Friday, 23 January 2015

Giving is better than Receiving

Well that's what they say, isn't it? 

But it looks to me as if this lucky lady is getting the best of both worlds.

Have a fun weekend.


Let em know if the picture is yours.


Michael M said...

So is he by the look of it. Is this in your weekend diary perhaps?

1ManView said...

I would say yes to that, and a double yes if he decide
to give backr a taste too... :)

peace and love

Anonymous said...

Um, what if he spanks just a tad too hard and she bites??? OUCH
But looks fun.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, this is quite a good idea for the weekend but I am afraid I will be too busy reading the new Master of the Castle box set!!!
love Jan,xx

abby said... and receiving...the best of both worlds.
Have a wonderful weekend.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

I don't know about that. It could be quite dangerous for the man if he gave her too hard a stroke. Fun picture, though!


Leigh Smith said...

I have to agree.

Have a good weekend.

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, looks like they are having a great time. If she bites him, it is his own fault. :)



ronnie said...

Michael - It did cross my mind when I saw the picture. Thanks.

1MV - Now that would be perfect. Thank you.

Archedone - It would be his fault then:) Thank you.

Jan - Apparently a good series. Enjoy.Thanks.

Abby - Caning and a BJ two of my favourite things:)

Hermione - I don't think he'd be too harsh - just in case. Thanks.

SG - Happy you do. Thanks.

Nina - I think she'll be careful:) Thanks.


MrJ said...

The guy too.

Cali Mom said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! :)

Minelle Labraun said...

Concentrating on one thing at a time makes it easier to get into the moment! ;-)

Roz said...

A win for both of them :) Great pic Ronnie! Hope you are having a great weekend :)


Blondie said...

Definitely the best of both worlds

ronnie said...

MrJ - Of course. Thank you.

Cal Mom - I thought the picture was nice, old one. Thanks.

Minelle - It does. Thanks.

Roz - Thanks. Weekend going too quick.

Blondie - Certainly is. Thanks.