Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Cookie Exchange

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10th is The Fifth Annual Great On line Cookie Exchange organised by JZ. Read about it here.  Don't forget to stop by.



Christina said...

I'm supposed to stay off blogs for a bit but I couldn't help myself! I love cookie exchanges and want to take part. I love baking 'em, giving 'em away... just rarely eat 'em! What fun! Thanks Ronnie! :D

Roz said...

Looking forward to all the yummy recipes :)


Hermione said...

It sounds like fun!

By the way, Blogger has just introduced a new "feature" that makes word verification mandatory. Even if you are replying to comments on your own blog, you still have to solve a CAPTCHA. it has been reported as a bug.


Leigh Smith said...

I wish everyone would send me one cookie from their recipes.

Katie said...

I'm excited about this event, Ronnie! :) I have my post all ready to go, and am looking forward to stuffing my recipe book! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

an English Rose said...

oh I agree with Sunny, what a great idea!
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Christina - Naughty but I know there will be lots of super recipes. Thanks.

Roz - Mee too. Hope to see you tomorrow. Thanks.

Hermione - I was going to email you about that. I don't like it. Thanks.

SG - Oh yes, me too. Thank you..

Katie - Look forward to your recipe. I may not be around tomorrow but will check it out as soon as I can. Thanks.

Jan - I always like SG's suggestions:) Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

I am going to read, and I am still looking forward to your recipe!