Monday, 21 September 2015

Lazy, I think not.

Another implement bites the dust. I have had a small cane and a hairbrush broken against my bottom in the past, I'm sure I've posted about them, and now I've had a wooden spoon split whilst reddening my buttocks, most annoyingly too because it was doing a very fine job, it was light wood and had a delicious sting which I was thoroughly enjoying.
It was bought as a joke ages ago and used most recently by my husband as a paint stirrer. It was that use which got me the spanking because I made some comment about it being unprofessional when he retrieved it recently to agitate some silk emulsion. He told me he wasn't a bloody professional so he didn't care, this was all good natured you understand. 

Then, before dipping it into the paint, he told me there was something he could do very professionally with said spoon, and marched me into the lounge to see if I agreed. I did, I most certainly did, I was loving his professionalism and then the damned thing broke. I didn't get finished off unfortunately but the painting did.   

My husband wasn't being a lazy man at all:) I shall be looking out for a replacement. For the spoon not my husband.

Have a good week.



Cat said...

Since you like wood, I am sorry your spoon got broken Ronnie...hope you find a comparable one soon.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

lindy thomas said...

Oh what a shame when you were enjoying it that is broke. Hope you find a new suitable one Ronnie and enjoy it just as much.
Have a good week.

Lindy x

MrJ said...

To bad.
If you don´t find a proper spooon, try a paint stirrer. ;-)

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, how annoying it is when these things don't stand up to the task! I had a hairbrush split on my rear end once. At least the painting is done
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, what a shame since you were enjoying it. Hope you find a suitable replacement soon. Glad the painting got finished though. Our flogger broke the other weekend, which was apparently my fault lol. It was a cheap one lol


abby said...

They always seem to break at the most inappropriate times...then again I guess the makers have not thought of making a label....not to be used for spankings. Master would never listen so such advice anyway...hope you find a replacement.
hugs abby

PK Corey said...

So glad you aren't thinking of replacing P! Wooden spoons do have their place in spanking. Very traditional in the US - they were so handy for mothers exasperated with children.

Minelle Labraun said...

Bum-mer! Just when you were loving that feeling! I bet you both will be on the lookout for a replacement!
Next time buy 2, one for stiring paint! Lol

Hermione said...

What a funny spoon! You ought to find (or make) one that says, "For the cheeky wife's cheeks".


Red said...

You need a much firmer, heavier wooden spoon. Enjoy looking for one, knowing it's double purpose.
bottoms up

sub hub in phx said...

I know another fiendish spoon is a simple purchase at almost any store .... but there is a certain amount of satisfaction from that picture.

Julia said...

That has happened to us a few times too, the paddle brush I was pretty happy about, the spoon, much likes yours, I still miss though.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, we have had that problem with a cane, too, but I don't think that one of the wooden spoons broke yet. It is not nice that only the paint got finished off, poor you.



ronnie said...

Cat - Not really a fan of wood but I liked the spoon as it was lighter than the normal wooden ones. That's probably why it broke. Thanks.

Lindy - Yes, I was enjoying it. I may buy the same. Thanks.

MrJ - Couple of people have mentioned the paint stripper, will have to take a look at one. Thank you.

Jan - You can't image a hairbrush breaking but I know it happens. Thanks.

Roz - Considering it was wood I was enjoying it. Did you get another spanking for breaking the flogger?:) Thanks.

Abby - Funny, I'd love to find something with a label - not to be used for spanking:) Thanks.

PK - Funny we have wooden spoons for cooking but we never use those. Thanks.

Minelle - I've seen the same on the net so I may buy him one for Xmas. Thanks.

Hermione - That would be fun if you could find a company who would write what you wanted on your implements. Thank you.

Red - I don't like the normal kitchen wooden ones. Thank you.

Ship - I was a little disappointed this one broke. Thank you.

Julia - Have you replaced any with same or different? Thanks.

Nina - This wooden was quite light not like a kitchen wooden spoon. Thanks.


Ella said...

The spoons seem to break rather easily I think. Look for a wooden spatula. It did sound like a lot more fun than painting anyway!


ronnie said...

Ella I think I'll pass on the spatula:) Thanks.