Monday, 7 September 2015

The Pen is Mightier...

OK I'm getting my metaphors mixed up, well making new ones up in my head or trying to. It was something my husband said that started me thinking, it was about the use of language, spoken language that is, and how it could, well not 'could' actually but 'does' make a difference to everything we do, including sex of course. I thought about it for a bit, it's not something I'd consciously recognised before, then I asked him if he used words intentionally to direct sex the way he wanted it to go. He said of course, but he didn't plan it, he just used them spontaneously as things went along, to catalyse or trigger certain responses. It sounded so bloody clinical the way he said it I thought, well up yours, I'm wearing earplugs next time, that fuck you up:)

Then I thought a bit more about it, on and off, and he's right. Certain words or phrases he uses do have an effect on me. Probably more than touching or at least as much, I mean how often do we read an excerpt from a story where 'he or she said whatever and it tipped them or their lover (or both) over the edge,,,'. Quite often I think.

So to get back to metaphors I was trying to think of something appropriate like 'The Word is Mightier than the Cock' or 'The tongue........' you can imagine my train of thought. I didn't come up with anything satisfactory but there's no doubt at all that, for me, certain words or phrases do accelerate my sexual desire and in fact some can send the thermometer off the scale; the opposite applies too I suppose.

Examples of triggers for me, particularly with spanking in mind, are '....getting what you deserve', '.....stop struggling or you won't sit down for a week', '....taking your knickers down', '....teach you a lesson' etc, not necessarily those exact phrases but you get the idea. I can get spanked for instance (I don't mean as punishment but when it's to our mutual wish) for quite a while and yes the spanking will stimulate me physically and yes I will be aroused. But add scolding and it goes up a notch. Tell me the tempo's raising and why and it's up again. Throw in words like naughty, punish, hard, lesson, tears etc etc and they're music to my ears. If they're not already down, and I've already been well spanked but maybe a bit lippy or whatever, just being told that my knickers are coming down (and then of course doing it) and I'm going to get a 'real' lesson can bring me in an instant very close to an orgasm.

Am I right or wrong or is it just me. Does anyone else have certain words or phrases particularly with spanking which set them off? Please send me some if you do, if I get enough I'll post a few, nothing offensive please:)

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, you are definitely not on your own, Certain words and phrases have the same effect on me too. "if this happens again you won't sit for a week", "you will be spanked", "take your jeans off" "I can't wait to get my hands on your butt", "I'll warm you up" and of course "naughty girl" are just a few off the top of my head.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It has been said that the mind is the largest sex organ. I believe it. We can all be seduced by words. Some women can reach orgasm with only words.

Leigh Smith said...

As Roz said, you are not alone. There are words that spike me, not as much now that I write stories, but words like naughty, you need spanked, I'll take you over my knee, are a couple that come to mind.

Hermione said...

Many words and phrases are also a turnon for me, Ronnie. Nothing different from what you have already mentioned, but they do have an effect!


sixofthebest said...

Yes, you are right Ronnie, key words that I love to use when I am about to spank a woman on her bare bottom are. " I am going to take your knickers down Madam". "You are about to feel on your voluptuous naked derriere, six of the best strokes of a pliable stinging cane".

abby said...

Yes. words do add to the spanking experience. hugs abby

PK Corey said...

I really do - several, Nick never says them, but I love reading them.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, there are definitely words that get the juices flowing. You have already mentioned most, but something like 'bend over' does have an effect. :)



Ella said...

Yes, Ronnie, this is so true, and something I have never actually articulated to Sam. I do agree with all the phrases that have been mentioned. I can also add that comments about what color my bottom is turning have a way of taking me to a new level. "Turning very pink" or "not quite red enough" would be ones I hear most often. I love "taking you over my knee" but Sam doesn't say that nearly enough.

Am anxious to hear if any other spanked wives stateside love the word,"knickers." Don't know why, but it just really does it for me if I am reading a book. But then, when in London, I was in a constant state of heat because all the business men in The City wear "braces." Doesn't matter to me, the guy could be 24 or 84 years old. I just love suspenders.


Red said...

Obviously, this is also similar for men, because many get an erection when the wife walks in the room and announces that you are about to be spanked, or seeing his partner approaching with a spanking implement, and the many photos throughout the internet of women sitting on straight back chairs holding a spanking implement. Words, or even the knowledge of what is to occur causes many to be fully erect, almost instantly. (at least among us spanksters.
bottoms up

MrJ said...

"Do it for me"
That just does it for her.

Minelle Labraun said...

Interesting! Yes certain words flutter my stomach-- so to speak. Even if I don't want to be spanked...just then. Him saying he'll put me over his knee, he's going to skelp my arse, or spank/leather my arse.... All serve to set the adrenalin coursing.

Rosie Jones said...

You're heading for a spanking.
I'll deal with you later.
Lose the jeans.
Off with those knickers.

Just writing those phrases caused a frisson!


ronnie said...

Roz - You wont sit for a week, yes I hear that one:) Thank you.

OBB - Oh yes I know that. Thank you.

SG - Naughty gets me. Thnaks.

Hermione- Words are certainly powerful. Thanks.

SOTB - Six strokes of the cane - oh yes that one. Thank you.

Abby - They certainly do. Thanks.

PK - Some just dont. P spanks sometimes without saying anything, depends on the spanking. Thanks.

Nina - Oh yes bend over. P usualy adds NOW to it:) Thanks.

Ella - Knickers yes. Being told my knickers are coming down does it every time. Braces, don't see many men wearing them now. Thanks.

Red - Yes of course similar for men being spanked. Thank you.

MrJ - Lovely words. Thank you.

Minelle - I love to be told he'll be puting me oer his knee so yes I know that you mean on those words. Thanks.

Rosie - I'll deal with you later and knickers, yes definitely those. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a threatening that once more and your knickers are coming down, or any sentence referring to a bare bottom does it for me as anticipation, then a scolding during the spanking, phrases like naughty girl, or reminding the willing victim why she is getting her bottom spanked, and then afterwards an implied threat about it happening again if behaviour doesn't improve etc.

But just as important is the victim playing her part, starting with being cheeky submissive. 'You wouldn't dare', also acting embarrassed and reluctant at having to bare or be bared, and then reacting to the punishment with cries, imploring to stop, promises to be good etc.

So personally it's a two-way street, if you are in synch with each other, then nothing is more exciting and the conclusion is usually a well presented bottom and you can imagine the rest......

Jake x

ronnie said...

Jake - Oh yes a scolding/lecturing during a spanking does it for me as well. I agree it is a two way thing. Thank you Jake.


Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) For sure there are those phrases or words that get me going and are hot Hot HOT!!! LOL!

"Do I need to stop this car and take you over my knee?"
"Can I see you in here for a minute?"
"You need a spanking!"
"I want you upstairs... etc."

and many more. LOL! The other day when he told me that he was sorry, but he had to spank me again- well I was not too psyched about that. On the other hand, I did admire the way that he said that. Kind of sexy after the fact. LOL! Great post. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie - Your comment made me smile. "Do I need to stop this car and take you over my knee?" Hadn't heard that one before. Thanks.


Terpsichore said...

Words are very powerful for me, sometimes the words themselves, sometimes the tone of voice in which it is spoken...words are not always used here but when certain phrases are said they certainly thrill me every time :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Terps - Yes the tone of the voice can have a powerful effect. Thanks.


lindy thomas said...

Ronnie there are phrases that get me going. Like naughty girl or you will get a spanking before bedtime. Love it also when bear comments on the colour of my back side. Interesting to read everyone elses responses.
Lindy x