Friday, 8 May 2015

I want you to seethe

I'm just following up on my little Bank Holiday Monday trip which one or two have asked me about. It did take place, I did get spanked prior to setting out, I did bag a few bargains and I did have a lovely meal out in the evening. Didn't get spanked a second time later in the day though because a new neighbour came round to borrow a tool off P and we got chatting and it made us a bit late so spanking 2 didn't happen which was a pity because I really wanted it as I'd been simmering all day.

When P spanked me in the morning before setting off, he told me he was going to do it hard, with his hand, and really make me sting, he said he wanted me seething till half way up the motorway. I said I didn't think I'd be seething because that's harbouring unexpressed anger isn't it and I doubted I'd be angry. My husband said I hadn't had the spanking yet so I better not count my chickens, then he told me not to correct him and that he wanted me seething with unexpressed sexual emotion. I still don't think it was the right word but I got the idea. And liked it.

My husband has very good hands, he's not a manual worker but likes doing manual work, his hands are strong, he uses them very well and I love them especially when they're holding me in place for a sound hard spanking, which was what I got about twenty minutes before we left the house for the Motorway Monday morning. He took my jeans and knickers down in our little office and had me across his lap on the futon and tanned my backside till I was wailing and had to bite on one of the cushions to keep the noise down so that he wouldn't stop too soon. Ooh I like it like that, no warm up no messing around, get on with it, it left me gasping and rubbing my backside as he stood me up. He told me he hoped I'd be a good girl for the rest of the day and there'd be another dose of the same later if I wasn't. 'Now, knickers and jeans up, car, 5 minutes or else' he snapped. We were on the road in less than 5.    

My bottom, which felt larger in my tight jeans and certainly hotter than it had half an hour ago, remained sensitive to movement for some while and I had my hand on my husband's lap before we even got on the motorway. Somewhere past Stafford he asked me if I was seething, I said I didn't think I was but I was definitely simmering. He said good that was probably the word he should have used. 
I simmered quite a lot during the day I can tell you, relieved by the distractions of trying clothes on from time to time but the simmering didn't really abate and on the way home I was thoroughly looking forward to a second round of spanking before going out to dinner. You already know it didn't happen that way, I didn't get a second spanking but I was still simmering in the restaurant and made it known, and I did get one almighty orgasm after we got home:) It was a lovely day.

Have a fun weekend.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie,that was definitely a nice bank holiday, there's another one coming up in a couple of weeks. Better see what trouble you can get into for that!
love Jan,xx

abby said...

A perfect beginning and a perfect end to your day..lucky girl
hugs abby

Hermione said...

P was right: simmering was the word he should have used. It sounds like a lovely day out. Simemring and shopping go well together.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I agree, I think simmering is the right word. Even though you didn't get a second spanking it sounds like a wonderful end to z wonderful day.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It never fails, if we drive somewhere after she has been spanked, she always lets me know she can still feel it.

Leigh Smith said...

Sounds perfectly wonderful evenif the second spanking didn't happen.

Meredith Malloy said...

I adore those kinds of spankings. Delicious
Thanks for sharing!

ronnie said...

Jan - Don't you worry I'm working on it already LOL. Thank you.

Abby - And I go some bargains:) Thanks.

Hermione - Simmering and shopping, yes they do go together. Thanks.

Roz - All in all a perfect day even without the second spanking. Thanks.

OBB - Well how on earth do you boys know if we don't tell you:) Thank you.

SG - Second one would have been the icing on the case:) Thank.

Meredith - Delicious indeed. Thanks.


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, this sounds like an awesome time. I am happy for you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, maybe with some more of the simmering and relief. :)



Red said...

A wonderful day, even without the second spanking. One very happy couple. Great!
bottoms up

Cat said...

Sounds like a lovely day even without the second spanking Ronnie. But ya know...if you want another spanking, guess you could point out to P that he is falling down on the job as you didn't simmer enough. LOL

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Nina - Thank you. Yes simmering and relief, nice.

Red - Thanks. A lovely day. Thanks.

Cat - LOL. That would surely get me spanked. Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Seethe or simmer? Who cares?! You had my very favourite type of a spanking! I am indeed envious, but working towards one myself hopefully! (Well, a girl can dream can't she?!)

Have a good weekend!


Katie said...

Sounds like a glorious spanking there Ronnie!! :) All's well that ends well, they say! You had quite a nice ending indeed! And a nice day to go with it all! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Katie hello. A perfect day. Thanks.


Michael M said...

Erotic tale of a weekend. I suppose it is an age thing when spanking, a trip to the Garden Centre and a sandwich lunch are all mentioned in the same context. The afternoon delight was perhaps less expected and much more fun than doing the ironing on a Sunday.