Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Smile of the Day

'I could do with a few euros worth of that', I said to P as we walked along a street in Dublin.

'What?' Asked my husband.

Then I pointed to a big sign somebody was holding in the middle of the street. 

P still didn't get it until I told him I wouldn't be needing the sun beds just the tanning would suffice:)



Michael M said...

Maybe one day we will be in a position to slip into a shop and ask for a 5 minute tanning. Perhaps even be able to buy a ten tanning voucher for the price of seven.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, bit slow on the uptake for P.!!!
love Jan,xx

MrJ said...

Haha. Did P meanwhile recognize the business opportunity?

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, love it! Yes did P pick up on the opportunity?


PK said...

Great sign. I'd be willing to pay more.

Hermione said...

Do they charge by the whack, or by the minute? Either way, a great way to stay tanned :)


Leigh Smith said...

Another example of men are from mars and women are from venus.

Red said...

Funny, hope you got a tanning for being cheeky! :)
bottoms up

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I hope you get sunny weather soon! :) Funny sign.



ronnie said...

Michael - That would be fun. Yes a spanking gift card. Love it. Thank you.

Jan - He was definitely slow on that one. Thanks.

MrJ - No he didn't which was a surprise:) Thank you.

Roz - He did later but not for that. Thanks.

PK - Me too:) Thanks.

Hermione - I would hope by the minute:) Thanks.

SG - LOL. Right there. Thanks.

Red - I did:) Thank you.

Nina - Thanks. Beautiful and sunny here today.


Blondie said...

I agree with you, I wouldn't need the sun beds just the tanning.

Minelle Labraun said...

I bet P was kicking himself for not getting your joke.... Hmmm this post could get you tanned for getting cheeky!
Great pic!

Florida Dom said...

Enjoyed the post. What an idea, a tanning shop for a woman who needs a tanning. Imagine going into a bank and asking for a loan to open the shop. LOL.


Baxter said...

funny how us spankos think. good one


Cat said...

Perfect sign for a spanko! :D

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Blondie - And plenty of it. Thanks.

Minelle - He was a little slow on that. Thanks.

FD - LOL. I wonder what the bank would say. Thank you.

Baxter - Yes, always makes me smile. Thank you.

Cat - Yes. I though so. Thanks.