Friday, 2 October 2015

I don't want to 'cum'

And I didn't, well not properly, not the big wave that rushes through me and leaves me sated and limp. I got ripples, very pleasant ripples, but not the big one. And that left me horny for the rest of the day which, my husband says, makes me more interesting. Oh really, P, well you try getting in my skin and see how 'interesting' it feels when you're told you're not going to be allowed ('allowed', for gods sake) to bloody well cum, especially after your cock's been thumping into me and exploded all over my arse.

This was on Saturday afternoon, late, and I'd just been caned, or should I say spanked or looped, I'm not sure because it had been with the 'loopy johnny' (not for beginners) but there isn't really a verb specific to the beastly implement. It doesn't see the light of day often, it was bought years ago and used on me somewhere in Spain for the first time and caused me to safeword, I think the only occasion I can ever remember doing that, it was so bad and unexpected. Since then it's been used just a few times, but with much less fervour, by my husband and I've acclimatised to it a bit. Anyway so as not to bore you, I'd been a bit cheeky with P (his take, I'd say flirty) about the 'banquet' he was apparently going to prepare for the evening as we had guests coming and he took me upstairs to teach me not to be so cheeky.

He put me over his knee, wrestled my jeans down to my thighs and applied the loopy johnny to my knickered bottom. It wasn't hard at first which gave me confidence to come up with some more cheek, the sting from the loopy increased then subsided and my husband's firm hand kneaded my buttocks as he told me what happened to cheeky girls, my husband's voice alone can sometimes start me off, it's deep but soft and convincing, I started rubbing, or humping as he calls it, against his thigh. The loopy started again, harder now but I was 'humping' so it excited me and made me do it harder, my husband can play me like a musical instrument at times, he gauged pain with pleasure just right, with words of admonishment thrown in for good measure, I asked him to put his left hand down under my tummy inside my knickers, he wouldn't, I said please I was close, he still wouldn't and said I was rude to ask and I thought what a bastard, and then he said rude girls got their knickers taken down and thrashed harder and I felt his thumbs in the waistband and the wash of cool air over my bottom as he pulled the back of my pants down just below my cheeks and I started wriggling like a rattlesnake it just tipped me over the edge and as he whacked my thrusting bottom with the loopy I 'rippled', what do you really call it, a pre-orgasm, a mini-orgasm, I don't know but it was nice and I wanted more and stayed in position waiting expectantly.

My husband put his hand inside my knickers and felt me and told me I was wet. I said I didn't want to cum, I often say that when I really do, I wanted him to spank me more first though, greedy girl that I am. He told me to get up off his lap, shit I thought it was over, then he bent me over the little desk we have in our spare room office and told me I wasn't going to be allowed to cum, then he pulled my knickers a little further down and shoved his cock into me, he told me he was just going to 'master' me (what the hell does that mean), use me as his cock's plaything, oh christ I was writhing on the desk in an instant, I just kept whimpering please please but each time I pushed back onto his cock he moved back too so I didn't get what I wanted and I can tell you I wanted it so bad. Then I felt the lovely head of his cock pull out, no no don't do that and I pushed my bum back searching for it and then I felt him spraying his load over my hot cheeks and into my crack and I kept saying oh fuck, oh fuck but managed to keep still so that none of his spunk missed me. When he'd emptied he tugged at my knickers to wipe his cock and then pulled them up over my spunk covered bottom and told me he'd finished with me and I could pull my jeans up and come downstairs and he'd find me a few jobs to do in the kitchen.

Oh dear, how wicked did I feel working alongside him in the kitchen, my spanked and spunked bottom still stinging and sticky from him, being given menial tasks to perform which I was sure he could have done far quicker than me but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I brushed against him whenever possible and chatted away happily not mentioning at all what he'd just done to me but wishing deep down he'd do it again or just plain take me over the counter when he'd got as much done as he needed to.

Well he didn't fuck me, instead we each had a mug of tea when he'd got himself organised and sat together on the sofa looking through some stuff on my laptop. Near 6pm I said I was going to get a shower before our guests arrived, my bum was sticking to my knickers which had gone hard in parts, I thought he might join me but he made no move. Then as I went out the door he told me to stomp the floor when I was done, I thought it was so he could grab a shower himself but I was wrong. Instead, after my stomp, he came up into the bedroom where I was sitting on the bed in my robe, sat next to me and pulled me across his lap and gave me a burning hot hand spanking on my bare bottom, I asked him almost breathlessly what that was for and he just said it was to keep me horny. Then he kissed me on the cheek and went back downstairs.

I stayed horny for the rest of the evening, I wondered if our guests noticed, does one exude horn? I don't know but I kind of enjoyed being not allowed to cum and even after they'd gone and the evening was over and P came into the kitchen to help me finish tidying, I still wanted it. I had to wait till the following day to get it and when I did there was no question of ripples, it was one great big wave. So I kind of liked not-cumming, perhaps P's right and it does keep you on a sort of high, but I still prefer actual cumming. I think:)

Have a fun weekend.


Let me know if the picture is yours.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, he does seem to have the knack of you and it was worth the wait the next day!
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, ouch at the pic, that is some handprint! Wow, this was so hot! Never tried a loopy and don't think I want to!

What a yummy secret between you while you had guests. Sounds like it was worth the wait :)


PK said...

Oh my… P does know how to play you and it sounds delicious. I also like the feeling of being denied. It just seems to heighten everything. You're a lucky woman!

Ella said...

Great post, Ronnie! I was rooting for you there. Talk about building up the suspense. P really knows what he is doing!


lindy thomas said...

Ronnie, P knows how to keep you in the mood. sounds like a fun time.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We hope you guys keep on having fun for many years to come.

Leigh Smith said...

P does now just how to play you, doesn't he. Lucky girl.

Florida Dom said...

WOW, what a scene. He knows how to push your buttons. I bet a lot of your readers are envious. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what he has planned for your next. he seems to be in quite a groove.


ronnie said...

Jan - He knows me too well. Thanks.

Roz - It's quite lovely having a little secret, isn't it. Thanks.

PK - Yes you are right, it certainly heightens everything. Thanks.

Ella - He does push my buttons. Thanks.

Lindy - I was certainly in the mood all night. Thanks.

OBB - I hope so as well. Thank you.

SG - I don't realise how lucky sometimes. Thanks.

FD - Pushes my buttons indeed:) Thank you.


Minelle Labraun said...

Oh that man! I'd have died being denied sooo close! I guess it made it better so he must have the right of it!

smuccatelli said...

P seems to be quite the emotional (and physical) manipulator. In any other context, in would be near-psychopathic but, in this case, it's all part of the delicious dance. Happy wife, happy life... ;-)

DelFonte said...

lol at exuding horn - don't you feel like there's a big arrow above your head that points down saying - spanked and spunked. P knows how to keep your on edge!

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, this must have been so hot, it definitely sounds like it for me. I loved how P made sure that you'd be horny throughout the evening, but I am glad that you got the big wave the following day.
Wishing you a great weekend.



abby said...

I have never been spanked with a loopy, and I am thinking I want to keep it that way. P know how to play you is a tricky be allowed to cum...or be told you have to wait...
hugs abby

Cat said...

P sure knows how to play you doesn't he Ronnie! So happy you received a big wave the following day. Hope you get another soon. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

Very naughty stuff. The loopy johnny is just the thing for reminding the bottom who is tops. I am sure you gave off a nice relaxed glow all evening.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

My email address shows on a comment I made on your website here.

I don't wish to display it.

Could you delete it or edit it out?
Many thanks.

Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -

Loved it! You finally got what you had been wanting for awhile; a spanking followed by a spunk covered bottom.
So did you mention this again to him or was it all him?

Personally I love doing this with MyGirl and yes I do believe she/people do exude horniness in similar situations.

Best always,

ronnie said...

Minelle - Being denied is quite erotic/hot but wouldn't like it too often. Thanks.

Smuccatelli - Near-psychopathic:) yes you could be right but all part of our life and I love it. Thank you.

DF - I went upstairs a few times to look in the mirror to see if I was excluding horn:) Thanks.

Nina - He was thinking of letting me go longer, thankfully he didn't. Thanks.

Abby - I hated the LJ (still do sort of) but I can handle it now but it doesn't come out very often. Thanks.

Cat - I wouldn't like to be denied too often:) Thanks.

Michael - Luckily it wasn't my face that was glowing:) Thank you.

Anon - No problem. Done. Thanks.

Enzo - P has spunked on me before, quite like it:) Thank you.


Ami Starsong said...

Sorry I am giggling, but it's the way you tell it! However, my hat is off to P for being creative! Loopy Johnny indeed! I don't know how you can take it - the very look at one of those things sends me screaming for the hills. I think you are very brave. I hope you enjoyed your dinner party - sitting with a hot bot has to be savoured! You are indeed a lucky woman.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, what an exciting life you lead!


ronnie said...

Ami - Our LJ is a twisted one. I must admit I can take it now but the first time wow I called our safeword. Makes me smile when I've been spanked and such and we are with friends. My little secret. Thanks.

Hermione - Doesn't happen like that all the time:) I'm lucky to have P. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

This post was a delight to read
P and you have a wonderful time together
Bottoms up

ronnie said...

Thanks Red. We have our moments:)


Masters shi said...

WOW nice!