Friday, 2 January 2015

A Little Christmas Spanking

So Christmas is done, New Year's done, back to normal. I usually like to have a little spanking experience to recount after the holiday period, well that's badly put, I should say I always like to have a little spanking experience to relate....that's still badly put, it should say 'at least one' and change 'little' to 'sound' or something with the same meaning. It's nice when it happens off our own turf, so to speak, because different circumstances make it more exciting for me, there's often a risk of being caught, family or friends to face after it's happened and you always think they know something, which they can't possibly, and you have to be immediately friendly and normal whether you're playing with kids' toys or engaging in small talk which has already worn out and all the time you're nursing a simmering backside and your husband's looking well contented and casting the odd glance in your direction making you feel uncomfortable, in a different way to how he's already made you feel uncomfortable.

Well I'm pleased to report that I did get spanked, not spectacularly, but beggars can't be choosers.  We didn't go away to enjoy anyone else's turkey cooking or help them get rid of the drinks they'd bought which you'd never drink at any other time of year. We had a quiet Christmas day at home, cooked for just three in the end which comprised ourselves and son, It seemed too quiet, I felt like we should have raided some old folks home and borrowed some for the day:) Then early on Boxing Day we went with son and girlfriend to P's brother's, who's now single again having split from his second wife, there was another guy there who we didn't know but was good fun. All went well enough and, to be perfectly honest, with the extra amounts of food, alcohol and lack of exercise, I hardly felt the need for a spanking not that an opportunity presented itself until later that day, when it snowed after dinner, and our host decided it would be nice to go out for a walk, while the flakes were still falling. I didn't have any suitable shoes with me so said I'd clear up a bit, but I thought P would go with them, he likes the snow, but instead he declined and said he'd stay and give me a hand clearing up if that was alright with his brother. It was and they went.

P went upstairs as soon as they'd shut the door and came down with a hairbrush he'd presented me with the previous morning, before our son had arrived. It's a large rectangular hairbrush much bigger than my old one, it's made of bamboo, he said he'd bought it for me so that when we go anywhere involving a stopover I can take it with me and there'll never be any concern about it getting spotted in baggage or left out accidentally for room staff or family to spot, yet it was capable of delivering a very memorable spanking. I had joked with him when he'd said that, I'd said 'really, P, I didn't think hairbrushes were capable of delivering spankings'. Well my husband put me straight on that, he told me I was right the hairbrush couldn't deliver a spanking but he knew a man who could put it to such effective use that I'd be looking at hairbrushes, or at least this one, in quite a different light from now on. Then he turned me across his knee, pulled my jeans down and started spanking me.

With his hand at first, and I told him it wasn't appropriate at all and that that his brother and party would be back any minute and I believed him anyway and it wasn't necessary but none of it made any difference. And when he'd warmed his hand he yanked my knickers down, they were pretty new Reger ones too which I stupidly felt happy about, and started using the hairbrush. Oh my it stung! and it made a terrific thwacking sound too, god it had me wiggling in no time, desperate to try and catch my brain up with what was happening to my rear end, I wanted to feel sexy and it wouldn't come because it was all happening so fast and it hurt like hell too which I wanted to translate into naughty feelings but they stayed just as hurt. It went on for about ten minutes maybe a bit longer and then abruptly ended and I was told to pull my knickers and jeans up and get in the kitchen and he'd give me hand. He stood watching me zip up my jeans and straighten my top, he was grinning, he asked me how I liked the little present he'd got me. I pouted and said I didn't and that my bottom hurt. He seemed pleased and took it back upstairs to our room. Hardly a couple of minutes had passed after he came back down and joined me in the kitchen when we heard the front door open and voices and the stomping of feet shaking off snow.

Our son popped his head round the kitchen door and said 'come on, haven't you got that lot done yet', he was joking good naturedly of course, I said well you know when your father's helping he likes to do a thorough job. He had too, my bottom was changing from sting to mellow burn and I was starting to feel sexy and I pushed it against my husband as we moved around the kitchen. I felt the telltale bulge in the front of his trousers and smiled inwardly, it was a pity we didn't have the place to ourselves right there and then. Twenty minutes later we were playing charades and getting pleasantly merry.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, glad you got a holiday spanking. Good on P taking the opportunity presented :)

Sounds like a great night. Spanking followed by spending time with family :) Love your reply to you son lol


Anonymous said...

P is so thoughtful and loving. Imagine bringing the hair brush just for you. I can imagine how you felt across his lap your bare bottom displayed with color yet. what if they had come back sooner. But then you were thinking about the burning and stinging on your bottom. Happy New Year to you and P.

MarQe Smith said...

A lovely story Ronnie !! Lucky you & P of course! Many thanks for the New Year message so nice to hear from you, Happy New Year to you & yours !! MarQe x

Janey said...

Sounds great. I'm always so scared of being caught though, cannot let my mind relax.

MrJ said...

Good of P to seize the opportunity right away- I'm sure it has done you well! ;-)

abby said...

P is very good at keeping you on your toes...that pain turning into a lovely delicious.
hugs abby

PK said...

You doubted the hairbrush? Haven't you read Cassie?? And bamboo to boot. I bet that thing does hurt. Well I hope you enjoy,

Hermione said...

The large rectangular brushes do a very effective job. Too bad ours broke! Maybe next year I'll find a replacement under the tree.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

.... your husband's looking well contented and casting the odd glance in your direction making you feel uncomfortable...

I have never gotten that look from Bacall. I must be doing the spanking all wrong. Perhaps P will show me how on Bacall's backside?

Leigh Smith said...

Love this post. P really knows how to keep things exciting, doesn't he. Such a lovely present and he knew all about its many uses.

ronnie said...

Roz - He timed it perfectly. Thanks.

Archedone - He is considerate liked that:) Thanks.

MarQe - Thank you, Always good to see you here.

Janey - That's what makes it more exciting:) Happy New Year to you. Thanks.

MrJ - It certainly did. Thank you.

Abby - Delicious indeed, good word for it. Thank you.

PK - This one hurts more than my other one. I know Cassie loves Tom using the hairbrush:) Thanks.

Hermione - Maybe Ron will present you with one on Valentines day:) Thanks.

OBB - It's the look he gives when we are in company after he's spanked me that makes me feel uncomfortable:) Thank you.

SG - Thanks. Was quite surprised with the hairbrush as a present.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, he is good at taking his chances , your beloved. And how kind of him to buy you such a useful pressie!! For travelling indeed, best he takes you on a nice sunny holiday to use it
love Jan,xx

Ni Na said...

Oh wow, I was not sure where this would end, because of the fast spanking, because this could be punishment only. But that it changed from hurt to sexy must have been awesome. I love that, P surely chose his time and gave you a wonderful time. Lovely.



Minelle Labraun said...

Interesting how that hairbrush can seem so unassuming yet when used for a little warming....
P is a man of many surprises!

ronnie said...

Jan - Sunny place sounds perfect so I'll tell him you said me must:) Thanks.

Nina - No, not a punishment spanking but I like a spanking like that, short, sharp and then told to get on with things. Thank you.

Minelle - Much sharper than my other one. Thanks.


Katie said...

LOLOL Ronnie! Looks like P sure did come through for you- in the midst of company and all. Very festive happenings over there. OUCH on the hairbrush!! Glad in the end that your end turned it to a pleasurable burn. :)

I love how you tell your stories. You had me laughing at the very first paragraph. Happy New Year to you all! Many hugs and love,

<3 Katie

Cat said...

Good gravy happy P was able to continue your holiday tradition for you. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Wishing you a lovely, loving and spankingly fun 2015!

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

Katie - You are very kind to say, thank you. I wish it hadn't been a hairbrush though.

Cat - Thank you. My pleasure. A wonderful 2015 to you.


Terpsichore said...

sounds like a wonderful holiday spanking...thanks for telling such a fun story... :-) Hugs

Red said...

absolutely delightful. Hopefully you will post a picture of the hair brush, and where it was purchased. What a happy additional present..a spanking from P
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Terps - My pleasure. Thank you.

Red - Not sure where P got it from. Thanks.