Monday, 21 December 2015

Too much giving

Well nearly too much. Well maybe not but it felt like it at the time.

I told you last week this girl was in need of some giving and was planning to make some mischief to get it. Well things hardly ever work out how you plan them, not for me anyway. I acted a bit mischievously during the course of last week, more cheeky really than mischievous I suppose; I wore some slightly tarty clothes (tight trousers actually) to a girls' night out which got noticed but not commented on, I had a couple of glasses of wine Tuesday lunchtime because one of Sue's staff was going on maternity leave and it was her last day, and I ate three mince pies for lunch on Friday because someone had made them and brought a load into the office to show off (they were good mince pies). None of it got me spanked or even threatened with a spanking, not even when I volunteered P to pick some of us up from town after our night out, to save getting a taxi. Nothing I did made my husband's feathers rustle. Season of goodwill, I supposed, a bit too good I couldn't help thinking.

Then on Saturday my luck changed and it wasn't planned at all. The postman delivered a parcel and I opened it without looking at the label, I would never do that sort of thing intentionally but I was waiting for something myself, about the same size although you can never be certain these days with the ridiculous over sized packaging they sometime use. So it was for P anyway, not me, although I would clearly be the end recipient (yes a prezzie). So what to do - thank him when he got home, plant a kiss on his cheek say how lovely and apologise, or try to re-seal the package neatly and pretend I hadn't opened it. I chose the latter. Wrong I know, stupid stupid, but I didn't want to spoil his surprise for me. 

Anyway P got home and took the parcel upstairs and that was the end of it as far as I thought. We went out in the afternoon, nothing was said and by early evening as we were starting to get ready to go out with friends, or at least I was starting, the matter was forgotten or so I thought. I was about to take a shower when P called me to come into the office, he said he'd opened his package but it looked like somebody else already had, even the cellophane inside had been opened. He said he was going to send it back in case there was anything faulty. My face went red when he asked me directly if the package had 'looked opened' when the postman delivered. I told him I hadn't really taken much notice and went to have my shower. But I was back in less than two minutes, even redder faced, to admit that I had opened the package, I couldn't go through with the deception. I think he suspected it anyway. I said sorry and said better get my shower, time was ticking on, didn't want to be late, I turned to leave the office for the second time.
"Hold on a minute," said P, "not so fast."

Oh dear.

"If I hadn't noticed anything, you wouldn't have told me. Then you would have received a gift on Christmas day and feigned surprise, I suppose. Correct?" Asked my husband.

I looked down. "Yes I suppose so," I said shamefaced.

He got up from the desk and sat on the futon, I knew what was next, I didn't even wait for him to say, instead I shuffled across to his side. He reached up and undid my belt followed by the button and zipper on my jeans, lowered them to my knees and told me to get across his knee. He wasn't prepared to overlook deceit, he told me, he would rather hear the truth always and of course he knew mistakes happened and there was no need to be sneaky about something like that. He lifted my shirt and started spanking me, it was over my knickers but they didn't really help much and in any case I felt really bad about concealing the truth and, worse, being prepared to extend the lie, and that made it seem even harder. I kept saying I was sorry and he kept saying I would be but actually I truly already was. After several minutes he slowed up enough to speak with me, in short bursts....'I know you probably didn't think..SMACK! were doing much wrong....SMACK!....and that your intentions were...SMACK..probably good... PAUSE...but you were a silly girl not to just tell me.. SMACK! SMACK!...weren't you?"

"Yes P, I knew it, that's why I came back from the bathroom and told the truth, I'm really sorry and....." I didn't get any further. My husband took my knickers down at that point, more symbolic than anything, but it had its effect. "Oh please P no, we're going out we'll be late.... OUCH!!"

The spanking resumed harder than before and I struggled and pleaded and squealed and all he did was tighten his grip on my waist and cock his right leg across my two, holding me in place. Thankfully it didn't go on more than a couple of minutes, I was sniffling when he let me up, I knew my backside must be as red as my face. I pulled my knickers and jeans up and went to the door, then turned and went back to my husband, bent forward and kissed him lightly and sniffled that I really was sorry. I didn't avert my eyes I wanted him to see they were moist. He told me to get a move on and to let it be a lesson.

My bum stung like hell in the shower, my husband has very powerful hands, it had dulled to a cosy burn by the time I was drying my hair in the bedroom. P came in after his shower, I was in my underwear putting some makeup on, he patted me on the bum as he walked past then dropped the towel on the floor and got some underpants out of his dresser, he was butt naked and his body's still tanned from our last holiday, his white pants emphasised it. I could have ravaged him and sod going out but I restrained myself and we had a very pleasant evening. 

Have a good week.



Cat said...

Do you think P knew you were acting cheeky to get a reaction, Ronnie? Spankings when you know you deserve them are not fun are they. Hopefully you'll get one of your fun spankings soon.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

A very bad elf. opening other people's Santa mail.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, sorry the spanking didn't happen the way you hoped. Good on you for telling P, bet you are glad he knows.


an English Rose said...

Oh dear Ronnie, I read this to my hubby and he smirked and said honesty is the best policy!. He is in a smug sort of mood this morning anyway as I have just had a trip over the pillows for whinging :(. Hope you manage to remain unscathed this week
love Jan,xx

abby said...

Not the spanking you had in mind.....but the one you needed..
hugs abby

PK said...

Shame, shame - so good that your husband is observant and that he loves you so. Spanking and forgiveness, the perfect combination!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

...and sod going out. Does that translate to F**k going out?

Hermione said...

I hope we'll find out what was in the package :) I hope it was worth the spanking.


Red said...

You are definitely a delightful little mink! Opening a box accidentally is probable, specially since most spanking companies have an innocuous company name on the outside, but not stating this upfront was worthy of a spanking. No one wants to receive used spanking equipment, unless you know who used it!
Do tell us when you actually receive the benefits of this gift!
bottoms up

Leigh Smith said...

I could use a little giving. Lucky girl.

lindy thomas said...

Glad you came our with the truth even if a little late. P knows how to take care of deceit alright, ouch. can't wait to find out what your present will be.
Hugs Lindy

Lilli Clairmont said...

Oh dear. Well, good thing that you told him, otherwise you probably would've felt very guilty on Christmas morning. And if he found out then I imagine it would've been much worse! I guess you did get the attention you were seeking though, even if it wasn't quite in the manner you were hoping.

ronnie said...

Cat - It wouldn't surprise me in the least. I hope so too; Thanks.

Michael - - LOL. I didn't do it intentionally. Thank you

Roz - I was glad I did, yes. Thanks.

Jan - Hubby was right, honesty was the best policy here. Thanks.

Abby - Yes you are right it was the one I needed. Thanks.

PK - I love to be spanked and then forgiven. Certainly clears the air. Thanks.

OBB - LOL. Yes it does. Thank you.

Hermione - It was definitely worth the spanking. Thanks.

Red - No spanking implement but yes I will tell. Thank you.

SG - I felt it after:) Thanks.

Lindy - I'm glad I told him and deserved the spanking. Thanks.

Lilli - Yes, I wouldn't have been happy Christmas morning opening it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

That was a necessary spanking, I guess.l Maintaining the relationship is not always fun, though. Wish you more fun over holidays.

ronnie said...

Anonymous - Hello. Correct, not always fun but does make for a happier time. Thank you.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I am sorry that there was this sort of spanking going on, but I'd also say it was absolutely right to tell the truth. There is not much worse than a guilty conscience, and it was just a mistake. I am glad that all was cleared up in time.



ronnie said...

Nina - I wouldn't have liked to open it Christmas morning knowing what is was so yes, right to own up.


Terpsichore said...

sorry it happened as it did but I am glad you told the truth and that you both had a lovely evening. hope their is more giving of the fun kind soon. :-) Hugs