Monday, 4 May 2015

Cornwall Off, Spanking On

Our son's driving down to Cornwall today, he's had it planned for a few weeks and I've been gently nudging P to do something similar but he's been resisting, well actually just ignoring me.

Anyway the weather, naturally, as it's a long weekend, is not so good and much as I love Cornwall, especially since Poldark reincarnated onto the tv screen (can't wait for the next series), it is a godawful place to be in wet weather; although I'm sure the potteries, gifts shops, art galleries etc love it:). I sent a text to our son saying 'drive carefully allow extra time for the bad weather have a great time bring me a nice pic of Padstow' and got one back ten minutes later saying 'nearly there stopped for coffee pissing down, yeah will find one, luv'. I told P what he'd said and that he shouldn't be nearly there at this time in the morning he must have been driving too fast, dangerous in these conditions and P should call him. Needless to say P didn't.

"Bet you're glad I didn't book us somewhere for a few days now you can see the weather, aren't you? Plus you wouldn't have got those jobs done." It was true P started a couple of jobs yesterday and will finish them off today.

"Well you could always have booked somewhere out of country," I said, "I could have managed without the jobs." I was smiling at the irony of it having badgered him for ages to get them sorted.

"No, I think I made the right decision," said my husband, "I've been meaning to do those things." Liar, he's been avoiding them but never mind.

Then he told me that seeing as he'd be done and didn't have anything pressing for Monday, did I want to go to one of the designer outlets, he remembered I'd said I needed to replace some black trousers and maybe I'd see something else that took my fancy. He added... as we'd saved a few quid by not going away. Then further added ... that's unless I thought the weather would be too bad. And maybe snack out somewhere Monday night.

The weather suddenly didn't seem at all dangerous or horrible to me, I agreed immediately. Then he said we'd leave in the morning after he'd given me a good spanking, my choice whether we drove north or south, he didn't mind, grab lunch there, take our time no rush. You can imagine the bit that stood out in my mind. I asked him why I was getting a good spanking before we went.

"Just because," said my husband, then after a pause, "because I've decided to and that should be sufficient."  Oh god I could have hugged him.

So tomorrow's no longer looking like a dreary old UK bank holiday Monday, not for me anyway. By the time you read this it will be tomorrow (Monday) and I will have been spanked, might even have a nice new pair of trousers and a few other bits and bobs. Perhaps if I can manage to be just a teeny bit extravagant I might even get a follow-up spanking after we get back but before we go out to eat. I like when he does that, makes my bottom tingle just thinking about it.

Have a good week.



MrJ said...

Hope the parrty's even better than the anticipation. ;-)

PK said...

A holiday, at spanking, a trip and those jobs P's been avoiding done! I think you've had a great holiday!!

abby said...

No better reason for a spanking than....just because! Hope your holiday was lot of fun.
hugs abby

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, I'm with PK,. A holiday, spanking, a trip and shopping plus getting the jobs done sounds like a wonderful weekend, despite the weather. Hope you have a wonderful time :)

Absolutely love P's reason for the spanking too. No better reason than just because :)


an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, what a nice day!! Hope it goes well. We are off to son number two's new house for a barbeque, Thank God it's sunny today after yesterday's pouring rain!
love Jan,xx

Hermione said...

I hope you have a lovely day out!


Leigh Smith said...

Sounds like a wonderful day planned. Just love P's reasoning - lucky girl.
Hope you get even luckier.

Megan Morgan said...

I hope you had a lovely day out with P and that your bottom is warm.

Julia said...

Sounds all pretty awesome, except for the weather and even that falls away when there is fun stuff to do in warm dry places....:) Hope you had fun!

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, sounds like you are having a wonderful time.



Cat said...

Have a lovely time and hope you enjoy your outing with a sore bottom Ronnie. ;)

Hugs and blessings...

ronnie said...

MrJ - It was:) Thank you.

PK - Jobs done, warm bottom, nice shopping and ended with a lovely meal. Can't ask for more.

Abby - Not a holiday just a day out but a good one. Thanks.

Roz - Yep, just because he wants and I wasn't complaining:) Thank you.

Jan - I hope you had a lovely BBQ at number two's. No rain at least. Thank you.

Hermione - Thanks. I did.

SG - Indeed I am a lucky girl. Thanks.

Megan - Both:) Thank you.

Julia - At least it didn't rain:) Thanks.

Nina - It has been a good weekend. Thanks.

Cat - I did:)


Michael M said...

Hope you had a nice stingly bottom in the car on the way to the Outlet Store -Bicester maybe?
You certainly deserve some retail therapy for all that effort you put into your blog.

Christina said...

Sounds like you had a good day with your love. :D

ronnie said...

Michael - You are very sweet. Thank you.

Christina - A good weekend:) Thanks.


Red said...

Always good to have a spanking to look forward to, and trying on clothes afterwards will frequently remind you if you look in a mirror while changing..
bottoms up