Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Granny pants or wispy thong?

First let me say I think the term 'granny pants' gives a wrong impression, but anyway there was a small article in the Sunday Times by India Knight which I spotted and tested on my husband.

The gist of it was that granny pants have overtaken skimpy pants sales for the first time in years according to the fashion retail industry. India Knight opined that it was in her opinion quite right and that she found full fitting quality lingerie, as worn by Hollywood divas of yesteryear, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida etc, far sexier than say a skimpy thong worn by Cameron Diaz. Now India is a woman so her views might no be echoed by men and, of course, age would also come into it. But facts are facts and apparently it has happened.

I asked my husband a straightforward question - Sophia Loren in well fitted high waisted lingerie in room 1, or Cameron Diaz in a skimpy thong in room 2, which door would you open? His answer was 1.

Then I told him what I'd read and he told me thongs didn't really do it for him at all, the only advantage they had was if you had to spank a woman in one you didn't need to waste time taking it off. So now I know why he's never been particularly bothered when I've worn a thong (haven't for ages), he doesn't find them sexy at all. I'm sure that is not the case with all men:)

What about your partner - thongs or full fitting knickers?



Michael M said...

She is full fitting during the day and low short in the evening and then skimpy thong at playtime. They have to be cotton or silk. From my perspective I love her bottom in anything.

mrandmrsb said...

According to M&S, a quarter of their male underwear is bought by women, to wear themselves, esp. the David Gandy range.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, Rick would be with P on this. He isn't a fan of thongs.


lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie. Bear never notices what I'm wearing but think he would go with P also.
Hugs Lindy

Simon said...

It would definitely be door 1 for me as well. I don't like thongs as a rule and they are unflattering to the majority of women I think.

abby said...

Master is not a fan of the white granny panties...but is not a big fan of thongs either. He does prefer a panty that has lace or some sort of sexy design or....saying.
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

If given only the two choices, I would side with P. However, I like several styles. The Boy Short being my fav. It depends of the shape of the bottom which looks best to me. Sometimes, commando looks good.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, hubby would agree with P for sure. He doesn't like thongs and would rather have me without knickers at all. Full fitting is just right otherwise, and I believe one reason for that is that he can pull them down for a spanking, like in a sort of ritual. :)



Minelle Labraun said...

Don't believe my guy likes thongs. I know he loves lacy pretty panties and the boy shorts type of panties! So I believe P is accurate!

Ella said...

Very interesting question, Ronnie. Sam does not like granny panties at all, but he doesn't care much for thongs either. There is a style that used to be called "Tap panties" that seem to do it for him. Lace is always appreciated, too. Sometimes I think it is just the color he enjoys, red or black being in the favorite category.

BTW, I love the word "knickers." On our next trip to the UK, I am planning on shopping for some lingerie.

Loved this Post,

Leigh Smith said...

Ray is not necessarily a fan of granny panties (although I am one) or thongs. His choice is a high cut hip hugger. Never cotton.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, proper knickers in this house!!
love Jan,xx

DelFonte said...

I don't think P notices unless he wants them off, then he usually tosses them across the room.

sixofthebest said...

When ever I have wished to cane a woman on her bare bottom, I ask her to wear 'directoire knickers' I love to insert my fingers inside the waistband of these sexually and erotical, female lingerie. And slowly pull then down to her ankles, where I let them rest. Then when she is wearing suspender-belt and stockings which accent her naked derriere. I cane her. Yes, I used to give these women 'six or more of the very best strokes.. Yes, I must say I was in heaven.

Rosie Jones said...

Definitely full knickers. French knickers are a favourite in our house.

Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Michael - Your wfie knows what she likes. Thank you.

MrandMrs - I like wearing some boy shorts so I will take a look at the David Gandy range. Thank you.

Roz - I used to like them. Thanks.

Lindy - I bet he does notice. Thanks.

Simon - Yes, I have seen a few picture of women who should never wear thongs. Thank you.

Abby - Lace panties, very nice. Good choice of his. Thanks.

OBB - I like boy shorts as well. Like wearing P's. Thanks.

Nina - Yes pulling them down is all part of the ritual. I love it when my knickers are taken down:) Thanks.

Minelle - Seems a few of us like the boy pants. Thanks.

Ella - Tap panties, never heard of that style. Lace is nice. You will have fun shopping for knickers in the UK. Thanks.

SG - High cut I like and I'm not a fan of cotton either. Thanks.

Jan - Proper knickers yes. Thanks.

DF - LOL. Love it. Thanks.

SOTB - I bet you were in heaven. Thank you.

Rosie - French knickers,nice. Thanks.


Cat said...

Interesting post and article Ronnie. My ex never cared what kind I wore as long as they were removed before bedtime. Matthew preferred lacy full coverage panties or tap pants. He hated thongs...called them butt floss. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

smuccatelli said...

Interesting comparison. I'd have to add an addendum to your original question, i.e. Sophia Loren in Room 1 NOW and Cameron Diaz in Room 2 NOW? After all, Sophia is 80 now and Cammy is only 43. Having said that, in her prime Sophia Loren was hotter than donut grease, but that day was some time ago. Cammy is still spankable (and, uh... fuckable too). Still there is something about classic lingerie, especially garters and stockings, whereas thongs are just... thongs. If it were up to me, it would Sophie, circa "Boy On A Dolphin" days, in full-on black lace (or white satin) panties, garters and bra. Still, I wouldn't kick Cameron out on her uh, ass either... ;-)

Baxter said...

I agree with P also. However, my favorite is tight fitting jeans on women.


Erica said...

LOL! Well, to be fair, there are a whole lot of degrees between the skimpy thong (AKA butt floss) and the ginormous high-waisted grannies. I will wear thongs if I have a very form-fitting outfit (leggings or tight pants/dress) and I don't want panty lines. But my preference is somewhere in between -- boyshorts, cheekies, or tangas.

Briefs? Never, ever, ever. When I have a granny fanny, I'll wear granny panties.

ronnie said...

Cat - I had to google tap pants, now I know what they are. A little like French knickers. P's not to hot on lacy knickers though I like them. Thanks.

Smuccatelli - You definitely have a point there:) Thanks.

Baxter - Tight fitting jeans can look hot on the right women Thank you.

Erica - LOL. Tangas I'm not too keen on but boy shorts I like and sometimes wear P's boxers. Thanks.