Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Smile of the Day

I don't think I've seen a picture of a man spanked on his wedding day and definitely not one at the church in front of guests.



Anonymous said...

Nice picture. I didn't get spanked at the church but I sure did get it on our wedding night. Followed by some very hot sex.

Roz said...

Great pic Ronnie. Love the looks on their faces! Hope you are having a great week.


abby said...

LOL...wonder if the carried a hair brush instead of flowers...great pic.
hugs abby

Minelle Labraun said...

Great picture! I love the men's faces watching.

Hermione said...

There's a first time for everything! I expect this was part of the vows that they wrote themselves. Wonder if it will catch on.


PK said...

Lovely picture, great way to get the marriage off to a good start.

Baxter said...

Funny. Notice that the guy has his wedding band on so I guess when she slid that onto his finger, he was then under her power and discipline. Not a bad way to go.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, funny picture. Being spanked in a church is something I have not thought about before. I like the bride's enthusiasm. :)



ronnie said...

Archedone - Hello. A perfect start to your wedding.

Roz - I did as well. Thank you.

Abby - LOL Like that idea. Thanks.

Hermione - Somehow I don't think so but you never know:) Thanks.

PK - Should happen to everyone:) Thanks.

Baxter - Love, honour and be spanked by your wife might have been in their wedding vows. Thank you.

Nina - Don't think many of us spankos would go for it:) Thanks.


Leigh Smith said...

That is a first, not sure he's too thrilled

ronnie said...

SG - He does look rather surprised. Thanks.


Michael M said...

My wife has said once or twice that she now thinks it is a shame that she did not get started in training me to be good husband from the get go.
She thinks I might have been more successful if she had done the spanking from day on. I agree.

smuccatelli said...

Ahh, Jonathan. Credit where credit's due, I always say. I like him as an artist but don't always agree with his subject matter...

Cat said...

Wow Ronnie...that sure is an evil look on the bride's face...I do believe she is enjoying this spanking. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

The Glenmore said...

If you look very carefully at the Groom's bottom you will see the heart-shaped marks from the bride's brush....very nice touch!