Friday, 5 February 2016

3 iPad minis

I'm a cheat. Official. My husband said so. You see for a few days I'm the possessor of 3 iPad minis. I don't need 3, I barely use one all that much. One of them will be going back to its sender within days though, and one of them has a cracked screen which works OK but it bugs me every time I open it.

I dropped my original on a ceramic tile floor in Cyprus and the screen cracked, in fact it partially shattered near the bottom. I've been using it ever since but unbeknown to me P put a claim in for the damage and the insurance company coughed up minus a standard excess. So P said he'd order me a new one, well two actually because he wanted to check which was best and he'd send the other one back. I told him he couldn't do that but he assured me he could and would .. and in fact had already ordered.

I must be naive in these matters because I asked him shouldn't I just get the screen repaired. He laughed and said it costs virtually as much as a new iPad if Apple do it and cut price outfits were unreliable. So should I send mine to the insurance company or something, I asked. No, he said, not at all, don't send it anywhere just keep it as a spare, they're not interested in it. As for sending an iPad back after he'd played around with it he said don't worry about that either, just cheat a bit, everybody else does. Well I'm not sure about that and I don't like cheating anyway but I didn't argue, I shall regard my husband as the cheat and I'll just be the recipient of the benefit of the cheating. I suppose that's as bad but I'll get over it.

Have a fun weekend.



Eric51 Amy49 said...

Hi Ronnie, That's not cheating! It's "test driving". Hope you end up with a good one. Happy weekend to you! Amy

Michael M said...

Be careful before you send one back for repair. Those things keep all the images from your browsing history. Do you really want a teccie seeing where you have been?

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, if the insurance company are happy, why not. I agree with Amy too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :) It's a long one for us. Yay!


PK said...

I wouldn't worry too much - I have never gotten the hand of iPads. I like my lap top and the phone. You should be spanked for calling your husband a cheat and if not that, you should be spanked for something.

Leigh Smith said...

I agree with P - if the insurance company doesn't care, why should you.

DelFonte said...

I agree with PK. Cheating is always a spankable offence. Just don't tell anyone you've cheated.

Rosie Jones said...

Lots of people order more than one item of clothing so they can choose what suits them best, so I guess that's not much different from test driving (good description!) iPads. My first iPad had to be returned to Apple and replaced with a new one, I didn't think to blank it, oops!

Have a good weekend.

Rosie xx

an English Rose said...

Oh that's whizzy, a nice new ipad or two! Hope you and P. have a nice weekend
lover Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Any - Test driving, perfect description. Thanks.

Michael - I wont be sending if off for repair but wouldn't matter as I don't really use the iPad for blogging. Thank you.

Roz - Thanks. Lucky devil having a long weekend. Enjoy and have fun.

PK - I agree:) Thanks.

SG - True I know. Thanks.

DF - I have to tell P that cheating is a spankable offence and I'll take the spanking for him:) Thanks.

Rosie - Yes you are right. I order more than one of an item and happily send them back. Thanks.

Jan - Only one well yes two with the one that's cracked. Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

Go with the flow! But somehow angle for a spanking!

Ella said...

I would say P is a savvy shopper. You should probably be spanked for not saying "Thank you" 3 times over. Enjoy your new toy, Ronnie!

Hugs From Ella

ronnie said...

Minelle - Don't think even I could get a spanking out of this:) Thanks.

Ella - Savvy shopper he'll like that. Thanks.


Cat said... like the test driving angle, Ronnie. But I do have to say...something sounds a bit I agree with whoever said...tell P he's a cheat and cheaters get spanked but since you love him so much, you will take his spanking for long as it's a good, hard one. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat - I didn't like the idea but apparently people do it. Friends of ours just bought two TV's and sent one back. Yep I'll take his spanking. Thanks Cat.


Hermione said...

Golly, three! You are lucky. We share one iPad Air, and it`s in regular use throughout the day. Games for me, and email for Ron, plus is favourite solitaire.

I would be lost without it!