Monday, 13 April 2015

Do you think you're up to Spanking me, P

I had a messy and funny and sad week last week, doing things you only have to do occasionally in a lifetime, sharing things with my husband and his family, well my family too, connecting with people we haven't spoken to for ages. all the usual old jokes about 'knew it must be a death, birth or marriage' when your number came on the screen etc etc. Because of the Easter long weekend, we only got the necessary doctors' death certificate issued late Thursday so couldn't confirm funeral arrangements until Friday and then we've got to wait nearly two weeks for a crematorium slot.

Anyway, this afternoon (I'm writing Sunday evening) I got spanked, and much needed it was, I think for P as well as me. I'm not sure whether I got spanked for telling my husband he looked like Van Gogh or whether it was for fussing over him or for telling him not to be a baby and I don't really mind anyway.

 You see I was in the kitchen this morning and P had gone for a shower, suddenly he came bursting into the kitchen dripping blood down his neck, onto his shoulder and onto the floor, his hands were covered too and he was holding toilet tissue against his ear. First thing he said to me was not to panic (he could see the look on my face), he'd had a minor accident, just wanted me to check it for him because he couldn't see it properly in the mirror. I soaked a cloth with cold water, took away the tissue and got rid of enough blood to see the cause which was a fine razor cut bleeding a lot but not serious looking. I made a joke about Van Gogh, made a fuss over my husband, told him to sit down, got the first aid box out etc etc. P said he didn't need a plaster, just wanted to make sure nothing was hanging off, he said he'd give it a while for the blood to slow then go and shower. Apparently he'd been trimming his hair over his ear with a razor, god know why, he said he had a meeting in the morning and it was irritating him. I said it would irritate him more if he had a plaster on next day, plasters don't fit well on ears, I told him he should've gone to the hairdressers and continued to fuss over him, he doesn't like too much fuss and eventually told me to stop or he'd spank me, then he thought better of it and added 'when his ear stopped bleeding'.

 Well I didn't actually stop fussing but I was becoming more relaxed about the injury which was, in spite of the blood, minor. He went and finished his shower, he let me put a small plaster on his ear, in case the bleeding re-started, and we went out later, me checking unnecessarily with him if he was all right and casting regular glances at his ear. When I went to lift the plaster later he winced and ouched and I told him not to be a baby it was all OK, no more blood. My husband said good, in that case he'd give me the spanking he should have given me earlier. I asked him if he thought he was up to spanking me with his injury (guaranteed to provoke, I'm not stupid) and he just said he'd let me be the judge of that after the event.

So I ended up across his knee with my knickers down getting a wonderfully firm hand spanking with appropriate words to accompany it. I struggled and kicked but was so happy my husband was back on form after an awkward week. When he'd made me wriggle sufficiently he paused and asked me if I thought he was up to spanking me, I gasped in my meekest voice "Oh yes P, I'm sorry I doubted it," and put my hands to my bottom rubbing to emphasise my point. "Very well then," said my husband, "and now I'm going to thank you for the concern and attention you gave me earlier, even though you went on a bit".  He eased me off his lap and bent me over the deep sofa seat, I felt his hand between my legs and let out a little cry as his fingers checked my wetness, then I heard his zip unfasten and he was kneeling on the carpet between my legs his cock pounding me and my face buried into an M&S scatter cushion to stop me screaming. We both came heavily and and collapsed panting and I could feel him still hard inside me as I told him to stay inside while I stretched for a Kleenex box and shoved tissues between my legs to save the carpet and the furniture:)

Have a good week,



MrJ said...

That sounds like the relief you guys needed and deserved following an intense week.

Anonymous said...

You have to love it when a much wanted spanking ends is fantastic sex. P can handle both.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I am glad that P's ear is still where it belongs, but what I absolutely enjoyed reading is that you and P had a wonderful spanking moment in the first place. I am so sure that the time that followed was awesome, but the Kleenex made me giggle, because it sounded so familiar. :)



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, glad to hear P didn't cut himself more badly.

Sounds like a wonderful release for both of you. Glad you both got what you needed.

I giggled at you asking P if he was up to spanking you. One way to guarantee a spanking ... that was the point though right ? :)


abby said...

Ah...after a long week of making arrangements, dealing with family the emotions associated with making funeral arrangements, a spanking and some hot sex were just what the doc ordered ...for both of you I am sure...
hugs abby

PK said...

I'm so glad your lives are getting back to normal - well others might not say normal, but we know the truth. Sounds like you both got what you needed.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, glad P.'s ear is still in situ!. Glad you got a much needed spanking and P. got some stress relief after a crap week. love Jan,xx

Ami Starsong said...


Sorry, but everything you have written is almost deja vu for me! Even the M and S scatter cushions and the kleenex!

You are SUCH a hoot at times!

Oh my goodness. My sides are aching.


Hermione said...

I'm glad no serious damage was done to either P's ear or your bottom.


Terpsichore said...

so glad you saved the carpet and the furniture. LOL :-)
Glad you had a fun time - sounds like it was perfect timing.
Glad P's ear is okay. :-)

ronnie said...

MrJ - Didn't realise how much it was needed:) Thank you.

Archedone - Yep you are right there. Thank you.

Nina - It was a good relief needed by both. Always have a kleenex handy:) Thanks.

Roz - Well I had to make sure he was up to it, didn't I? LOL. Thanks.

Abby - I'll need the same again:) as still have quite a bit to do this week. Had two places marked down for the wake and can you believe it, both booked. So I'm frantincally looking for others and still waiting for the guy who is conducting the service to contact us as the oringal man is no longer available. I feel we will never get it all done. Thanks.

PK - It was certainly needed. Thanks.

Jan - Thank you. I was quite worried when I saw the blood but luckily only a fine cut.

Ami - Happy I made you laugh. Seems like one or two of us keep a kleenex handy for moments like this:) Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks. No damage except P's ear is a little sore:)

Terps - Just what the doctor ordered:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

You made me laugh so much with the Van Gogh comment!

Anyway, thanks for this wonderful post and I can so imagine the both of you needed this.

I will have a good week, with this wonderful start!


She and Him said...

Glad the weekend gave you a little relief from the sadness and stress.


Minelle Labraun said...

Definitely needed!
I understand the saving the carpet....ahem.

Cat said...

Happy you were able to get some much needed stress relief for both of you Ronnie.

Hugs and blessings...

ronnie said...

Ara - With him holding his ear and seeing the blood Van Gogh first came to mind:) Thank you.

Kathy - Thank you. Hopefully we can finalise everything this week.

Minelle - We've all been there:) Thank you.

Cat - Thanks. Yes much needed.


Red said...

hugs to both of you, and glad you have a way to relieve some of the stress.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Hi Red - Thanks. Could do with a little more stress relief like that:)