Friday, 19 June 2015

Bletchley Park's naughty girls

We went to Bletchley recently, after seeing the Cumberbatch movie The Imitation Game which we both enjoyed. P had heard a BBC Desert Island Discs show with a guest who'd been one of the girls at Bletchley and talked of naughty fun goings on there, I think that might have swung the trip:) Anyway we went and it was great, excellent value and really interesting. There was no mention of naughty goings on but there were lots of full size black and whites of the girls working there 

and P said he could imagine some of the military types who held senior positions there having to give out a few spankings from time to time. (See the long ruler on the desk)

I'm sure he was heard by a tour group nearby because a woman turned her head and looked pointedly at us, I steered us quickly away to another part of the hut we were in. I told him to speak less loudly, he said it was the acoustics in the huts not his fault.

We stayed overnight, I'd booked us last minute at the Hilton, which was near and cheap and I'd booked us in for dinner too. P didn't like that, he said I'd wasted my money, he liked it even less when we got there and he saw the menu, he said from the descriptions they were out of a freezer. On the way back from Bletchley to the hotel we stopped at a pub, a really nice place called The Swan, for a drink. 

It was early evening, still sunny and warm, the place had a lovely garden where people were eating and it was nice inside, spacious and olde worldly. We sat on high stools with our drinks, close to the open plan dining area and opposite their Specials of The Day board. They had fresh gambas al pil pil, squid and sea bream amongst other things, P asked one of the staff if they were all fresh, she said of course, he got a full menu off her and we browsed through it, a minute later P had booked us a table for two hours time.
We finished our drinks and left, it was only ten minutes to the hotel, I said we couldn't eat there I'd already booked us dinner, P said I could cancel it and get a refund. Back at the hotel they couldn't refund me because it was booked as a package and paid for, I told P and he said he was going to spank me, which he did with our little red handled otk cane which used to be a 3ft long whippy cane but P cut it down to manageable length for portable use, it still stings like hell and I objected at the unfairness of while loving every minute. Then he fucked me and we had a shower together which was lovely and P kept pushing his cock against my bum as he soaped me with shower gel telling me he liked feeling my bum after it had been well spanked, I liked it too, his cock was still hard and I was still horny for it, I think I would have let him put it somewhere naughty if he'd persisted but he didn't.

We lounged on the bed semi naked after showering and each caught up with some mail until P said it was time to get dressed for dinner. I said it was too early, he said it wasn't as he wanted a taxi, I looked quizzically at him, he said he wanted a beer and a nice bottle of wine and it was only a few minutes it wouldn't cost much. I must be thick, the penny only then dropped, he was intending to go and eat at the Swan anyway, regardless of the hotel dinner reservation. I feigned outrage that he'd caned me for spending money on the hotel package yet he could apparently choose to do as he pleased. He just kissed me on the cheek and picked up the phone to ask reception for a taxi.

So we ate in this old beamed pub with fresh food and lively intelligent staff and had a wonderful evening. Over dessert for me, P doesn't do them, he asked me if I was enjoying myself and I told him I was, very much, then his hand squeezed my knee under the table and he asked me how my bum was. I said it was fine now thanks, but the cane had hurt, I managed to pout a bit. My husband said it had been worth a little caning for wasting money on the hotel package hadn't it? I said I supposed so, but it still wasn't fair he was really the one being extravagant not me, perhaps he should get a caning. My husband lowered his glasses and peered at me over the top, he told me to be careful it wouldn't be too late to cane me again when we got back if I was cheeky. I felt my face flush as I went warm inside.

I didn't get caned back at the hotel, there was a Nigerian wedding celebration going on and they had live entertainment in a function room adjoining the bar. We sat and had a couple of drinks, the music was good if a bit loud, thank goodness our room was on the opposite side of the building. Next day we went to Oxford, another stopover, and the following day called into Bicester Village where I picked up a few goodies on the way home. All in all a nice little break and I would recommend Bletchley to anyone, 

the only bad point and it's one P noticed more than me, was the amount of roundabouts in Milton Keynes, it's unbelievable, really and everywhere looks the same, thank god for sat navs.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

I am sure there was a lot of hanky panky and bottom warming at Bletchley in those chilly huts. I am imagine a strict regime kept all those naughty girls in line.
Sorry you were spanked for austerity measures you took over dinner. There is obviously no point to using your initiative.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think I would enjoy a tour of Bletchley. I also think you should be canned for making reservations at the Hilton. Never there. As I read your post, you book a table for a certain amount of time and pay in advance. We can make reservations to be seated at a certain time, but time we stay is open-ended and we pay as we leave. I think, I like the American way, better for the guest, but less so for the restaurant.

ronnie said...

Michael - I'm sure there were many a hanky panky going on there. I'll take a caning for anything:) Thank you.

OBB - I think you would like Bletchley. You never have to book a table in a restaurant/hotel and pay before hand except when it's part of a package as this was. Hotel, dinner (three courses) and breakfast next morning. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Ronnie, Bletchley sounds wonderful and we would both love to visit it someday.

From what I understand, military discipline can be quite severe, and there was a war on, so the lightest slip would be dealt with severely.


PK said...

You two travel so well together. I knew at once he was going back to the Swan no matter the cost. A great meal and drinks consumed while sitting on a caned bottom you must have been one happy girl!

Roz said...

Sounds like an interesting and wonderful trip Ronnie. I would love to visit Bletchely.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, we went to Bletchley last summer, it's a very interesting place. We stayed nearby in an old English pub much like The Swan, these places must encourage spanking!!
love Jan,xx

MrJ said...

Great trip, with more than comprehensive arrangements. ;-)

DelFonte said...

Not been to Bletchley, would love to go.
Extravagance always will get you spanked. It's the best of both worlds isn't it?
MK and roundabouts, oh yeah, the place went nuts, but not as bad as Swindon with the magic roundabout, that is scary!

Leigh Smith said...

You had to know P would not be happy with "chain" food. Glad you found The Swan and P was right, the caning was worth it right. Sounds like a very interesting trip - the kind I like.

Minelle Labraun said...

The Swan looks like a fantastic place to have a drink and eat!
I think the canning and short vacation sounds like just the 'thing!' Glad it was fun!
I would love to visit across the pond again! We haven't been over since my daughter was young! Everything sounds wonderful to me!

ronnie said...

Hermione - It was fascinating. There would be so many places for you to see if you ever managed to visit the UK. Yes they would be dealt with very severely. thanks,

PK - I do so like to sit on a spanked/caned bottom when I go out to dinner. Thanks.

Roz - I'm ready for my next trip:) Thanks.

Jan - I think they do. Some of the videos made me laugh when they were talking about the US soldiers. Thanks.

MrJ - Next one coming up:) Thank you.

DF - We were on day pass but apparently you can get tickets for the whole year so you can visit again. Remind me never to visit Swindon. Thanks.

SG - A caning is always worth anything:) I think you would enjoy Bletchley. Thanks.

Minelle - We do have some lovely country pubs over in the UK. I hope one day you can visit again. Thanks.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, your trip sounds awesome. I'd love to see Bletchley Park, and your time in the hotel and pub must have been so wonderful. Wishing you a great weekend.



ronnie said...

Nina. Thank you. It was a great few days away.


Cat said...

You two do find the most interesting and fun places to visit Ronnie. If I am every lucky enough to make it over to visit, I will have to get a list of of places to visit and stay from you. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat - We do have some interesting places in the UK. If you ever do, don't forget to let us know.


The Glenmore said...

I have to agree with you Ronnie that your husband deserved a good caning way more than you!

ronnie said...

The Glenmore - So do I:) Thanks.