Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hello and Welcome

Today is our ninth annual Love Our Lurkes day organised for the first time by our good friend Hermione. 

A day for you my dear lurkers.

Love our Lurkers day is special and one I really enjoy. This will be my 6th LOL day that I've had the privilege of participating in. I was a lurker once, yes really, I read and enjoyed but never left a comment. Didn't feel as though I should, and then one day I took the plunge and left one. I had such a lovely reply back that I continued to read and comment and that eventually led me to starting my own blog.

I know I have more readers than 'commenters' and I really do appreciate those of you who read but may not want to comment or don’t have anything to add, that’s fine too but today is a great day to let me know you are there. Of course you're more than welcome to stop by here anytime and hang out without leaving a comment, that's no problem but it would make my day if you did leave one.

Go on don't be shy, no names needed just a hello.

Now go say hello to Hermione she has a list of bloggers who'd be more than happy to hear from you.



Cat said...

Even though I'm not a true lurker Ronnie...I'll go ahead and kick it off! Love the open arms and heart pillow. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

Meredith Malloy said...

I do love your blog!

Cali Mom said...

Happy LOL Day Ronnie! I do swing by here often and really enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker of your blog and decided to comment this LOL Day. Love your blog.

Lurker in USA

Jz said...

I comment infrequently enough to count, I think.


Minelle Labraun said...

I'm not a lurker, and I love your blog Ronnie!

Leigh Smith said...

I'm no longer a lurker either.

Terpsichore said...

love visiting here and have for a long time...though no longer a lurker :-)

Christina said...

Reader, occasional commenter, sometimes lurker from Canada. Happy LOL Day, Ronnie! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi - Love your blog. That's for sharing it with us.

Florida Dom said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie. Once I stopped lurking, I was able to become friends with wonderful bloggers like you.'


mostly mouse said...

Waves hi to Ronnie and friends!!!

amy said...

Happy lol day Ronnie

Roz said...

Happy LoL Days Ronnie! Always enjoy visiting here :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie

Greetings from a long-time lurker from rural England.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, hope you have a happy LOL day, I love reading your blog
love Jan,xx

DJB said...

LOL and best wishes from DJ Black

lindy thomas said...

Hi Ronnie, I am a new lurker from Australia. Love reading your blog and learning things. Enjoy your LOL day. Lindy :)

Kenzie said...

Welll Im not a lurker but I certainly love your blog! Happy Lol day! :)

Jay said...

I do follow your blog even though I don't always comment! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy lol day Ronnie! I love your blog
- a loyal lurker

morningstar said...

HEY!!! from another part time Lurker (shame on me!!)

Happy Happy LOL Day!!

Red said...

Hapy love your lurkers day to you Ronnie, and to husband P. As a reward for having such an excellent blog, I think P should spank you today... oh wait..this is a two day event.. Guess P will have to just spank you both days... I drop by daily whenever we are in town..
bottoms up

Ami Starsong said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie. I know I am not really a lurker, but I love your posts so much I just had to drop by and tell you so.


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

What fun this is! Thank you so much for all your help in making these LOL days a success.


Jennelle said...

Hi Ronnie,
Love your blog, and I stop by frequently. I'll do my best to comment more :) Have a great LOL Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi from a regular lurker from Finland. Love your blog and especially the funny pictures, which are ocassionally stolen for kinky e-mails to my boyfriend ;)

Thank you for your blog!


Dr. Ken said...

Happy LOL day, Ronnie! I lurk more often than not, but always enjoy your blog! And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, SPANKING MINNESOTA!

Emerging Lurker said...

I regularly enjoy your posts. Thank you.

Kaelah said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie! I don't manage to comment a lot these days, but I am still reading and enjoying your blog.

Downunder Don said...

Hi Ronnie....I visit your blog daily and love every minute
Happy LOL Day

Gary said...

Add another admirer to the list, Ronnie. I wind up here quite often, so time to say 'Hello' to you, and your fans.


A bit silent these days but still visiting. Have a good LOL day.


PK said...

No, you and I are not lurkers, but family and I do like it that way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a Lurker, I enjoy reading your exploits and the consequences, I will however stay in my Lurker confines for a while longer, I am not ready to be exposed yet!!

Janey said...

Happy LOL day. I really do enjoy coming here to read your posts Ronnie.

Kaki said...

Hi, I don't think I ever commented before but I do like to visit.

Katie said...

Happy LOL Day to you Ronnie! :) I LOVE stopping by here. You write so well, and usually crack me up too! Thanks for all that you share. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Erica said...

I, too, read more than I comment, but I'm glad you're here with us in Blogville! :-)

Rogue said...

Hey Ronnie!! I rarely comment, but I ALWAYS read. I'll try to do better... :) Loved your Halloween post!

SirQsmlb said...

Happy LOL Day!


Audrey Horne said...

Love stopping in and reading of your adventures, Ronnie! You are very inspiring.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

Happy LOL Day Ronnie! We're not lurkers, as we've commented before, but it's great to see you participating again this year. We enjoy keeping up with your blog.

-Clint and Chelsea
Learning Domestic Discipline

Ms Lurker said...

I came up to Ronnie's from the south. I had been travelling all day and was ready to rest for a spell. Would she think it was presumptuous if I hoped she would offer me a nice cuppa?

Ronnie is so nice to everyone. I love her. She's also been spanked in more ways and in more places than anyone I know. I have to admire her husband for his ingenuity. Pool tables, showers, Africa, Rome and iron boards. Her bum is practically famous!

I straightened my dress and gave my hair a poof and checked my lipstick in the car mirror, before exiting the car and walking up to the house.

With some trepidation (what if she's in the middle of being spanked right now? It would be rude to interrupt) and a growing sense of excitement, I knocked on the door.

Just in case there was no answer, I had my card ready to leave tucked into the door. It read, "Happy LOL Day Ronnie! :D"

Thankfully, the door opened.

Anonymous said...

Let me extend a warm welcome to all Lurkers. Please don't be shy you like to read about spanking or you would not be here. Do you get spanked or do you spank? Leave Ronnie a note telling us about how and why you get spanked.

ronnie said...

Cat - I love that you are always the first to comment. Thank you.

Meredith - And I yours. Thanks.

CM - Hello and welcome. Thanks for commenting on this day. I do like your blog but I lurker there. Hope to see you again. Thanks so much.

JZ - Always good to see you. Thanks.

Minelle - Loved your picture:) Thank you.

SG - Love to see you here. Thanks.

Terps - Loved your post. Thanks.

Christian - I'm guilty of lurking over at your place:) Thanks for leaving a comment today.

Anonymous - Hello and welcome. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

FD - More like one of the family. Thanks.


ronnie said...

Mouse - Waves back. Good to see you. Thanks.

Amy - And to you. Thanks.

Roz - Great to see you. Thanks for stopping by.

Rosie - Hello. Nice to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment. Hope to see you again.

Jan - Always a pleasure to see you. Thank you.

DJB - Hello to you and thanks.

Lindy. Pleased to meet you. Great that you have left a comment, appreciate it. Thank you. Hope to see you again.

Kenzie - Really nice of you to say. Thanks.

Jay - Hello and thanks for taking time to comment. Means a lot.

Anonymous - Thanks so much. Hope you stop by again.

Morningstar - I'm the same:) Thanks.

Red - One down, one to go:) Thanks.

Ami - Happy you did. Thank you

Hermione - Fun day. Thank you for taking over from Bonnie.

Jennelle - Hello and welcome. Great to see you and thank you for leaving a comment.

Nicce - Hello and welcome. I hope your boyfriend likes the pictures:) I have visited Helsinki a few times, lovely city. Thank you.

Dr. Ken - Always good to see you. Thanks.

Emerging Lurker - Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Kaelah - Thank you. You both will be missed.

Downunder Don - So nice of you to say. Thank you.

Gary - Thanks so much, Really nice.

Prefectdt - Oh Pref it's so good to see you. Hope you are well.

PK - Definitely one of the family. Thanks.


ronnie said...

Anonymous - You have to do what's right for you so I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a comment today. Thank you.

Janey - Thanks for letting me know.

Kaki - Thank you. Hope to se e you again.

Katie - So nice of yo to say Thanks so much.

Erica - Thank you. I love being part of this community.

Rogue - It's good to see you here any time. Thank you.

Fiona - Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the day and had a lot of new friends comment.

Audrey Horne - That is very nice of you to say. Thank you.

Clint and Chelsea - I do enjoy LOL day. Haven't had time to get around the blogs but will try over the next couple of days. Thank you.

Ms Luker - And it was very nice to meet you and look forward to another meeting. A truly lovely comment. Thank you.

Archedone - Good to see you. Thank you.


Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie,

I really enjoy your blog; it is one of the top 5 on my list. I visit about once a week and try to comment when I can or have something to add.

All the best,

Sofia Hisservant said...

Hi, Ronnie ~ Happy LOL day! Love your blog, and don't know if i've commented before, so i guess i could be a real lurker!


Dana K said...

I think I may have commented before, but maybe not. So consider me delurked. Happy LOL Day!

ronnie said...

Enzo - Thank you and I hope you continue visiting.


ronnie said...

Sofia Hisservant - Hello. I think you are one of my new readers. Hoe to see you again. Thanks.

Dana K - Thanks for de-lurking. Hope you stop by again and leave a comment.


Jackie Berlant said...

Happy LOL Days. Jackie was here :-)

Ni Na said...

Hi ronnie, thank you for the warm welcome, Happy LOL Day!



George K said...

Hi Ronnie, and happy LOL day! I enjoy your blog and don't comment as often as I should....but will try to remedy that in the future.

Hugs and Blessings,

alex reynolds said...

I've always enjoyed your blog! Since I haven't had as much time to write recently, I also haven't had as much to dedicate to reading, but I always enjoy it when I get a chance to check out your recent posts!

Amandine said...

Hi Ronnie,
I do love your blog so much!
Happy LOL day too you. :-)

Kia said...

Hi Ronnie-

A very happy LOL day to you :)


Meg said...

I'm a bit late, but still wanted to say a quick hello. I love reading here. Happy LOL Day to you!

ronnie said...

Jackie - I'm happy you are. Thank you.

Ni Na - Thank you. I love my lurkers.

George - Thank you. Stop by any time.

Alex - Always good to see you. Please stop by whenever you can. Thank you

Amandine - Thanks so much for saying.

Kia - Thank you. Hope you enjoyed LOL Days.

Meg - Never too late to stop by. Thank you.


Sophie said...

Far from you and despite a too bad english, I'm reading you Ronnie ! my best regards from France

ronnie said...


Hello and welcome. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you return.