Monday, 22 June 2015

This way to be whipped, ladies

"If you hear the muffled crack of a whip coming from your neighbour’s basement this weekend, could it be that they are one of an increasing number of women who are paying male escorts for the full Fifty Shades of Grey bondage experience?"  The question is the opening line in an article by Martin Daubney in the  Sunday Times Review, inspired by EL's new money spinner which is apparently getting uncomplimentary reviews but why would EL care as long as she's raking in the money.

The article finds, and I summarise, that the male 'escort' industry is expecting an upsurge in business thanks to EL's literary efforts. One 'escort', Mark Harris, who confesses he has spent £500 on whips, handcuffs, masks, several strong grey ties and “various insertive toys” — all of which have been demanded by his female clients, claims to be making a regular £1,000-a-week from his unorthodox career move.

Mark claims his customers are successful, attractive, middle-class businesswomen aged 35-50 who are either single or divorced and are too busy for dating or are married and feel their husbands couldn’t cope — emotionally or physically — with their newly darkened desires. “I have five or six regular clients who specifically book the Fifty Shades treatment over and over,” he says.

Many of the women are self made, independent financially and used to exercising responsibility and authority in their day jobs. When they visit services like Mark's, they want the opposite and with some kink thrown in for good measure. And they're prepared to pay for it; according to a recent study by Lancaster University and Manchester Metropolitan University, a record number of women in the UK are now paying for sex and the number of male escorts has trebled from 5,246 to 15,732 since 2010. Apparently BDSM Club memberships are running at a high too.

I told my husband, he showed complete disinterest, he doesn't do the EL stuff or even share my curiosity to learn what others are saying about her. The only time I got a spark of interest from him were the £500 outlay on whips vs a weekly return of £1,000 which he thought was good business, and the bit about the ladies' own husbands not being able to cope with their wives' demands, to which he said their husbands should be admonished for allowing the waste of money. I asked him why, after all...... women got to hairdressers, manicurists, spas, why not the local spankist? (I was joking of course). P was quick off the mark, it was uncomplicated to him.

"I doubt if many husbands could provide a hairdo, paint nails or carry out beauty therapies but they could surely wield a whip if that's what their women need. In fact I'd say it was their duty to do so. And in fact I'd say that any husband who discovered his wife using such services would be entirely justified in taking a whip or cane or whatever to her and putting her straight."

I didn't bother telling him the women didn't need anyone's permission to spend. My husband has a very uncomplicated way of looking at things, I don't think he'd do very well at book writing:)

Have a good week



Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the interesting article Ronnie. LOL...I do believe you have now discovered a new way to get a nice hard spanking..."confess" to P that you hired a spankist. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

I don't remember male escort as being a career option when I was at school.
Today's young people have so much more choice when it comes to making money.
They can dip in and out of work styles and types before settling down.
Annoying at my time of life but it's progress I suppose.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, John showed the same interest as P. He thought the 500 pounds investment wasn't too bad for the return!!
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

and so it continues lol. Interesting article Ronnie. Love P's response!


MrJ said...

Interesting article. P is saving your household significant amounts of money.

PK Corey said...

I think your sweet husband has the right idea. A husband should do this for his wife. But not all will. So sad. Do you happen to have the number for this guy?

Florida Dom said...

Sounds like a good business model. Do any of you remember a TV show back in the day called, I think, Paladin, and his card was "have run will travel.'' How about "Have whip, will travel.''


Hermione said...

What a money-making opportunity. I can see it being presented on Shark Tank, or the Canadian equivalent - Dragon's Den.


Terpsichore said...

I love your husband's response...perhaps he can talk with my husband and tell him that it is his duty to spank me. :-)


ronnie said...

Cat - LOL. If I said that I wouldn't be sitting for a week. Thanks.

Michael - They have more choice if they can get jobs. Employment still not too good for out young people. Thank you.

Jan - A very good money maker. A pretty good return. Thanks.

Roz - Yep, it continues again. Hopefully for not so long this time. Thanks.

MrJ - I'm very happy about that:) Thank you.

PK - I'll try to find it for you:) Have fun with the girls. Thanks.

FD - Like that. No, don't remember that programme. Maybe we didn't have it in the UK. Thank you.

Hermione - We have Dragon's Den in the UK. That's would be fun to watch someone pitch that. Thanks.

Terps - I'll ask him to email him:) Thanks.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, the article is completely new for me, but I get so well how exciting spankings are. So when career women pay for the local spanker's service, that's fine. In addition, I like P's response and do agree with him too. Thank you for sharing.



Enzo said...

I totally agree with P's way of looking at things, it makes perfect sense to me!
I just wonder how much of that article is fabricated vs. actual true research. Regardless I might consider looking into this extra source of income.

Minelle Labraun said...

I'm still giggling at Cat's comment and PK!
I plan on reading this with my Scotsman! I'll let you know if he concurs with P!

ronnie said...

Nina - Yes, if they need to pay for it,fine. Thanks. Not getting around to read much so hope you and family are well.

Enzo - I'm sure there is a little research but how much, not sure. Let us know if you do looking into it. Thanks.

Minelle - I think your Scotsman will think the same. Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

I decided to google the Paladin show. Here's the link:
That link doesn't click so you can just google Paladin and find several articles about it.

ronnie said...

I did google it, thanks but no, definitely don't know it.


Ami Starsong said...

You always seem to find the most interesting articles in the papers! Not fair. Possibly because we rarely buy newspapers these days!

Not sure about 'whips'. Far to whippy! But a good braided crop can be effectively employed..... when required. Snigger.

Dan showed very little interest as well apart from to reiterate the fact that EL James must be very glad she dared write such a book in the first place and that he wished I had come up with such an idea. I wish so too, but unfortunately I wouldn't have had her nerve. I say good for her!

But male escorts? Seriously? Good grief!


ronnie said...

Ami - We only have the Sunday Times and often there is something I like to share with everyone.

Not read the book or seen the film but yes good luck to her, I too wish I had come up with the idea and I would have had the nerve:)

Male escorts, yes lots of them. Thanks.