Monday, 18 May 2015

Spanked in men's underpants

Wearing her husband's underpants was a surefire sign Angela needed some corrective treatment. She got it and was soundly spanked in them.

The only trouble with wearing her husband's pants, she reflected afterwards, was the way they retained heat. Her bottom simmered for ages.

If P finds me wearing his underpants I get spanked.

For those who may not have read it, this is one of my more amusing spanking accounts that happened a while ago when I wore his.

......Our family bathroom is way overdue for re-decorating, there's some flaking paint on the skirting. So on Saturday I told P I'd give it a quick lick of paint, only take an hour or so while he was at the office.

I put a pair of P's old underpants on and then joked to him that as I was doing boys work (I know it's not only boys work) better dress appropriately. "What do you mean", those aren't my jeans".

So I loosened the button and pulled the waistband of his pants up for him to see what I was wearing underneath my jeans. He doesn't wear them anymore they're years old, I keep them in my drawer because there's a story attached to them, anyway there was soon to be another one, or so I hoped, short sharp and sweet. He took the bait. ''Well you can take your jeans right off and come with me into the bedroom before you get started, I can see you're in a cheeky mood and I wouldn't want you doing a less than exemplary job so I think five minutes across my knee should help you take it seriously. You'll get the 'boys' work done with a sore bottom, and you'd better do a good job or it'll be the bath brush when I get back from the office''.

Now this was all in good fun as you can imagine from my telling but even so the spanking was carried out with P's customary efficiency and I did indeed have to get on with it with my cheeky bum well warmed, 

I enjoyed it and looked forward to his return, making sure I'd missed a few bits. I got the work done minus the missed bits, left the brush out, silly dizzy me not knowing it needs washing. 

Then what happened, our son came home unexpectedly early, I called to watch out there's wet paint in the bathroom and went about some ironing. Twenty minutes later son appeared in the kitchen, ''You missed a couple of bits, Mom, I filled them in for you and cleaned the brush up.'' And with a peck on the cheek he went to put the brush and paint away in the garage.

When P returned a bit later he said I'd done a good job, he probably figured the threat of the bath brush may have helped, I told him actually I hadn't done a great job at all, I'd missed some and if it hadn't been for our son the paintbrush would have dried up and gone rock hard. He just smiled and said oh well it all turned out fine so no problem.

Well maybe it wasn't a problem for him but I'd been primed and I'd been looking forward to a telling off from that bath brush for my girlie carelessness and it didn't happen.

I think it's time for those underpants to make an appearance again:)

Have a good week.


Let me know if the picture is yours.


Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, you crack me up. So funny your son 'helping'. Yep, time for those underpants to reappear :)


Anonymous said...

That is a funny story. Some days you just can't get a good spanking. I think it's funny you have worn P's underpants for spanking and I wear panties for spanking LOL.

PK said...

I definitely thing it's time for a return. Seems like he still 'owes' you !

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall wearing certain panties or me wearing her panties has always been a signal for a paddling. In fact, it worked again yesterday. But, your account is way more humorous.

Hermione said...

That's a fun story. Ron has a pair he never wears; I might try them on and see if they fit me. If they do, I'll model them for him and see what happens.


Leigh Smith said...

Fun story. I've never tried that, maybe I should, I'm in the getting desperate stage. lol

Meredith Malloy said...

Great post!
Jack will not let me even touch a paint brush.

an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, bless your son, that's what my youngest would have done too! A good job they have left home now and we can get in trouble at will ;)
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Roz - I've got those pants ready:) Thanks.

Archedone - Makes me smile when I think about that. Thank you.

PK - He's owes me a lot more. I'm keeping count:) Thanks.

OBB - It's a signal I need a spanking when I wear his. Thank you.

Hermione - Go for it and then tell us what his reaction was:) Thanks.

SG - You never know, try it:) Thanks.

Meredith - Thank you. To be honest P wouldn't let me if it was a big job.

Jan - Doesn't take much for me to get into trouble:) Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Love your posts. This was another good one.


Ni Na said...

LoL, Ronnie what a funny post, and although it was not nice that you didn't get what you wanted, your son was great in that situation. Hmm, we'll be redecorating a room within the next weeks... :)



Minelle Labraun said...

Comedy of errors just when you least expect it!
Those thoughtful sons! Lol

ronnie said...

FD - Thanks. Hope all's well with you.

Nina - Good luck with the decorating. Maybe put on a pair of hubby's underpants and see what happens:) Thanks.

Minelle - It happens:) Thanks.


Enzo said...

These stories are just too funny. Thanks for the laughs.

ronnie said...

Hi Enzo. My pleasure. Happy you enjoyed it.


Cat said...

Thanks for sharing such a fun story Ronnie...really made me smile. Hope those underpants make another appearance soon! ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat - I have them ready Cat:) Thanks.