Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Anyone tried the Snap-N-Spank paddles?

SNAP-N-SPANK paddles are made from sturdy 3 mm acrylic, but here is where the beauty of the spanking system vastly differs from any other paddles on the market.

SNAP-N-SPANK ‘s unique magnetic layering system lets you just simply add a wooden SNAP-N-SPANK paddle to your baseline acrylic set. Now you have in your hand both acrylic and also wood so now you can not only vary the intensity by adding and deducting but you have the bonus of changing the sensation to either wood or acrylic. 

Imagine 4 paddles 3x acrylic and 1x wood which you can hold in one hand with four different sensations and weights in 7 different combinationsBuild the level - build the sensation.

A little on the pricey side. Think I'll stick to one simple paddle but I can see how they could work.



Emerging Lurker said...

That is an impressively creative paddle.

an English Rose said...

Oh my God, no no no matter how they stick together , one at a time is perfectly sufficient, thank you very much!!
love Jan,xx

MrJ said...

While I can see Jan's point, I thank you for the useful review. Looks like a toll for emergencies.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, great idea, but I'm definitely with Jan! lol


PK said...

That looks beautiful and absolutely wicked. I'll stick with want we have and look at pictures of that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting and ouchy.
Would try it once but think i'll stick to my wooden paddle.

Hermione said...

Seven layers of paddle? That would be outrageously thick and heavy.

But they are pretty, so it would be fun to have all seven laid out and go through them one at a time.


Leigh Smith said...

Just the mention of the word acrylic has me running away and then to attach wood to an already horrible thing is just too much. NO THANK YOU

abby said...

I do like the look of them, but Master has 1 acylic paddle that i will gladly donate to anyone who thinks they might light acrylic.
hugs abby

Michael M said...

They would be handy in the kitchen cupboard, next to the chopping boards and might go unnoticed.
Although there has not been much spanking at our place recently, your title reminded me that when my wife's patience "snapped" I was generally in for a "spanking".

Enzo said...

Wow - this is a really creative tool.

The luxury of on-the-spot punishment adjustment.
"You are whining too much young lady; let's add a layer of intensity....or two".

ronnie said...

Jan - I'm with you there. Thanks.

MrJ - If it was sent to me I would try it. Thank you.

Roz - I agree with Jan as well. Thanks.

PK - Yes, nice to look at but that's all. Thanks.

Archedone - Have you ever tried acrylic? We have a five strand acrylic implement. Ouch. Thanks.

Hermione - I can just imagine Ron laying them out and using them on you:) Thank you.

SG - I'll second that. Thanks.

Abby - That is so very kind of you but I think you should keep it for yourself:) Thanks.

Michael - I hope your wife snaps and spanks real soon:) Thanks.

Enzo - LOL. Happy you didn't say three:) Thank you.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I like all the different colours that you can have. A pink paddle is just what I'd like. I mean, more like decoration. Having more than one sounds like a very intense experience, but they definitely look great.



Baxter said...

I agree with some of the sentiments already shared. But if someone thought I needed a spanking and that is what they had handy, ok, let's do it.

Minelle Labraun said...

Hmmm.... Are they thuddy? Are they silent?
Lol just kidding!

Red said...

might be way too extreme with all snapped together! Nice idea, however.
Thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Cat said...

Seven layers of paddle Ronnie? No thank you! But it is'll have to let us know if you try it. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Nina - Too intense I would think but yes, nice colours. Thanks.

Baxter - Yes, if we had one and P and that was all that was to hand, he's use it. Thanks.

Minelle - LOL. You should try them and let us know. Thanks.

Red - I can see how it could work, but no thanks. Cheers.

Cat - No, don't think even I would like something like that:) Thanks.


Snap-N-Spank said...

Good Evening Ronnie

Thank you for writing a Blog regarding Snap-N-Spank.

I have read many comments on here with interest, however all the comments have one thing in common in that they have never tried Snap-N-Spank and are therefore supposition rather than reality.

I invented the Snap-N-Spank just over 2 years ago and having now stood the test of time it is still selling to this day with many satisfied and happy customers worldwide.

By far my favourite method of selling is face to face by demonstrating Snap-N-Spanks unique system and method of use directly. at some of the UK fetish markets. The look on peoples faces both beginners and experienced alike is a pleasure to behold as they realise that Snap-N-Spank is a must have piece of equipment for them.

I am also pleased to announce yet another development in the Snap-N-Spank range to that of a rubber coated which is shortly to be followed later this year with a leather surface thus giving the user a variability of over 15 different combinations and sensations in one affordable single system.

Based on this I invite all persons to visit our stand at the regular fetish market in Birmingham or our home fetish market here in Bristol and talk to us.

A few final notes.

To all who feel this may be to heavy or beyond their levels please be aware of one major and important fact.

It is not the paddle that hurts you it is the person who is using it on you that does this.

COST. Having been in the scene and a major contributor to the scene (event organisers toy maker and owner of a adult B&B) for around 30 years I detest the overcharging of goods and services just because they have the word sex, kink, fetish and BDSM. A base system of 3 acrylic and 1 wood (4 paddles in total with seven combinations of sensation) for around £25 equals just £6.25 per paddle! Tell me how can that be pricey?

And last but not least To those who stick to their tried and trusted wooden paddles, whilst that may be your desire please do think about your spankee and that you may be depriving them exciting and sensual experiences. Snap-N-Spank offer the spanker multi sensations to spice up your spankee bum. *Wicked Evil Grins*

I look forward to meeting you all at some point in time.

Best Regards

Phil x


PS all demonstrations are free :)

Little Minxy said...

I have some of these, thought they were very reasonably priced actually and got one free since I was Christmas! I like them as I tend to bruise my hands when I spank so these are super handy :D and I like being able to get a heavier thud or lighter depending on the "need". For myself I definitely prefer the wooden one... The only thing I've found is I've caught my fingers in between them a couple of times and had quite a nasty pinch! It's a small price to pay...

ronnie said...

Phi - Hello and thank you for commenting. I can see on your site they are currently £7.50 for one paddle. Your leather one sounds interesting (I prefer leather to wood) so will take a look then that one because available.

I have heard of BBB but never attended. Thanks for the link so hopefully one day I may pay a visit to you there.

Little Minxy - Hello. Thank you for your comment. I can see how they would word. Will take another look at them. Thanks again.


snapn spank said...

Good Morning
Ronnie - price is as you say £7.50 individually however if you purchase the starter set 3 x acrylic and 1 x wood then just you save money.

A single paddle by itself is not really recommended as to get the greatest benefit we would recommend at least the base set of 3 acrylics this would cost just £20.00 a saving £2.50 = £6.66 per paddle and if you add a wood surface paddle to the equation @ £5.00 this brings it down to just £6.25 per paddle.
Rubber paddles will be available soon online as will the leather one once it has been full market tested :)

The BBB or any fetish market is a must see. It is an Aladdin's cave of all thinks kinky and an experience to titillate and excite the little grey cells (brain)
Purchasing personal Items online from pictures is OK and convenient however to touch, handle and meet with the retailers in person is a far more satisfying experience

Little Minxy - Thank you for the feed back it is always appreciated. You are one of the lucky people who got one of the free limited edition christmas glittery ones then :)
Sorry for the pinch :) next time you see me I can give you a tip on how to stop that :)

Best Regardds to all


ronnie said...

I note BBB is held on the 3rd Sunday every month so I just might have to pay a visit sometime.

Thanks Phil