanks.

Lindy - I know what you mean. I keep adding to be TBR list. Thanks.


Cat said...

Thanks for the info, Ronnie. Sure hope it's better written than FSOG! Will add it to my TBR list...which is getting so long I don't know how I'm ever gonna work my way through it! :D

Hugs and blessings...Cat