Monday, 9 February 2015

Black chiffon and blindfolds

Reporter Toni Bentley asked Catherine if she could observe one of her ceremonies. She was told there are "no observers, only participants"

I forgot to mention this, it was part of a large feature in last week's Sunday Times Magazine, an interview and audience with Catherine Robbe-Grillet, France's most famous dominatrix, the article was also published in Vanity Fair.

"....I am undressed and prepared. I am mesmerised, no longer reporting a story, but inside one. My body is mummified in yards of black chiffon, secured around my neck, chest and waist with a long string of pearls tied at the back. My hair is pinned back. 

I am laid down on a carpet and tied at each wrist and ankle with cord. I sense hands above my body and hear the cutting of the chiffon layers down the centre of my body. The silk is peeled back, leaving me exposed. I get an occasional flash of light through the bottom of the blindfold and see Christian in his suit kneeling between my legs, gently caressing my belly. At my head Madame sits on a small stool administering to my upper body with small unidentifiable instruments. It is mysterious and beyond exciting to be the focus of such a carefully, beautifully executed ritual. To be in the hands, literally, of a master mistress.

I am untied and lifted to my knees by Christian, and Madame steps in and cradles me in her arms. I am weeping, so deep is this experience. Unprecedented. But it is not over. I am placed on the prayer stool, head bowed. All is quiet and calm.

Crack! The whip — the famed “marital whip” — lands on my back and curls its leather braid around my entire belly. I make a sound I never made before. Not a scream, but something on a far lower register. A short pause and the air crackles again with another lash. Does it hurt? Like hell. The heaven I have waited for all my life......."

The above is small extract from a 3-page article, I liked it though and I couldn't help thinking how the real thing seems so much more interesting than EL's FSOG', the film of which is due for release soon. I don't think I'll be going to watch it, there will be plenty of reviews no doubt.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

This is awesome Ronnie, thank you for sharing :)


Michael M said...

The ST is the newspaper that just keeps on giving. One day they may run an article about Financial Domination in the Money section.

MrJ said...

Wonderful piece!

an English Rose said...

Lovely written article, I am going to see the film, I am looking forward to it!
love Jan,xx

Hermione said...

I don't like the thought of being "mummified" although I know that for many it's a turn-on.

I agree, much better writing than 50 Shades. We won't be going to see it either.


Minelle Labraun said...

Very nice. Although for me the idea of a whip is scary.
Someone asked me if I was going to see the movie and I am not sure. I just don't want to hear all the negativity and bashing that may go on.... You know?

Leigh Smith said...

I couldn't agree more about the 'real thing'. Doesn't mean I'm not going to see 5SOG, though.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I loved this excerpt and can imagine that the scenes Catherine Robbe-Grillet developes are more exciting than those in FSOG. I enjoyed reading the books and would love to watch the movie too. Thank you for sharing.



ronnie said...

Roz - Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Michael - Do you think so:) Thanks.

MrJ - I thought so. Thank you.

Jan - You'll have to tell us what you thought of it. Thank you.

Hermione - I loved the way she described her scene. Thanks.

Minelle - I think the reviews will be very mixed, interesting to read them. Thanks.

SG - I haven't even read the book. Thanks.

Nina - My pleasure. Thank you.


Underling said...

Nice excerpt, Ronnie.

About Fifty Shades of Grey, I can't imagine going to see it but that's only because it doesn't really interest me enough - I certainly don't feel any need to boycott it, and maybe I'll watch it when it hits the download/Blu-Ray market.

Many people in 'the scene' resent the fact that the books misrepresent their experience (as will the movie), but to me it's all just another entertainment designed for a mainstream audience. Novelists and Hollywood consistently get it wrong whenever they fictionalise stuff they basically know nothing about - there's no reason TTWD should be any different.

U xx

1ManView said...

Ok Ronnie, you forgot to tell us foreigners you have to subscribe to read the rest.. :) I do like what I read very much. Thank you for sharing that. Now about FSOG,
I wasn't going to see it, but my wife and I go to the movies at least three times a month as a date day. A new cinema has it where you can order luch, dinner and drinks, while you watch the movie. So it's just like a date day. They have been showing FSOG clips for two months now and has my wife curious. Since my wife and I are truly opposites in almost everything, it might do US good for her to see it. I know I will have to explain the movie afterwards, But .. And no she dones not read my erotic blog, so you can see what I mean.. :)

ronnie said...

Underling - Thank you. I agree. I'll see what the reviews say but still wont go to cinema to watch it.

1MV - I totally see where you are coming from going with your wife. I've seen a couple of trailers and I don't think the acting is very good. Thanks.


Autumn said...

Doesn't take much to be more interesting than FSOG, lol. This little blurb reminds me, I read an article (on Slate or Salon) about a BDSM chateau in New York state. Apparently, it's the only one of it's kind in the world. I'll have to look it up again, and blog about it. Kind of like a live-in school/retreat for BDSM.

ronnie said...

Autumn - Let us know if you find the link. Thanks.