Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Answers from P

Mr J - Given (i) that she may occasionally be provocatively naughty and (ii) her enjoyment of certain corporal measures, are you using any other ways to keep Ronnie in line?
I'm happy to say not, she's her own woman as well as mine, I respect that.

Jan (English Rose) -  What is your favourite weapon?
Any one that suits the occasion to be honest, often it's my hand, it's a good weapon. 

Were you a spanker before Ronnie came into your life? 
Perhaps a latent one. 

Minelle  - When P saw the "light' regarding a good spanking. Before that had he ever considered spanking you? (I got P to answer this Minelle)
Yes but hadn't had the nerve to do it. Ronnie has always had a very spankable backside.

Christina  - What is your favourite position for a randy bout of lovemaking?
Doggy style, it's our natural animal way isn't it? I used to wonder why I wasn't fussed about missionary position until I read Desmond Morris's Naked Ape.

Would you prefer chocolate (milk or dark) or crisps, and if choose crisps, what flavour?
Any chocolate's OK, crisps are rubbish but I sometimes eat the so called hand made ones any flavour's OK as long as it's strong.

Do you have a fantasy that you would like to experience that the other doesn't yet know about? What is it?
Not really and if I did I don't think it would be best announced here:)

Katie - What memory from this past year makes you smile the most? (Could be spanking or not here.)
Haven't got one that stands out.

What's something new you recently learned about yourself?
That I'm complaining more about other drivers

What's the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months?
To look forward more, not backward.

Red -  Have you ever given Ronnie a spanking that was purely discipline because you wanted to change some behavior?
Yes but only a few times and I'm not sure it changed Ronnie's behaviour. Talking changes best, spanking clears the air though.



an English Rose said...

Hi P. nice to get to know your thoughts for a change
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

Thanks to P for answering the questions. I enjoyed reading his answers and especially like the first one.

Great to hear the perspective from the other side of the paddle, or cane :)


Baxter said...

Fun to read P's responses. I have to agree that I am complaining about other drivers more and more as I age. Thanks.


abby said...

Thank you P, I enjoyed reading your answers.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

Great answers. We love handmade crisps; they're the best kind, and a local fishmonger makes them and sells them in a variety of flavours.


Red said...

excellent to read, and I totally agree that spankings do not change behavior, talking and a desire to change things works everytime. But it does clear the air to make the talking easier.
bottoms up

MrJ said...

Thanks to P!
The answer makes me think that there may be different ways to define the meaning of punishment, spanking and their relationships, even amongst those who share that they (I would say: not only respect, but also) enjoy their sub´s independence.

ronnie said...

Jan - I'll tell him. Thanks.

Roz - Thanks I'll tell P. Yes, nice to hear from the other side:)

Baxter - It's something to do with getting older:) P hates when people don't indicate. Thank you.

Abby - Thanks. I will let him know.

Hermione - Unusual for a fishmonger to make crisps. Thanks.

Red - I think he's right. Thanks.

MrJ - Yes, I agree. Thank you.


Leigh Smith said...

P, not that you know or care but for sometime I have been in fantasy love with you and your answer to the first question just solidifies that opinion.

You don't mind do you Ronnie?

Renee Rose said...

Lol to Leigh's comment above-- I was quite taken with it, too! Fun to read these answers. and YES doggy style. :)

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing these great answers learning more about our blogland family. Hope you have a great week.

Hugs and blessings...

Minelle Labraun said...

I love your answers P! From the first and including the last!

ronnie said...

SG - :) I don't mind at all. I'll tell him he has an admirer, he'll be flattered. Thank you.

Renee - We both love doggy style. Thank you.

Cat - He doesn't mind answering. Thanks.

Minelle - I will let him know. Thanks.