Monday, 1 December 2014

Battered flesh is tastiest

Yes it's true, so my husband says and I never doubt his reasoning as there's always a solid base to it even when he corrupts it for his own amusement.

He's a good cook, my husband, I know I've told you that before, Chef he prefers to think of himself as (which means chief literally, boss, person in charge) and he does enjoy time in the kitchen except when pans need washing. Anyway he was preparing some veal on Saturday and bashing it under cling film with a rolling pin because he couldn't find his mallet. I asked him what he'd got against the veal and he explained it needed bruising a bit to break the flesh down and make sure it was tender. I thought because it was young it would automatically be tender but apparently not so, depending on the cut.

Then he went on to explain all meat needed help to tenderise it and improve both flavour and texture, the best way he said being to age it, particularly in the case of beef which was best when it was going black at the edges and tacky to touch, but marinades worked too as did certain cooking methods as well as pummelling.

I know you must be getting bored at this point, I certainly was and was about to exit the kitchen when he told me it worked much the same with bottoms. Oh really, how so, I asked.

"Well think about it," said P, "a bottom receives a good spanking and becomes tender, agreed?"

I agreed feeling my face colouring a little and suppressing a smile.
"And it's very sensitive isn't it, I mean after the initial shock of the spanking, to light touches for instance or the tenderest kisses. Well?" He asked. I said I thought he was right and felt my knickers moisten and my cheeks redden further.

"Well it becomes tastier too, metaphorically speaking of course, and succulent, very appealing in fact and receptive and responsive too, almost as if it was glad to have been spanked, don't you think?" I could hardly disagree could I, I mean it's true but it still embarrassed me to say it outright so I said I thought he might have a point.

"Absolutely," he said, he could see my embarrassment but sensed my excitement too, "and I'll prove it to you later," his left hand settled on my right buttock at this point, "when I spank your bottom hard," I squirmed, "and then return to it after an hour or so and see how different it is."

"What will you actually do after an hour or so, P?" I squeaked.

"I'll probably spank it again, that would be double tenderising, lovely, or I might just be tempted to have a little taste of it to see how ripe and succulent it is. We'll see." And then he patted my bottom and went back to his veal, it was my signal to go, quietly thrilled at the prospect of being tenderised later. 

Unfortunately our son and his girlfriend dropped by an hour later and, much as I love to see them, ruined my prospects of a rosy afternoon because our son commandeered P's services to help him with a flat screen he'd bought on Black Friday and the momentum had gone after that, not to mention the time.

Ah well, he owes me:)

Have a good week.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, we have one of those sons too!!!!! Oh well never mind, just don't let P. forget ;)
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, I love it! Shame you didn't get to test P's theory and hope you get the opportunity soon :)


Anonymous said...

I've had a few conversations along those lines with R. she will start talking about how I respond when she is spanking me and the nice color my bottom gets and about that time my face is getting red. I also find myself getting hard as she talks. Must be something about spanking we love.

DelFonte said...

Hope you get to test the succulent theory soon.
hugs DF

geekie kittie said...

Hmmmm, try a little tenderizing huh?

I hope you don't have to remind him (but I imagine you won't need to)


PK said...

How sad to be drooling over a cooking experience only to have it snatched away. Kids do seem to have an their timing down pat. It's like a early sibling warning device that they don't need anymore, but it still works!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Interesting that such a conversation with P after all these years embarrasses you. Delightful.

Hermione said...

Don't let him forget about the experiment.


abby said...

"Knowing" P, i bet you will be testing his theory soon....can't wait to hear the results.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an afternoon! Wish the tenderizing could have continued for you.

Red said...

A bottom roasting is in order, for saying unfortunately your son and girlfriend dropped in, preventing your spanking. Imagine if they had dropped in quietly to surprise you, while you were being noisily spanked.
bottoms up

Leigh Smith said...

Oh, that had to be so frustrating. Hope it happens soon.

ronnie said...

Jan - P doesn't forget I'm owned a spanking. Thanks.

Roz - Hasn't happened yet. Thanks.

Archedone - We do love it, don't we. Thank you.

DF - I know I will but when. Thanks.

GK - I don't think I will but If I have to I will. Thanks.

PK - Maybe I'll get a sign made - gone away for the day come back tomorrow:) Thanks.

OBB - Silly isn't it. Thank you.

Hermione - I'll make sure I remind him. Thanks.

Abby - The earlier the better. Thanks.

Clara - So did I. Thanks.

Red - Goodness, hopefully never. Thank you.

SG - Frustrating indeed. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
As Elvis might have said, love me tender. Or a little less conversation a little more action please. But don't (do?) be cruel. And so on
Always look for your it, thanks for all the slices of domestic life.
Jake x

Ami Starsong said...

We don't just have one of those sons, we have the 'world and his wife'!

I do agree with your husband though, a spanked bottom is definitely more tender and more sensitive - and smoother too!


Terpsichore said...

hope you get tenderized soon! :-)

Baxter said...

Gee there you were, all horny for a spanking, and an interruption happens. Well, I am sure you and P can get back in the mood and he can tenderize your bottom good.

Cat said...

ROFL Ronnie...have tenderized meat many times but never thought about it in the context of tenderizing my bum! Dang...P does come up with some good points. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Minelle Labraun said...

That P sure knows what he is doing! And have the action yanked away! Argh!!

Katie said...

LOL Ronnie! It all is such a similar thing. Never thought of that...!

I join you with a hubby that likes to cook. The thing about the guy in the kitchen is that spatulas and other weapons of a$$ destruction always at the ready. Poor us... ;D

Hope that some tenderizing comes your way soon. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Jake - :) Thank you for the kind words. Hope to see you again soon.

Ami - Mine sure is sensitive after a spanking Thanks.

Terps - Very tenderised:) Thanks.

Baxter - I know we will. Thank you.

Cat - I hadn't thought about it like that either. Thank you.

Minelle - It happens:( Thanks.

Katie - I love it when P cooks, he's a better cook than me:) Thanks.


MrJ said...

Too bad - may tides turn swiftly!

ronnie said...

Hasn't yet MrJ but soon I'm sure:) Thank you.