Saturday, 4 July 2015

In with the New - Independence Weekend Edition

Happy 4th July to all our American friends across the pond.

Old Relationships New Beginnings
Ramblings of a submissive wife, trying to rekindle the spark that brought them together. 

KBrown 829
Getting a spanking for being disrespectful is a lot better than having an angry husband

Obeying Him
Her Journey into the Submissive Lifestyle.

A Submissive Wife's Journey
A wife's feelings and experiences as she and her husband explore Christian domestic discipline.

A women who has recently discovered/admitted she is a spanko. 

Domestic Discipline 4 Us
Intimate thoughts about a domestic discipline journey.

Discord's Dungeon of Delightful Discipline
Fantasy corporal punishment bondage, spanking stories and artwork.

Simply Spanking.

Wife and mom embarking into the world of DD. 

A Bird in Hand
A place for Emi Jay to dump her mind and question herself and life (and also the explorations of beginning a new lifestyle)

Essential Obedience. English Male, Dom, Daddy
Photoblog featuring images of spanked and spankable women.

Tall, Dark and Dominant
Inside the mind of a dominant male.

The Wife in Ephesians 5
My desire to honor my husband as the head of our household.

Below the Belt
A Brat's Tail

Young, sexy, educated, and independent woman who has been living the domestic discipline lifestyle for six years.

Sarah Coltman
Stories for Spanking Romantics.

To our newest member I welcome you.  I hope you will pay a visit and say hello. 

Have a fun weekend.



Picture from Michael over at Disciplined Behaviour.


Minelle Labraun said...

Thanks Ronnie! I'm glad you are doing this! Have a super weekend!

Linda said...

Thank you for including my ramblings!

Bonnie said...

This is a wonderful list. So much to explore... Thank you, Ronnie!

Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie for bringing us more great new blogs, this is a wonderful list. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


sixofthebest said...

Thank you Ronnie, may your bare bottom, sparkle with fireworks, just like our Independence Day, with a fiery warm glow of a good spanking.

Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Ronnie. So many blogs, so little time.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, thank you for this awesome list. Wishing you a wonderful weekened.



Cat said...

Thanks for the wishes and the list Ronnie...hope you have a great weekend also.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

Thanks for all the work you do on the new links and kinks.
Hope your travels led you into mischief making and confession.
Thanks for the re-direct.

Hermione said...

A great list! I love the paddle. I wonder if I can find one with a maple leaf on it.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

If that paddle were around here today, I am sure it would be used and enjoyed by two patriots.

ronnie said...

Minelle - I enjoy it. Thanks.

Bonnie - Thanks. Not up to your standard but I'm trying.

Roz - I hope our new friends get plenty of visits. Thanks.

SOTB - I like those wishes. Thank you.

SG - I know what you mean. Thanks.

Nina - I enjoy searching for new blogs. Thanks.

Cat - My pleasure. Thank you.

Michael - Didn't get up to too much mischief. Thank you.

Hermione - Wouldn't it be fun to find one. Thanks.

OBB- I'm sure it would very enjoyable:) Thank you.