Monday, 11 May 2015

A warm start to the day

And don't mean the weather, although that too was looking up this morning and P returned from the paper shop in a short sleeved shirt and chirpily declaring summer's here at last. I'd only just come downstairs but I told him great perhaps we can go to the garden centre and get those pots then. That unchirped him and he settled down to browse the newspaper, which was stuffed with post mortem election stuff which has already played over so many times I'm sick of it.

I sat with a mug of tea and answered a few emails from last night and acknowledged a few 'ker-chings'. I sell stuff on eBay and every time a sale goes through a message sends to my devices with a ker-ching sound, like an old fashioned manual cash register, it's quite funny, startling too if you're not used to it. Last night we had a couple of friends for dinner and it ker-chinged quite a lot, to their amusement, the thing they found most odd though was that I didn't get up each time to check it. They said if it was them, they wouldn't be able to resist but I told them if they'd been doing it as long as me they probably would, especially on a Saturday night when no action can be taken anyway.

After clearing my inbox I sent an email to P listing a few new items I want to try and buy from a Spanish manufacturer we use near Alicante, I send them to P because he has a fair understanding of Spanish and also he puts technical information very clearly so there's unlikely to be any misunderstanding after he's interpreted my requirements and made them simple. P reckons our currency will rise a bit more over the coming weeks since the election outcome so it would be a good time to get a top-up order in as well as the new stuff, assuming Jose can do it. I cleared up our few breakfast things and some glasses from last night, left a wash in the machine and went off for a shower.

Twenty minutes later I was in the bedroom drying my hair, towel wrapped round me, nothing else, when my husband walked in, I didn't hear him but turned round when the hairdryer stopped and there he was. Now many moons ago, it used to be an almost ritual on a Sunday morning that, circumstances permitting, by which I mean our son or guests, I used to get spanked, not for any particular reason other than my husband thought it was good for me. Well he was certainly right there, but oddly since we've had the house mostly to ourselves it's tailed off, it's weird, maybe we want when it's hard to do but then perversely lose interest when it becomes easy.

Anyway this morning was just like the old Sunday mornings and I loved it when P sat on the bed and pulled me across his lap. I objected of course, my hair was still part wet, I didn't have any knickers on, my towel was falling off, all sorts of little excuses which I knew wouldn't make a scrap of difference to what was about to happen. Then he told me I needn't worry about the towel falling off because he was going to take it right off, which he did, and that I needn't worry about being chilly either because it was a warm morning and in any case I was going to get more than my share of warmness soon enough. Then my husband started spanking me and you know how much spanking hurts on a pink bottom more or less straight from the shower, it hurts a lot and I was so delirious with happiness I almost forgot to shout and plead for him to stop. I got into a rhythm of wiggling and begging and complaining after a few minutes, I told him I hadn't done anything wrong, I told him he couldn't just come into the bedroom and spank me like this and he just laughed and told me he was. He spanked me for about ten minutes, alternating hands and holding me steady with the one that wasn't spanking at the time while his right leg clamped my thighs like a vice. Then he rolled me onto the bed and told me to cover myself up and finish doing my hair, he was going to have a shower himself and then we'd go together to the garden centre.

I pouted as he stopped at the door to look back and said I looked cute like that. I nearly asked him what it had been for and I nearly asked him if he wanted some company in the shower but in the end just stayed quiet and luxuriated in the warm glow from my bottom as I sat up and finished off.

I was downstairs well before P and started typing this post but closed the lid on my laptop as I heard him coming down the stairs. I didn't know whether I was going to get fucked across the dining room table or any way else for that matter when he came down, or whether we'd be off to the garden centre as promised, I think I would have foregone the garden centre. I didn't get the choice as it happens, we went out, got what we needed, went into town too because I had some stuff waiting to click-and-collect and then we had a light sandwich lunch. All the time we were out I was brushing against my husband and paying over attention to almost every little word he uttered, I wonder if men notice those sort of things, must ask him one day.

When we got home I got the fucking I would have like earlier, in the middle of the afternoon, with our neighbour conveniently mowing his grass to provide sound cover:)

Have a good week.



Cat said...

Sounds as if you had a lovely day Ronnie...hope you start off many more mornings like that. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I agree, sounds like a lovely day, and a wonderful start :) You cracked me up with the almost forgot to shout and beg for him to stop lol.

Hopefully this marks the return of your regular Sunday morning ritual? :


abby said...

Not only the weather was heating up nicely! A wonderful start to your Sunday...and a wonderful afternoon too....perfect.
hugs abby

PK said...

Lovely, lovely! I have noticed that spankings don't take off when you have the house all to yourself, not like you think they will. But I'm so happy you took full advantage this time.

Hermione said...

Our weather is lovely here too. Very summery! Weren't you lucky to have such a considerate neighbour. Ours all mow their lawns once in a blue moon, so we have to make sure the windows are shut before we make any noise.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We always enjoy your accounts, as you paint a scene we can relate to by describing yours and P's thoughts.

I enjoy the slight language differences. I think we have all felt unchirped in our lives.

Bacall wants to go buy some tomato plants today. Guess what else she is going to get.

Leigh Smith said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday and so glad it ended the way it did.

Red said...

What a wonderful Sunday you had, and maybe P knew it was mother's day in the USA and Canada, so he gave you a wonderful mother's day present - a spanking.
bottoms up

Meredith Malloy said...

Sounds like heaven to me!

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, sounds like a wonderful ritual that you have. I hope it returns and with a little luck your neighbour will always cover the noise too. :)
Wishing you a wonderful week.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, oh you have got to love those Sunday mornings...
love Jan,xx

Downunder Don said...

Sunday morning spanks have always been a tradition with us. Nothing nicer than an empty house, spanks and a warm snuggly session after.

Some days we even get to the nursery afterwards as added bonus.

Michael M said...

A very well told tale of Sunday Spanking. You keep your audience entertained.
At a certain age the words spanking, garden centre and sandwich lunch used in the same word phrase do not seem that strange.
What is encouraging, of course, is that you were able to add afternoon delight to the mix.

ronnie said...

Cat - One or two mornings like that would be nice. Thanks.

Roz - :) Somehow I don't think so. Thanks.

Abby - Quite a delifghtful day. Thanks.

PK - You are right there. Not really sure why. Thanks.

Hermione - Happy you are having summery weather after your cold winter. Cooler and windy here today but that's the UK for you. Our neighbour is very helepful like that. He's always in his garden. Thanks.

OBB - Don't think unchirped is a word but you know what I meant:) I hope Bacall got all what she wanrted:) Thank you.

SG - A very nice Sunday, shame it doesn't hapapen like that every Sunday. Thank you.

Red - A spanking is always a nice present:) Thank you,

Meredith - Nearly:) Thanks.

Nina - It would be nice if it returns. Will have to wait and see. Thanks.

Jan - Not enough of them. Thanks.

DD - It's a wonderful Sunday trtadition, isn't it. Thank you.

Michael - As we get older we have to make sure we enjoy each day. Thank you for your kind words.


Enzo said...

Always enjoy your stories. Sounds like you got what you wanted both at the beginning and at the end.

To your one question, if men notice the over attention towards them afterwards, I believe they do. Well at least I do.