Friday, 22 January 2016

Breach or Trust

"Put your face straight and be quick about it," were my husbands last words to me before exiting the guest bedroom to put his cane away.

I suppose I'd deserved it but I didn't feel as if I'd deserved it at the time, it was unreasonable as far as I was concerned and I made sufficient protest as to leave P in no doubt that I was not best pleased, not that it made any difference. We'd been sidling up to one another only half an hour before it happened, too, and that made it even worse.

Linda and Roger came to visit last weekend, you see, and because it's a 180 mile trip and we hadn't met for ages except briefly at a funeral, they stopped over on Saturday night. No problem there then, they didn't bring their kids they wanted to talk without the kids around, Roger's recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I think they wanted to get it out in the open, we go back a long while. Roger used to be a DJ in fact he was the first one to work for P when we were in a different business. We'd decided to eat out on Saturday evening and they were going into town in the afternoon because Roger wanted a bulb for his car and Linda needed something she didn't tell me what (turned out to be flowers for me), they said they wouldn't be long.   

I went into their room to put a couple of fresh towels in and happened to notice Roger's bag open on the bed, some clothes alongside it and a letter from an NHS Trust on the floor, I presumed in connection with Roger's condition, no doubt they would be showing it to us later, I picked it up, couldn't see any harm in reading what is said. (as mentioned we go back a long way) P must have seen the door open and came to close it and preserve heat. He found me reading Roger's letter. He thought I'd taken it from his bag, which wasn't the case at all and I told him so but it didn't make any difference. 

"What on earth is going on, Ronnie?" He was angry.

I told him what had happened, that it had been on the floor, whether he believed me or not he said I shouldn't read other peoples' mail anyway and he went into our bedroom and brought his cane back. He made me bend over with my hands on the dresser, then he undid and lowered my jeans, no dilly dallying, and caned me. I went to get up after the first stroke, it hurt and it was ridiculous and unjust but he pushed me back down and kept his hand on my back telling me to stay there if I knew what was good for me. he told me it was bad manners and breach of trust and friendship and just plain wrong and I should be ashamed of myself. He caned me quite a few times more than ten strokes I think although I wasn't counting. They were hard and in quick succession and I yelped and at the end when he let me up I said "For fucks sake that was stupid it wasn't how you thought. Fuck that hurts!" and I stomped my foot. I was somewhere between indignant outrage and tears.

P said to make sure to leave the room how I'd found it and they'd be back soon. That was when he told me to put my face straight and left the room.

I was furious with him but ten minutes later our guests were back and I was in hostess mode, I still wasn't happy with P though and I didn't care who noticed. When we went out to dinner he told me I better buck up or I'd get another dose tomorrow. I bucked up, I already had some welts adorning my backside I didn't want more, not in the circumstances.

The stupid thing was, Roger did show the letter to us later and it really had been on the floor. Anyway hearing him talk about his prostate cancer overshadowed my paltry gripes. It was lovely to see them both again, we resolved to do it more often.

What a week. Thank goodness the weekend is here. Have a fun one.



an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, I am not sure I can take your side here, much as I want to! My hubby would have done the same as yours if it was me. I hope your friend gets better soon. My cousin has just had the same thing and he has had an op and the all clear, fingers crossed
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, sorry but I have to agree with Jan. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. Sending positive thoughts for his recovery.


lindy thomas said...

Oh Ronnie, I also agree with Jan and Roz. Anyway hope your friend has a quick recovery.

Have a good weekend.

Hugs Lindy

Rosie Jones said...

I don't think you should have read the letter Ronnie but P was a bit hasty with the cane in my view.

Rosie xx

Ella said...

Ronnie, I guess no one is giving much sympathy about this spanking. None from me either. P was right on the money!

However, I will say a prayer for your friend.

Hugs Across the Pond,

abby said...

Hmmmm I have to agree with the others, but P could have talked first, caned later. Sorry to hear about your friend.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

I probably would have read the letter too :) So tempting!

Sorry about Roger's cancer but it is one of the most treatable kinds.


PK said...

Sorry about the diagnoses, but it seems to be quite treatable these days. I would have read the letter, and Nick would have ignored me. So I think you're ahead. Welts and all.

Leigh Smith said...

Sorry about your friends diagnosis, it seems to be quite common in men of a certain age. I'm sure he'll make a good recovery.

I would have read the letter too, but I do agree with P that is was an issue of privacy. We're just curious beings and temptation shouldn't be left in our way. Like PK, Ray would have lectured me, but it at that. Welts, huh.Yuck, I know you love the cane but that's why it scares the hell out of me.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

What is puzzling me here is why precisely you feel so strongly about it. Can´t be detest of the cane, can it. Feeling treated unfairly? Too unexpectedly? Emotionally too heavily? Unconsciously knwoing you deserved it, but not liking that idea? ...?

MrJ said...

Sorry that unanimous - that's me.

Minelle Labraun said...

It's all about intension. You were curious but not malicious. For P it was a matter of principle. Black and white to him to you it was a good friend you new was going to share.....
The spanking just solidified his feelings and I bet next time he will talk more first... All good I am sure.

Cat said...

So sorry about Roger's diagnosis...sending lots of prayers and healing energy for him. Sorry you got caned, Ronnie but have to agree with P, except he should have listened and maybe not have given quite as many smacks. Ya know...I probably would have been tempted to snoop also but can tell you I would have received a barn burner if I'd been caught.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

P has gone too far. First, forcing you to come in a Saturday when he could have easily let the delivery in. And now, this. P over reacted and should have more respect for his dear wife. Tell P to try being a gentleman, he seems to have lost it.

ronnie said...

Jan - Thanks. Happy to hear about your cousin. That's wonderful news.

Roz - Thank you. I wished I could pass on all your good wishes.

Lindy - Thank you. Keeping everything crossed.

Rosie - I don't think he was. Thanks.

Ella - Thank you and a prayer would be lovely.

Abby Thank you. I really shouldn't have read it.

Hermione - Thank. Yes I've read that it is very treatable if caught early.

PK - Thanks. I wanted to know in case it was really bad news.

SG - Thank you. Yes I've heard quite common. Don't be afraid of the cane. The cane doesn't always have to be used for punishment.

Anonymous Anonymous - Probably bits of each could apply but one thing important - the cane delivered at exactly the same pace can be enjoyed or hated depending on the circumstance. Don't assume it's all joy. Thank you.

MrJ - I know. Thank you.

Minelle - Oh god no, not malicious at all we do go back a long long way. All good just keeping everything crossed for Roger.

Cat - Yep, probably he should have listened and then acted but one thing I know I still would have been spanked. Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous - He has the utmost respect for me I can assure you he just got the wrong end of the stick this time, as to the office well I must be honest I do skive a bit at times and he does so much for me without being asked. Thank you.


Michael M said...

Not good reading other people's letters but Hubbie was a bit harsh. I am sure he has done worse in his day. Hope the weekend went well in the end. Michael

ronnie said...

Michael - Really shouldn't have read the letter. We had a lovely meal last weekend and talked with Roger and Linda about the plan for his surgery. Thanks.


Eric51 Amy49 said...

Hello Ronnie,

A friend of ours recently had surgery for this and is now 100% free and clear. Wishing the same for Roger.

As for the letter, I would have read it, thinking if they needed help I could be there and if it was really bad, I could handle it better when they told me. Eric, on the other hand, would have been as angry as P. He caught me reading one of my sons letters once (from a girlfriend). He will never discipline me over something I do with my child (we don't have kids together) but he sure made it clear that in any other situation, I'd be getting it. We don't own a cane yet but he has discovered that darn strap.

Anyway, best to your friend and to you. If we ever meet and I have a letter out in your house, you have (in writing so you can show P) my permission to read it. :)


ronnie said...

Amy - Good to hear about your friend.

I'll take the cane over the strap. I'll keep your comment in case:) Thank you.


Terpsichore said...

sorry about the spanking
sending healing energy for your friend

ronnie said...

Terps - Oh thank you. Need the some feeling energy.


Enzo said...

Sorry Ronnie can't offer much sympathy. Call me mean (or worse), but it seemed well deserved without question in my book; it is a trust and privacy issue. Had I caught my girl doing the same she would have got the belt on the spot.

Sending positive & thoughts and prayers to your friend.