Monday, 25 January 2016

I've got a black eye for being nosey

Yep, a real shiner, well it's not shining now, it's not exactly black either, it's got shades of deep blue, indigo, purple, grey and over the last couple of days yellow too. It happened one evening last week, I was walking with P past a particular restaurant and spotted someone I thought I knew near a window table, turned to look and tripped over. It was stupid, no jutting paving slab or anything so no suing the council, it was just one of those things and I still can't pinpoint exactly what caused it other than my sudden swivelling round to gawp. Anyway I landed on my right side, lessened the fall with my hand but still hit the pavement with my right cheek and cut my knee. 

P couldn't stop me, he reached out instinctively but was too late, he got me up off the pavement and lifted my face up to the light, it was bleeding and he wanted to see the damage to decide whether medical help was needed. I just wanted to get off the street, people had stopped and I felt awful, I wouldn't let him examine me, I said come on I'm alright, but I wasn't really. P knew that and he knew I didn't like being in the spotlight too, he helped me around a corner where there was some privacy, there was also a bench but I told him I didn't want to sit. He looked me over using the light from a key ring torch, he was asking me questions all the time to distract me and also to make sure I was making sense. He said I was OK but I had a cut over my eye and would have a hell of a bruise and my knee was cut right on the joint so that would be a bugger to heal and probably bruise too. I told him I was fine after a few minutes and we should carry on to where we'd been going, but he said no way, it's back to the car and home.

I was more conscious about how I looked than how I felt, P knew it and put his left arm round my shoulder pulling me into him so that the damage to my face was less noticeable. Anyway when I saw myself in a mirror I knew I was going to be a mess for a few days. It's turning out to be more than a few and my leg is stiff too because it bruised quite badly. The shocking thing is the number of people who look at you when you've got an injury like that, some of them really rude, staring blatantly. I got fed up of explaining to people I know at the office, it's ridiculous, you tell them what happened, make a joke about it, they smile understandingly but then you still have the feeling they think you might have had a punch in the face. I didn't want to organise my dispatches because the small ones meant a trip to the post office (P did them for me), I didn't want to go into the supermarket, didn't want to walk in the street, and when we went to the cinema, which we did on Thursday evening to see Bridge of Spies, I wouldn't queue for drinks or popcorn because it was too bright and eyes were upon me. 

P has been very understanding, he said the best way to manage the awkwardness is to stand tall, look people in the eye if they stare, smile and be confident. He's made sure he's been close to me whenever we've been together and said it's kind of amusing in a way. I did brave it into Sainsburys on Saturday morning, P at my side, and at the checkout P said 'No it wasn't me' with a beaming grin on his face before the checkout girl even said anything. She looked up and smiled to both of us and said 'I know how you feel I had something similar a few months ago, I just told people I'd been pole-dancing and slipped'. That made me laugh and I've used it a couple of time since. I reckon another week at least though before it starts looking better, I've used Anica and witch hazel which I keep in stock anyway:)

My husband has been nothing less than chivalrous since it happened and the over day, sitting next to me with a mug of tea, he told me he supposed it was my own fault for being so nosey and he should really spank me for being so careless with myself but he wasn't going to, and he squeezed my knee gently. I thought 'Well, no need to be that gentlemanly about it' but I didn't say anything. I must be feeling better, it's just how I look.

Hope all our friends on the East Coast are safe.

Have a good week.



Leigh Smith said...

So sorry Ronnie. It really does take a while for all those lovely colors to fade, but it should be soon now.

Roz said...

Oh ouch Ronnie, you poor thing. Hope everything heals quickly. Glad P has been so understanding and taking good care of you. The last sentence cracked me up, still angling for a spanking despite the injuries. You must be feeling better.


Cat said...

Oh Ronnie...sorry you got hurt so badly. I hate getting hurt on joints that don't heal easily because they are constantly moving and then stiffening. I do like the cashier's line...will have to remember that one. Sending prayers and healing energy.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, I am so sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you feel better soon. It's awful how long we take to heal, yet a child just gets up and carries on like nothing has happened! Lots of sympathy, maybe P. will give you a cheer you up spanking! I like those sort
love Jan,xx

lindy thomas said...

Ouch Ronnie, you poor thing. Hopefully it heals quickly so you can get back to normal life. Glad P is being so protective and helping you.
Hugs Linda

DelFonte said...

Ouch. I know I'd want to hide away until the bruising gone. P's taken good care of you.

Minelle Labraun said...

Oh gosh Ronnie!! I hate when strange things like that happen! P is such a sweetie! Poor guy must have gone crazy trying to stop your fall! Sheesh that really stinks dealing with the aftermath.
I love the cashiers response! I love how P interjected before her response too!
Get better soon hon!

Hermione said...

Oh dear, you were nosey again? First a spanking, and now a black eye. What next?

Seriously, I hope you feel much better soon. I would hate to be the object of unwanted attention like that.


MrJ said...

That was a bad accident, Ronnie. Take care. P. loves you a lot.

abby said...

OUCH..and bruising on the face is the worse. Glad you are being lovingly doted on...Love the pole dancing response, it does help to have something like that to say when people start to gawk.
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

At 20, cat like muscle memory might have keep you on your feet or his quick reflexes might have caught you. Sorry you got banged up.

PK said...

Ronnie, I'm os sorry you got hurt! That sounds like a bad tumble. I'm glad you didn't break anything. I want you to heal up a little more, but then P really should discipline you for not being more careful with yourself. Maybe he'll think it over and reconsider.

Terpsichore said...

I hope you are feeling better. Sending healing energy your way. :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

SG - It's yellow all around my eye and down the side of my face. Thanks.

Roz - Definitely feeling better. Thank you.

Cat - Had fun using that line. Thanks.

Jan - I know, the older you get the longer it takes. Thank you.

Linda - It will be at least another week and probably will still have some yellowing. Thank you.

DF - It looks a real mess:( Thanks.

Minelle - Thanks. P's been a love.

Hermione -Thank you. I really want to hise away as I hate the staring.

MrJ - Thank you. It was quite a fall

Abby -Thanks. It's quite a mess. I did get fed up telling people I fell, quite boring but using the pole dancing has made me laugh.

OBB - Thank you. The older you get the harder you fall:)

PK - It was quite a shock falling. Stupid. Thanks.

Terps - Pains gone at least. Thank you.


Downunder Don said...

I am so sorry...but I don't know if I should laugh or cry for you. Being a complete clumbyclutz myself I know how you feel especially the bit where you don't want to go public and face the stares. Get well soon!

Janey said...

Oh dear, hoping for a quick healing time.
I twisted over on my ankle once walking down a steep hill in town. I just seemed to keep on going down to the pavement until it connected with my cheek, which must have left my backside up high in the air. I was alone and mortified as people stopped to ask if I was ok. I think often it's the embarrassment of the accident and the bruising that is worse than the actual hurt of the fall.

Baxter said...

Ronnie, we all tend to do stupid shit like that, as we age. I tripped over an upturned edge of a sidewalk three years ago and fractured my humerous (nothing funny at all about it) and now because of that and the titanium structure the doc screwed into it, I can't fully bend my arm. Lovely, all because I was looking to the right instead of where my feet were headed. Oh well. I seem to remember my wife spanked me, a few weeks later, for it.

ronnie said...

DD - Thank you. If it hadn't hurt so much I would have been laughing. The face is a mess and I think it will be another week before most of the bruising goes away:(

Janey - Luckily I was with P so that saved the embarrassment of people asking how I was. Yes the brusing is worse than the fall as they take so long to heal and on the face where everyone can see it is worse.

Baxter - Sorry about your fall, that's sounds really bad. My little fall is nothing compared to yours. I hope you are not in too much pain with it. Thank you.


Ella said...

Sounds like you are on the mend. It also sounds like P has been a real prince about taking good care of you. It is hard not to be embarrassed with a fall like that.

I contracted shingles once. Although I was lucky that it was not painful, it was all on one side of my face. Large sunglasses and floppy hat didn't really fool anyone. I looked like one of the Walking Dead.

Hugs Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

Ella - Yes feeling better thank you except for the face looking a mess and limping with my knee.

Shingles. I never knew you could get them on your face.

P's has been a real love.