Monday, 7 December 2015

7 Years

Can't believe I missed my blog birthday last week.

Yes, it was my 7th blogiversary. 7 years blogging.

1217 posts
1,956,351 page views

and it's all down to you my loyal readers. Without you I still wouldn't be here. 

So from the bottom of my heart - Thank You to all who visit my humble little blog and thanks to Bonnie for linking me those years ago.

Have a good week.



Cat said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie! So happy you are still blogging...hopefully for many more years. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie! I always enjoy visiting and reading here :)


an English Rose said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie, may you have many more. It is great to know you!
love Jan,xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie. I love following your blog please keep it up.

lindy thomas said...

Happy blogiversary Ronnie. Its been good getting to know you through blog land. Hope you have many more happy years.
Hugs Lindy

Rosie Jones said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie, that's some achievement!


abby said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie, You are a valued member of blog land.
hugs abby

PK Corey said...

Seven years! That's great. I feel like I've known you much longer and yet we've never met. We're going to have to fix that some day.

Minelle Labraun said...

Happy Blogoversary my dear! I am glad you are always here to give us Yours and Ps life perspective! You are ever evolving! Love it all!

Hermione said...

Happy blogaversary, dear friend. I hope you keep on blogging well into double digits.


Ni Na said...

Happy blogiversary, Ronnie. Wow, seven years is awesome. I also hope you keep on blogging.



Leigh Smith said...

Happy Blogaversary. Seeing this made me realized I missed mine too back in October. Hope you're here for another seven years and don't get that itch. lol

DelFonte said...

Happy blogiversary! Awesome achievement :)

Michael M said...

In China, Seven represents the combination of Yin, Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). This combination is considered as “harmony” in the ideology of Confucianism.
Hope you continue in harmonious spanking.

Downunder Don said...

Happy Blogiversary Ronnie. I am not surprised by the stats because this is a wonderful place to visit and spend a little time

MrJ said...

Very impressive figures, Ronnie! Many congratulations, and may at last another seven years follow!

Baxter said...

agree with the sentiments of everyone else. Happy blogiversary. I have enjoyed reading it for a couple years or so.


Emerging Lurker said...

Thank you for all the great posts.

ronnie said...

Cat - I love that you are the first to comment on my posts. Thank you.

Roz - I am happy that you do. Thanks.

Jan - I thought I would only be bloging for a year or so but no, here I still am:) Thanks.

Archedone - I love that you read here. Thank you.

Lindy - Thank you. I've loved meeting you as well.

Rosie - Thank you very much.

Abby - I'd like to think that I am. Thank you.

PK - I know, I feel like I've always known you dear friend. Thanks.

Minelle - I'm planning on it:) Thanks.

Hermione - Thank you. Beacuse of people like you my friend is why I am still here.

Nina - I really didn't think I would still be blogging but I've loved it. Thanks.

SG - Happy Belated Blogiversary to you. Thank you.

DF - Thanks for stopping by.

Michael - I didin't know that but I hope so. Thank you.

Downunder Don - Really lovely of you to say. Thank you.

MrJ - I hope so. Thank you.

Baxter - Makes me happy that you do. Thank you.

EL - Thank you. Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment today.


Terpsichore said...

Happy Blogiversary! :-)

Red said...

Happy bloganniversary Ronnie. I truly enjoy your blog, as do so many people. I hope you will continue blogging for many more years! P will undoubtedly keep spanking you for many more years, and we love reading about it, and all your other adventures
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Thanks Terps.

Red - Thanks for saying Red. I hope to continue for many more years.


Lilli Clairmont said...

Wow! Happy Blogiversary Ronnie! :)

Emi J Jones said...

Wow! 7 years! That's amazing. Happy Blogversary!!

Enzo said...

Happy Belated Bloganniversary!
Always enjoy my visits here.