Monday, 23 March 2015

If I had to be Spanked

I mean had to be, as in no way out, by George Clooney or Eddie Redmayne, who would I choose? Come to think of it, who would you choose?

Why am I asking? Well, inspired by an hilariously one-sided article in the Daily Mail (which I don't buy) about Poldark's leading hunk Aidan Turner causing women across the country to dampen their knickers (they didn't use that precise term) and a counter view in the Sunday Times by Vogue's deputy editor Emily Sheffield saying he was 'old-school', I got to thinking about it. 

Now the Mail is smut dressed up as a respectable tabloid in my opinion, the ST a respectable weekly not wanting to miss out the smut, but only in a high brow way.

The Mail suggested women were focused on Mr Turner's attributes, abs and buns,

and a scene from last week's episode where he skinny dipped nude in the Cornish sea,

the ST's guest writer opined that modern women were probably more interested in finding out who his hair stylist was. Hmm.

The ST printed a list of Old-school vs New Fem Buff, part of both lists below:-

Old - Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Matthew McConnaugey.......

New - Miles Tyler, Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield, Sam Smith, David Beckham.........

I think I must be 'old' woman, cave woman in fact, because I have to say I didn't give a monkeys who Mr Turner's hair stylist was but I did appreciate him taking off his shirt to get down to some hard graft and I did notice what little I could see of his pert buns and broad shoulders as he waded into the Atlantic. That's not to say I don't like any of the 'new' list at all.

I must admit I slightly disliked Ms Sheffield's assumptions, probably Vogue isn't for me then, and I didn't entirely agree with the Mail's either but overall I think women still like a man to be hunky and masterful, at times:) even though it might be politically incorrect to say it.

And if I did have to be spanked by George or Eddie, I mean forced at gunpoint, well I think I might just have to go for George.

Have a good week.



Leigh Smith said...

I commend your choice if it is absolutely positively necessary.

Minelle Labraun said...

So if anyone can choose..... Old school or new school? Age range? It's got me thinking.
lol. What about spankers, who would they like to spank?

DelFonte said...

I'm old school. Definitely. When he was wielding that scythe last night, chest bared, I was glued to the screen.

Darren said...

Ronnie, you deserve to be spanked for reading two dreadful rightwing rags! (And the ST is only the DM in Boden clothing)

My spankee suggest you check out Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, or in Being Human

MrJ said...

You'll always remain young - proven again. ;-)

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I like your choice too :) I'm definitely more old school, although I wouldn't say no to some on the new school list :)


PK said...

I'm agreeing with you on all of this. But truthfully they could probably get me to choose George at knife point.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, he doesn't do it for me at all, yuk!Now George on the other hand , that's better :)
love Jan,xx

abby said...

I am with you, thinking old school. But then i am thinking, not very fair of us...maybe we should try out both and then see....
hugs abby

Hermione said...

Oh my, is Poldark being revived? I saw the original series in 1975 - 77 and loved every minute of it. Ross was such a hunk! I have all the books in the series too. I'm looking forward to seeing the remake. It probably won't appear over here until next year.

I'd take George too. Sorry - never heard of Eddie.


Jay said...

I'd have to say George. I really have no idea who the other choice is.

Also, would you mind swinging by my blog? I have some questions over there that I'd like you to consider answering. Thanks! :-)

Red said...

How old am I, in that I did not recognize\e most of the names in the new school! fun post, thanks
bottoms up

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, good choice! It would be mine too, unless Martin Freeman was in the 'New' list. :)



Michael M said...

Poldark is raising the temperature in our house. I went down on my wife last night, at her bidding, about an hour after the Sunday episode had finished and I am certain that whilst I was under the covers, she was thinking of him.

Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...if I had to choose...I would pick Clooney also...guess I'm just old school. ;)

Hugs and blessings...

ronnie said...

SG - Yes, only if it was asbolutely necessary:)

Minelle - Now that's a totally different question:) Thanks.

DelFonte - I saw that scene as well:) Thanks.

Darren - LOL. They had something about Boden clothing in yesterday's ST. Thanks and thanks to your spankee. Will check that out later when I have a little more time.

MrJ - Thanks:)

Roz - Now which one would that be. Thanks.

PK - I bet they could:) Thank you.

Jan - There is just something about George, isn't there. Thanks.

Abby - None of the others do it for me. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes revived. I saw original, loved it. I think we are only on our 3 episode. Eddie is an English actor who just picked up best actor for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawkin in the Theory of Everything.

Jay - Sorry, should have said who Eddie was. See comment to Hermione. Will pop over when I have a little more time. Thanks.

Red - I had to Google one of them. Thank you.

Nina - Dr Livingstone I presume:) I like him. Thanks.

Michael - A lot of the younger women in our building are all swooning over him. Thanks.

Cat - Join the cub:) Thanks.