Friday, 5 December 2014

What Would You Choose

It's that time of the year when thoughts are turning to Christmas and what to buy. 

I've been toying with the idea of buying P a new implement for Christmas so was looking at BlondiesCane-Iac and London Tanners. (Sad to find out that Ian is retiring at the end of the year. Wish him well.) to get some ideas.

Thinking new flogger (didn't get one last year in the end) Have a flogger but ours is small and on the tame side:)
Something leather but not a strap or paddle so what?
Can't go for another cane as P has far too many (well I think so)

The last implement I bought was from London Tanners.

CP Ruler Paddle (excellent quality)

This is what P said about it after its use...

Your skin reddened quite quickly and the edges caused little lines to appear even when applied lightly, the splat it made against the plumpest part of your bottom was nice, sharp, I noticed the splats also elicited little yelps from you, perhaps in appreciation. When applied more forcefully the strap indented your flesh and I think the tip curled a bit leaving its sting and mark disproportionately,

I could see that happening and tried to compensate for it, not by reducing the pain from the tip of course but by raising the pain from the rest of the strap to match.

Your bottom wiggled quite a lot under the strap's attention which was irritating so I held you firmer and spanked harder but it only temporarily slowed the wiggling. I noticed that when I paused after a spank your bottom rose as if to find out what was going on, I took it as sauciness and brought the strap down particularly harshly on those occasions and from your gasps I think you knew it, though it didn't stop your bottom raising. When I used the strap with fast successive beats it held its rigidity reasonably well, not as good as a paddle or ruler but good enough to have you squirming vigorously left and right and up and down against my thighs not knowing which way to turn to escape the sting and, in so doing, making quite a lewd spectacle of yourself which, of course, I tried to quell with faster and sharper strokes.   

How about you - if you could choose a new implement for Christmas what would it be?

Have a fun weekend.



Cat said...

LOL motto is:
Wood is no good,
Leather is better,
Feathers are best!
So don't think I have any ideas you or P would appreciate. I am sure you will get some good suggestions from others. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, We have a London Tanners paddle but I am pretty sure my husband doesn't think about it like P. I think he just enjoys walloping me with it, he doesn't analyse the effects! I have a lovely silicon spatula that actually I quite like, better than anything wooden anyway. I am not hoping for any new implements for Christmas, he has enough to play with now.!
Love Jan,xx

MrJ said...

Do I really have to choose? ;-(
Well, I can do without the fathers, I guess. said...

Get yourself down to Dunelm Mill, usually out of town, who do furnishings, bedding and kitchenware.
They do a nice line in red silicon kitchen utensils eg spatulas and a long silicon brush for coating food with. We got 3 which came to £7.98.
Used the brush on MrsB last night! You can tickle and spank with this implement esp nipples, bumcrack and the naughty bit. Has some weight to it and looks good in the kitchen.

PK said...

I'd go for a flogger myself. I bought a cheap one soon after I came out. I remember being terribly embarrassed and scared at the time - it was in a Spencer's gift store. But I really don't like it, it's too much like plastic. I really want a good one.

I would also get P a job describing spanking implements and their effects (you'd be his test subject). He really does a great job!

DelFonte said...

I find Jack Floggers has a good mix of things to try :)

Hermione said...

Ronnie, I love P's evaluation of the strap. He's quite eloquent.

I would buy a leather implement from Leatherthorne. We have the lovely rose paddle from him, and I'd like something similar.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, definitely something leather for me., love P's evaluation of the strap lol, especially raising the pain from the rest of the strap to match. Evil man :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Floggers can be a delight, how they look like they will work or how they feel in the store can be quite distant from how they feel on your skin. What ever you decide on I trust will be delightful.

Bacall and I hope that Christmas Past will pay you a visit. [wink]

Leigh Smith said...

Leather is better, that's my opinion. I bought a suede flogger a couple of years ago. Don't remember where but I posted about it and I'll look back and see if I can find the post and the site and if so, I'll send it along.

Terpsichore said...

I am personally fond of favorite is my rose paddle. I would love to own a really good flogger - but only if my man would use it on me. I am sure you will pick something and right for you :-) Hugs

Red said...

what an eloquent, thoughtful spanker your husband is! You are certainly one LUCKY girl!!!!
The description P gives makes me think everyone should own that implement.
bottoms up

Meredith Malloy said...

I told Jack that he has enough so no suggestions from me.

Amber Wolfe said...

Hi Ronnie. I always squirm when I read posts such as these.. I can never seem to pick! If I had to pick, like a lot of the others who commented, I'd go with leather myself... I think. x_x

Autumn said...

Haha, that's one heck of an implement review--very detailed!

ronnie said...

Cat - I like your motto, feather, now that's a thought:) Thanks.

Jan - I asked him for a review and that's what he said. P say's no to new implements as we have too many:( Thank you.

MrJ - I might give P a feather for Christmas as a joke as I know it would get me spanked but of course not with the feather:) Thank you.

Tfwlonh - I know Dunelm, I might take a look. Never thought of a silicon thingy. Thanks.

PK - I'm thinking more and more a flogger but not sure if P would like to use one. I'd be happy to try new implements and get P to review them. So if anyone wants to send me any:) Thanks.

DF - Thanks. Took a look and like the look of some of their stuff. Notice they have an alternativer market in Birmingham every month. Might just pay them a visit but wouldn't be until after Christmas.

Hermione - I'll tell him thank you. We both love our rose paddle by John.

Roz - He has his moments. I prefer leather. Thank you.

OBB - Really, I don't:) Thanks.

SG - Thanks. We have a suede flogger, too tame but OK for sexy teasing in certain places:)

Terps - I think everyone who has the rose paddle loves it. Thanks.

Red - A lucky girl indeed. Thanks. Ian's implements are really good quality.

Meredith - P tells me no, we have enough but I don't think so:) Thank you.

Amber - Good choice leather. Thanks.

Autumn - Better than I could have done. Thank you.


Michael M said...

I would choose a white Delrin 30" cane from Cane-Iac, wielded by my wife wearing an I.D Sarrieri "You're Next Full Skirt" with a black bra and no knickers. I would be shaved and in my red punishment knickers and bent over a high back chair in the bedroom. Hope you are listening Santa.

Leigh Smith said...


The flogger is by MasterWhipple KC and I purchased off ebay.

5/4/2012 has a pix.

Ami Starsong said...

I think we have enough implements, and the most lethal seem to be made for other things entirely. I love my Rose paddle to bits even though when Dan is annoyed it hurts like the dickens.

Try 'olive wood', Ronnie. It looks beautiful but it really hurts. Our salad servers came from Spain, I think. The spoon is large packs a good wallop!


Enzo said...

Keep it simple - just buy him a new leather belt.

As others have said, I agree he really should be doing product reviews.

abby said...

Only because it is a gift for Master, i have ordered something from Blondie.....not sure how i will react when i 'end' up being the recipient.
hugs abby

Baxter said...

We were out having lunch and after a few Guinness' at our favorite Irish Pub, we wandered around town and stopped in Sur La Table. I had an agenda so we looked at cookware and then dishes and then the fancy expensive coffee makers and then I led Rose over towards the bread boards. I found a board with a handle and told her we needed one. She played along and we looked over some others and then we bought one. It is under the tree and she will break it in over my butt on Christmas .

ronnie said...

Michael - I hope your wish comes true. Thanks.

SG -Thanks. Will take a look.

Ami - I love the rose paddle. P's not a fan of kitchen implements for spanking. Thanks.

Enzo - Belt yes, but P has three that he has made into straps. Thank you.

Abby - I do like some of the toys on Blondie's site. Enjoy your present:) Thanks.

Baxter - We have one of those breadboards:) Thanks.


ronnie said...
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Minelle Labraun said...

I agree with everyone here, P is quite eloquent in his detailed description!
Not sure I would order online like I've said before, I'll probably always make due.