Monday, 12 January 2015

The True One

Thanks to all who stopped by and took a guess on my true or false post.


1. Was a girl caned every month when I was at school?
2. Was I taken home in a police van after a night out?
3. Did I give my friend dog meat which made her sick?
4. Did P spank me 5 times in one day?

No 2 was the true one - I was put in a police van and taken home after a night out but not in handcuffs, nothing exciting. My taxi didn't turn up and with no cell then I couldn't call anyone. My friends had all caught theirs and gone home, I said I would be fine as my taxi would be here any minute and there were still a few people milling about. Five minutes went by then 15, 20 and no taxi, I was getting a little worried as there was only me left. I was about to knock on the door of the club when a police van stopped and the officer asked if I was OK, told him about the no show of the taxi so he gave me a lift home.

I did go to an all girls school but no canings.

We did play the game Taste but I didn't give my friend dog meat.

P's spanked me more than 5 times in one day.

Have a good week.




Roz said...

This was great fun Ronnie. Good of the Police to give you a lift hom

Wow, more than 5 times in one day?


Cat said...

Wow Ronnie...I actually got it right! Not really surprised that you had over 5 spankings in one day but I have to the heck did you sit afterwards!?!

Hugs and Blessings...

Leigh Smith said...

I knew it. Fun little quiz.

smuccatelli said...

I rather imagined the "being driven home by the police" one being more dramatic. ;-)

When you say "dog meat", did you mean meat you would feed a dog (i.e., "dog food") or did you mean meat from an actual dog? Yuck...

an English Rose said...

I Have to say I am glad it wasn't the dog meat one. it was making me feel a bit queasy lol. Five times!! what on earth had you been up to/
love Jan,xx

MrJ said...

The police is your best friend, as a local saying goes.
Regarding point 4: that was the easiest one to qualify as false. ;-)

abby said...

What fun this was....and I got it right!!!
hugs abby

Minelle Labraun said...

5 spankings in one day...were they spread out throughout the day or all within a shorter period of time!
This was fun. I think more people should post this kind of thing!

Hermione said...

Even though canned dog food smells lovely, I'm glad it wasn't that one. One of our vet techs routinely tastes dog treats just to see what the dogs experience. They never made her sick.

Wasn't that kind of the policeman!


Red said...

Police men and women are their to help people, so really nice of this officer to make certain you were safe.
Now, where can I read about more than five spankings in ONE DAY!!!!!!
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

More than 5 spankings in one day? Yowza, did you just give up and stay in position the rest of the day, lol. Fun game!

Meredith Malloy said...

You have me fooled!
Police van!!!!

ronnie said...

Roz - I wonder if the same would happen now. Thanks.

Cat - You did, well done. They weren't punishment spankings:) Thank you.

SG - You did but then I thought you would. Thanks.

Smuccatelli - Sorry, should have put dog food, the canned type:) Thanks.

Jan - Sorry didn't mean to make you queasy. We were on holiday so it was all fun. Thank you.

MrJ - I knew you wouldn't have guessed no4. Thank you.

Abby - I enjoyed doing it and thanks for guessing.

Minelle - They were spreaad out:) You should try it. Happy birthday to your Scotsman.

Hermione - It was when she saw the dog food that did it for her. You forget that people have to test the product. I wouldn't like to. I've eaten dog biscuits. He was a dog handler and had his GS in the van. Thanks.

Red - Not written about that one. Happened a while back when we were on holiday. Thank you,

Clara - Didn't seem a lot of spanking then:) Thanks.

Meredith - He was a dog handler and very nice. Thanks.


Michael M said...

I am sure that the offence of wasting police time would have merited a spanking.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, I am glad that you had the police to bring you home. I mean, alone at night in a lonely place is so not fun! And I am glad that you did not give your friend dog food. Ewww. If the spankings were for fun, this must have been awesome. Sounds intriguing!
Thank you for the quiz, I enjoyed this.



ronnie said...

Michael -:) Probably wouldn't do that now. Thanks.

Nina - It was all fun spanking while we were on holiday. Thank you.


Terpsichore said...

so much fun...that was nice of the police to give you a ride home. Hugs