Monday, 16 March 2015

Emma Bridgewater

I didn't deserve it, it was totally unjust and I even thought about seriously arguing my case but then good sense got the better of me and I succumbed and took my spanking.

It was Mother Day. I got a delivery in a nice big Waitrose box, I guessed it was from our son, we were also going to dinner at his new apartment later in the day. The knock on the door came as I was going up to get dressed, I opened the door but the delivery guy was already back in his van and pulling off the drive and the box left on the doorstep, no signature. I took it inside, dumped it in the hall and shouted to P a delivery had arrived, I carried on upstairs.

When I came down P had opened it and looked displeased, there was a bunch of beautiful flowers tucked into an Emma Bridgewater watering jug.....but the jug was smashed. 

P thought I'd caused it when I dumped it in the hall, he told me I shouldn't have been in such a rush, then he said I should have checked it while the delivery guy was still there. I told him I couldn't, the van was away before I had chance but P said he was going to spank me he didn't believe the guy would leave without a signature. I nearly started to sound off, I was a bit pissed that the jug was broken because it was lovely, but then I got sensible and thought why waste a spanking.

So then to make sure it didn't slip away, for good measure I said "Well if you'd got off your backside and answered the door no doubt it would have been perfect". That was quite sufficient for my husband to march me over to the settee, undo my jeans and put me across his lap. He struggled to get my jeans down which he did quite roughly, my knickers too, and then started into me, telling me off at the same time for being careless and not respecting the fact someone had bought me a gift, then blaming him for it, it was unacceptable behaviour and I deserved a damned good thrashing. Well I wouldn't exactly call it a damned good one but it did hurt and I struggled a lot and let him know it. At the end of it he pushed me off onto the floor and told me I'd better phone our son and thank him for the lovely gift but that I'd had an accident and dropped the vase.

I did call our son, not because P had ordered me to but because I wanted to, and I told him the truth exactly what had happened, not what my husband thought had happened. I could see P's face as I was telling my side of it, he didn't look pleased, whether he thought I was lying or whether he realised he'd made a mistake in spanking me I couldn't tell. When I got off the phone I went and sat next to him and put my arms round his neck and told him it really had happened like I'd said, and that my bottom hurt (it didn't by then) just to make him feel bad for spanking me. I don't think it worked, he said I deserved the spanking regardless for what I'd said about getting off his ass. I said I was sorry for that and lightly kissed his cheek, then I let my hand slide down from his neck to the crotch of his jeans which in my opinion was housing a growing erection. I was right and a minute or so after further stroking it I was head down relieving it. My third Mother's Day gift, you might say.

As for the breakage we found out later we would probably get the jug replaced free of charge and a refund too, nice people at Waitrose.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm sorry the jug got broken. It's such a shame, it looks beautiful. However, sounds like this story had a very happy ending :) especially if you are going to get the jug replaced.


an English Rose said...

HI Ronnie, blinking delivery people, I bet he knew and that is why he made a hasty escape! Still you benefitted from it anyway so happy mother's day. I got a delivery like yours but without the jug, mine was pink roses, John said the perfect colour!
love Jan,xx

PK said...

Happy Mother's Day Ronnie! So sweet of your son to remember you and inadvertently get you spanked in the bargain. What a good boy!

DelFonte said...

Great excuse for a Mother's day spanking. Glad they're replacing the jug too.

Hermione said...

The delivery person was irresponsible and deserved a spanking too. He should have known that flowers often come in breakable vases.


abby said...

Flowers, a pretty vase..that will be replaced...and a spanking..perfect!
hugs abby

Meredith Malloy said...

You received the gift that just kept on giving.

Leigh Smith said...

I just envy you P. He can come up with anything as an excuse to have you ever his knee - such a lucky girl.

Belated Happy Mother's Day.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I am sorry about the jug, and sorry that you got spanked for that, but i am very glad that it all turned out so well and you had a wonderful time with P. :)



Blackbird said...

I DO love Waitrose and John Lewis....

Glad you won out on all fronts!


Minelle Labraun said...

That man knows you well! What a lucky happenstance the vase broke!
I love how you got cheeky!

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. No jug replaced, they've sold out:( They will be sending me a little something.

Jan - Yes I agree, the delivery guy knew it was broken and that's why he made a quick exit. Thanks. I love pink roses, lucky girl you were.

PK - That's my boy:) Thanks.

DF - You know me, I'll take a spanking anytime:) No replacement, sold out

Hermione - He certainly did deserve a spanking and especially now I cant have that jug. Thank you.

Abby - Two out of three, no jug replacements. Thanks.

Meredith - I like gifts like that. Thank you.

SG - Thank you. I forget sometimes how lucky I am.

Nina - I'm glad I got spanked but a shame about the jug. hanks.

BB - So do I, good customer service. We'll see what they send me. Thanks.

Minelle - I love to be cheeky as I know what I'll get:) Thanks.


Cat said...

Sorry your lovely jug was delivered broken Ronnie. Hope you receive the replacement soon. Congrats on the Mother's Day spanking. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Red said...

I never knew that mother's day was celebrated at different times around the world, so thanks for sharing that info. So, should the title be " The Delivery Man Got Me SPANKED!"
Glad you had a wonderful day
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Cat - Thanks. I got the replacement today. To be honest not too happy, small plain vase with a bunch of insipid coloured tulips, nothing like the jug and the other flowers:(

Red - That would have been a good title. Thanks.