Monday, 24 November 2014


Can't resist a meme so borrowing this from Erica.  As Erica said they are a fun way to learn stuff about people.

What's your favorite kind of pie?
I'm not a savoury pie person but I do like fruit pies and my favourite is apple and rhubarb.

Who's your favorite band/singer?
As I like a lot of different types of music, Motown, Classical, Rock, Jazz I can't pick a favourite.

Favorite fruit?
Strawberries, blueberries, melon (all varieties)

Favorite sport?
Tennis and Athletics (field and track)

Favorite color?
oh you didn't mean on my bottom, then its blue.

Favorite accessories? 
A watch P bought me yonks ago.

Do you collect anything?
I used to collect orchids and unusual chess pieces but nothing now.

Do you read?  
Every day.

Are you sad about Michael Jackson's death?

Shocked he had died and sad for his family.

Do you go on YouTube?
Not often.

Can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?
LOL. No I can't (had to check before answering)

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how many?
Surprisingly no broken bones.

Do you text people often?
I'd rather text than speak on the phone.

Have you ever been to a concert? 
Oh yes but not recently. Last big one was Macca.

Are you a runner?
Sadly not any more, my knees can't handle it.

Would you ever get a tattoo? 
I have often thought about getting one but probably not now. 

What's the song that describes your life most? 

Don't think there is one or if there is I haven't heard it yet.

Have you ever been heartbroken? 
Yes and I hated it.

What do you wish to accomplish before you die? 
Wouldn't say accomplish just hopefully to live my remaining years healthy, true to myself and helping others.

Are you afraid of death?
I think I'm more afraid of being old and living with dementia than death.

Are you having a good year?
Can't complain.

Do you forget things easily?
Wouldn't say easily.

Are you overly truthful?
I say it like it is but I have told white lies to save hurt feelings.

Do you like the heat?
Oh yes, I'd love to live where it's warm for most of the year so we can go walking on the beach.

Have you ever met a celebrity? 
A few.

Fun meme.

Have a good week.




Meredith Malloy said...

I love your answers. I am afraid my answers might give me away.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, enjoyed reading your answers. Thank you for sharing :)

My favourite pie is apple and rhubarb too, though I do like savoury pies also, and I prefer to text too.


abby said...

Loved your answers, I will be borrowing this.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

You collect orchids? That's wonderful. I had one once, but it never bloomed. The buds dropped off every time. I'll stick to succulents.


Red said...

interesting to read. thanks for sharing.
bottoms up

Leigh Smith said...

It is a fun meme. I will be borrowing this.

Minelle Labraun said...

I like this one, if my crazy schedule allows I'll borrow it!

The red one was cute!

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, cute answers, nice meme
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Meredith - Better not do it then:( Thanks.

Abby - Look forward to reading your answers. Thanks.

Roz - Happy I spotted it on Erica's blog. Thanks.

Hermione - Don't collect any more. Still have three though and seem to be doing OK.

Red - Thanks for reading.

SG - That's what I did:) Thanks.

Minelle - I hope you ave time as I'd love r read your answers. Thanks.

Jan - Thanks. Can't resist them.


Cat said...

Hey Ronnie...this meme was very different than most I've seen. Love your answers...thanks for sharing. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

DelFonte said...

Cute Q&A. Thanks for sharing. Might steal it :)

ronnie said...

Cat - Thanks. I liked it.

FD - Go ahead that's what I did:) Thanks.


Blondie said...

Great answers, it's fun to get to know someone better. I would do this meme but there are too many questions I don't have a specific answer to.

Ami Starsong said...

Love your meme and your answers - the pictures are great but g-strings on the beach, oh no, I don't think so.... However, I agree with you - I'd love to live in a hotter place. I hate the damp and the cold during the winter.

I have quite a lot or orchids, more by chance than by design. They seem to have had a good flowering year and are still going berserk with second flowerings. Must be because I fed them for the first time ever!

Thank you for sharing this with us, Ronnie.


Katie said...

These were fun to read, Ronnie! :) I might take a stab at this one day.

How did you get in to collecting unusual chess pieces? That's pretty cool!

Your colour(s) of choice made me LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Blondie - I'm sure you would come up with some great answers. Thank you.

Ami - I only have two now and fingers crossed doing well. Thanks,

Katie - I hope you do. I used to play chess when younger and saw an unusual shaped bishop so started looking around. Nearly got a whole chess board but moved and lost some of the pieces. Maybe I should start collecting again. Thanks.


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, in sports, I am a soccer fan having supported ARSEnal for over 70 years. I have interviewed Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, for a college newspaper, and as for tourist travelling I have visited over 150 International countries around the world on all five Continents.