Friday, 11 September 2015

An Erotic Caning

I don't know where the week's gone and haven't had time to write so I hope you don't mind a blast from the past.

An Erotic Caning....

I had a horrible week last week. Just horrible. I could very easily look back on it with the kind of urgency as if I were fleeing the scene of a frightening accident. I was battered, wounded, torn from the inside out. I'd accumulated so much negative energy, I walked around with a sombre thunderhead hanging over my head, the storm front waiting to burst, just edging along my forehead. I needed a release.

I came home and found the darkest corner, and just sat. I didn't turn on any lights. I wanted to see if the total shadow would relieve me, help me disappear a little, distance myself from the events of the week. My girl came home, and the sound of her heels clicking on the tile shattered the silence surrounding me, but even this lovely song couldn't rouse me from my sullenness. She sensed my composition immediately and came into my study. She knew a little about how horrible my week had been, and embraced me, stroked my cheek and just held onto me. She asked me if there was anything she could do. I looked into her eyes, and she knew immediately. Without any words, she got up from my lap, walked to our bedroom, stood at the side of the bed and arranged herself for me.

I needed this.

I collected one of my rattan canes, a small pelt of white rabbit fur from my shelf, put on my jacket and walked to our bedroom. There she was standing. She'd hoisted her skirt up, her stockings and suspender remained, her heels of course she'd kept on. Her magnificent buttocks hung in the air. I walked behind her, gliding my hand over the flesh of her backside. Not a single muscle in her moved. She could sense how much tension I had inside, and I could tell that she was a bit apprehensive about what lay ahead for her. But I never turned it on her, she wasn't the cause, nor the victim, but the outlet. I held up the cane in the air in front of her face, she opened her mouth, and clamped down on it, putting her lips between the rod and her teeth. She has learnt that I do not like indentations in my equipment.

I swatted her right ass cheek with my hand, snapping a loud pop into the air. I peppered her other cheek with short quick slaps, moving down her thigh, over the round shape of her butt, in between her legs. I started building a cadence that I could slowly begin to channel some of this energy through, finding the pulse in my head and pushing it out with each impact. I listened to her breathing. I watched the muscles beneath her flesh tense, and knew when to stop, take a step back, let her exhale.

I enjoy paying attention to her breathing, reminding her to in fact breathe (because she has the tendency to not remember). I'll put a hand on her back and simply say:


And she'll resume the function that helps deliver her to a very small, safe place. I grabbed the rabbit pelt, and ran the soft milky fur over her cheeks and inner thighs. This helps as well. It soothes her, pulls her out of her real world self of bumping into strangers, loud city noises, navigating sidewalks, and sitting at a desk all day. By now, her skin on her ass was glowing pink, radiating a nice heat from the friction of my spanking.

I put the pelt down, and resumed swatting her. Harder, closer together. I sped up my rhythm, bringing heavier blow after heavier blow down onto her cheeks. Without realising it, I've snapped. I'm in a completely different world. This world consists of energy, and specific postures, and correction. I felt a connection to her, one I'd needed all week long. Each time I told her to stick her bottom out, and she obeyed, the connection grew stronger. Every time I pulled back my hand and she winced, this action reinforced the connection.

I alternated between swats and caresses with the fur. These are not mechanical, clinical reactions. I wasn't suddenly counting the minutes.

Everything was fluid. My mind divined that ebb must arrive, I turned to the fur. Then, I felt a flood, I slapped my flesh against her flesh. Her backside screamed with a fiery redness.

I brought myself close to her, kissing her neck, breathing softly into her ear. I held out my hand beneath her chin, and she dropped the cane from her mouth into it. I had her lay over the edge of the bed. I tapped the cane on her left cheek. She yelped. She fears the cane. But this was the particular instrument I needed to exorcise the week's events. I patiently held the cane horizontally stretching across both cheeks.

"Present your bottom." She obligingly pushed her derriere higher into the air, almost daring the cane to meet it.

I pulled the cane back and stung her with a slice that gave her right buttock the worst of the blow. I paused. She pulled a groan that emanated from the point of impact, all the way up through her insides and out of her mouth. She shivered, and stomped a few times on her right foot. I reviewed the mark, comparing the result to the force behind it. I gave her three more trial marks, finding my touch once again. I asked her for a number. She does not know how hard each stroke will be, she can only give me a number that I will then use to allocate stripes across her lovely ass

"10" she ventured.

"Let's make it 12."

By the end of it all, my actions find me carefully rubbing her throbbing skin with the supple rabbit fur, holding her, praising her for several minutes. I thank her for the release, the ability to express what I held inside. This is far removed from the typical regimental spankings I use as correction and reinforcement of her place. I've taken the malicious battering I've accumulated during the week, transformed the energy and from it, forged a stronger fellowship with my girl. Something beautiful has emerged.

Finally I drop the rabbit fur and feel between her legs. She is wet and now I must help her release some of the tension of her own week. It is a task I will relish. 

Still haven't found out who wrote it so please let me know if it's yours.

Have a fun weekend.




Linda said...

Oh wow! I loved this!!

abby said...

Erotic indeed!
Have a wonderful weekend...with time for erotic.
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

This type of story is so much preferred to us over the judicial punishments and the like. Thanks for sharing.

Have you ever posted any stories about you and P's early spanking activities?

Baxter said...

Excellent. Very enjoyable reading.


Roz said...

This was great Ronnie, I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing, Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Leigh Smith said...

Repeat or not, I enjoyed. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

sixofthebest said...

I enjoyed this wonderful caning story that you have shown us in the past. Yes, 'sixofthebest', loves a good caning when applied to a lady's naughty bare bottom. Sexually and erotically loves.

ronnie said...

Linda - I like this one. Happy you did. Thanks.

Abby - Glad you liked it. Thanks.

OBB - My sort of story as well. Not really. Spanked with roses was my first spanking story on this blog 2008. Thanks.

Baxter. Thanks. Happy you enjoyed it.

Roz - My pleasure. Thank you.

SG - I'm glad I reposted it. Thanks.

SOTB - I think it was an erotic caning story. Thank you.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I have no idea who might have written it, but it is a great story. I love this sort of tension release. :)



lindy thomas said...

I really enjoyed this Ronnie and could almost feel it happening. Hope you had a good weekend.
Lindy x

Hermione said...

That's a lovely story, Ronnie.Just the kind I like. It's been a busy week here, too.


Minelle Labraun said...

Lots of feeling here! Very intense and erotic.
I remember this from before.

ronnie said...

Nina - I wish I could find out who wrote it. Thanks.

Lindy - Nice and erotic. Weekend going well. Thanks.

Hermione - The kind I like as well. Thanks.

Minelle - Yes, I thought intense. Thanks.


Enzo said...

So well written indeed!
"...she wasn't the cause, nor the victim, but the outlet." I know and ove this description/explanation oh so well. Unfortunately it doesn't come up in stories often.