Friday, 22 May 2015

I was in tears

I had to go for an eye check-up last Friday, for a condition not an eye test, and it involves dilating my pupils with inserted drops, which leaves me with blurry eyes for a couple of hours so P accompanied me.

The procedure takes a while, with waiting in between stages and I'm in and out of treatment rooms, so P walked into town to kill time and because there was no reception in the hospital which annoys him (why does government say we should be a connected nation and knock hotels etc for not providing free broadband, but not connect its own hospitals...and, worse, not even have decent mobile data reception). It was sunny and warm and he made his way through town to the cathedral where there are benches and he thought he'd sit and do emails. It didn't work out that way because there had been some kind of medieval ceremony on, he got there at the tail end of it, and there were onlookers occupying the benches, he didn't find out what the ceremony was but he did send me a snap.

He did his emails from a cafe in town eventually, with a coffee and an outside seat so he was happy enough. We exchanged banter texts - he usually starts them depending on his mood, helping pass time and cheering me up, some in the waiting area must have wondered why I kept breaking into smiles when everyone else was so serious. I wondered how come texts could get through but web mail couldn't. I got cheeky and sent him a couple of suggestive texts, well suggestive for me, his replies were somewhat ruder but nice.

On the way home he said he'd spank me when we got back, I said he couldn't because I wasn't seeing properly the light was making my eyes water a lot, he said I didn't need to be able to see to get spanked, which was true and it made me laugh and I looked forward to getting home.

We got home and he did spank me. It wasn't hard enough very hard though, still a spanking's a spanking and I could honestly say for once that I was in 'tears'! I wanted him to fuck me then but he said he still had stuff to do and was going back to the office, he asked me if I was ok and said he'd be about an hour maybe a bit longer, then he was out the door.Two mins later he came back through the door, he said he'd changed his mind, he would fuck me after all, then go and finish up. I'm sure my eyes dilated more than they had all afternoon, doubt if P would have noticed through the tears though, he asked me again if I was ok, I assured him yes I was bloody ok, don't let a few eye drops get in the way of a fuck. I grabbed his arm and led him upstairs before he took pity on me and changed his mind:)

It turned out a very pleasant Friday afternoon, if all hospital trips went like that I'd be looking forward to them.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

Tut, tut. You should have gone straight back to the office with hubby to finish that paperwork.

PK said...

Sounds like a marvelous afternoon! I like the picture too. I know no one is perfect, but I think you and P come close when it come to TTWD and I'm very happy for the both of you.

Minelle Labraun said...

It seems we are in sinc with our eyes!
As for the spanking -glad you got one!
As for the wonderful afters..... You had one heck of an afternoon!

Roz said...

Oh I love this Ronnie, and great pic. You certainly made the most out of an otherwise boring hospital visit with all that wait time. I love those banter text :) Sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Glad P changed his mind about going straight to the office :)


Leigh Smith said...

I have to agree with PK. You two are so 'cute'. As I've said before i am very jealous of your relationship.

Hope things are good with the eyes. My eyes always take a long time to get back to normal after those darn drops too - I need someone to accompany me but unfortunately I've never had your experience.

Have a good weekend.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, great picture, I think the clothes they are wearing are beautiful.
Sorry that you had to go to hospital in the first place, but it did turn into a nice afternoon, which is wonderful. Texting while waiting is a good start and I am happy for you that P changed his mind about the work in the office. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, good old P. He always manages to liven things up for you! Hope the eyes are okay
love Jan, xx

Meredith Malloy said...

There is nothing in this world like a sweet, adoring husband.

abby said...

Have to love that hubby of yours...never wastes...or rarely...wastes an opportnunity.
great way to pass some time while waiting for the eyes to clear up.
hugs abby

ronnie said...

Michael - If I'd gone he would have found me extra work to do. Thank you.

PK - Thanks. Were not perfect and we do have our ups and downs. Thanks.

Minelle - It was a good start to the weekend:) Thanks.

Roz - Yes those banter text are a great way of passing time.

SG - Seems to effect the eyes longer each time I have them. We do have moments.Thanks.

Nina - I wished I'd seen the costumes. I'm glad he changed his mind:) Thank you.

Jan - He's a good egg, most of the time:) Long term condition. Thanks.

Meredith - Mmm let me think, is there, no, you are perfectly right:) Thanks.

Abby - His texts are a little rudder than mine. Thanks.


MrJ said...

Treatment with side-effects.

Red said...

wonderful way to make a rather dull day very exciting. Well done P.
bottoms up

Hermione said...

It is strange how you could exchange texts but not do email. But how were you able to read the texts? Those drops make reading nearly impossible for me.


ronnie said...

MrJ - Good side-effects:) Thank you.

Red - Certainly made my day. Thanks.

Hermione - It is strange. You can only make calls in one part of the city. At the hospital texts come through fine (though a slight delay)but not emails. Thanks.


Cat said...

Sorry you are having some trouble with your eyes Ronnie but happy P made your afternoon brighter. I absolutely hate having my eyes dilated...they are sensitive to light even without the dilation! I find an eye doctor that has a machine that can take a picture without dilating and then compare against last year's picture. So much better. ;) Hope everything is okay with your eyes.

Hugs and blessings...Cat