Friday, 14 November 2014

Aldi Convert

So I'm an Aldi shopper. Official and not shy to say it. Funny isn't it, my husband has often told people we get this or that from Aldi (their steaks and beef are great amongst other things) but I've always kept quiet about it, not sure why really........P always revels in getting good value cheap, always has, but I've always been the opposite. Anyway that's changed now at least as far as Aldi goes. Maybe it's because I see people in there now with Waitrose bags:) 

So I'm a modern disloyal shopper now. I use Tesco (yuk) for convenience and limited items, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Aldi and recently Lidl where P has been checking out the wines and declaring them interesting and good value. 

I don't do a big shop any more, just what I want when I want it and I look for the best quality at the right price, don't care about loyalty points and all that stuff.

My only complaint about them which you may remember me telling you......they trumpeted that they were stocking a full range of riding gear and I never managed to spot any of it in either of the two stores near us. Not saying I'd have bought any but I can look, touch and imagine can't I.

Love our Lurkers

Thanks to everyone who stopped by here Wednesday/Thursday and commented and a big thank you to Hermione for hosting it this year.
Have a fun weekend.



Cat said...

Sorry that the Aldi's near you don't carry riding gear Ronnie. The Aldi's in the UK don't sound like the Aldi's in the US. They actually sound more like Walmart. Enjoy your shopping! ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

thefolkswholiveonthehill said...

Never seen riding gear in our Aldi but there are 3 stables/shops that stock riding gear very close by.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I'm not familiar with Aldi as we don't have them here, of any of the stores you mentioned for that matter. Sorry your local Aldi's didn't have the riding gear.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, I shop like you, a bit here and a bit there. We are going away to a log lodge in the woods near us for xmas and I have found a fab range of goodies in Lidl to take with us. I have seen riding stuff in one of the supermarkets, I actually think it ws Tescos!!
love Jan,xx

dolly bag said...

Bit late to lol day, visiting relations, have been following your blog for several years. There is an aldi store opening where I live early next year. Have you been round any of the large sports supermarkets they sell equestrian gear.

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

We don't have any of those stores here, only Freshco, the grocery store on Coronation Street. But I do pay great attention to loyalty points. I go to one of two stores, alternating weekly, and get lots of extra points at each with their scheme of offering me points for specific items that I normally buy. Big Brother is watching!

Thank you for all your help on LOL Days.


Leigh Smith said...

Our Aldi's only carry food. As Cat says your Aldi's sounds more like Wal Mart or Target.

I shop wherever I can find the best price for the best quality. I always say I'm an equal opportunity shopper.

Have a good weekend.

ronnie said...

Aldi - I'm surprised Aldi is in the US Thanks.

Tfwlonh - Tesco sold some riding gear but not good quality. Thank you.

Roz - Maybe they did and were a big seller:) Thanks

Jan - Lidi has some lovely looking goodies for Christmas. Some of their wines are good. I want to get a friend some carpaccio of reindeer when it goes on sale. Thank you.

Dolly Bag - Hello to you and never to late to stop by. Not been around the sports supermarkets, have to take a look. Thanks.

Hermione - I remember Freshco on Coronation Street. It has had a few owners. Big brother watching indeed. My pleasure to help though I didn't really do much. Thank you

SG - Aldi stores are smallish and sell one off lines. Thanks.


Ami Starsong said...

Our Aldi closed down due to lack of support but the Lidl is thriving and I love the hors d'oevres they sell especially the stuffed peppers and aubergines.

I have a pair of jodhpurs that I can no longer get into if you want them! LOL I sold my saddle! And I can't find a single crop! Now how funny is that?!


ronnie said...

Ami - I'm surprised. We've just had another one open by us. Have to try Lidl hors d'oevres. Thanks for the offer but I have 2 pairs of jodhpurs. Yep, bet you wished you had your saddle and crops now.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


Minelle Labraun said...

I enjoy Aldi, but ours is not like yours!

Janey said...

H has converted me to Lidl and Aldi, he watches the offers of the week and can't wait to get in there, but we don't end up saving money with all the special offers he buys!

ronnie said...

Minelle - Aldi stories over here are primary food but have other one off lines as well. Thanks.

Janey - It was who got me going into both the stores. I think Aldi isn't that cheap on some things. Thanks.


Katie said...

Hi there Ronnie! ;) I am not familiar with those stores, but I do love your shopping philosophy!

We have nearby, a few nice places which one can purchase riding stuff. I'm thinking that anyone who wants a nice leather crop, best purchases one before the 50 Shades movie comes out! LOL!

I love to shop too! Not as much after my series of 7 spankings early last year though! LOL! You always make me smile here. Thanks for that! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Baxter said...

We have Aldi's here, but they are cheap stuff stores. My wife and I prefer Aldi's sister store, Trader Joes, for a lot of our grocery needs. We also go to Whole Foods. Occasionally to grocery stores that are individual in nature. Aldi's cache here is equal to or lower than Walmart, neither of which appeal to us.



I got a nice pair of rope soled, canvas, deck shoes, at the local Aldi this year. An interesting impact sensation and a nice change from the classic slipper or gym shoe. Shame that they will never go on a pair of feet :)


ronnie said...

Katie - Forget 50 Shades, so yes better stock up with more crops then:) Thanks.

Baxter - I wonder if Aldi will bring Trader Joes to the UK. Aldi stores doing well here.Thanks.

Pref - like my gym shoes:) Good to see you again Pref. Thank you.